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Madame Alexander herself 1984 doll

Madame Alexander doll mark AX, Alex., circle X 13, Mme Alexander

The Alexander Doll Company was founded in 1923, is still in operation today in New York, NY USA.  Dolls found on this page are the beginning of the hard plastic era 1948 on into vinyl dolls. 


Most of these dolls will be clearly marked on their back or head with an Alexander marking and clothing tags usually give the doll characters name on a tag sewn into a seam.


related Alexander Dolls   1923-1947   1970s+   MA Doll Face Molds


Vintage 1948-1960s Alexander Dolls Identified

1948-1954 Alexander Maggie doll, 14-15, 17-18, 20-21, 22-23" tall, all hard plastic,  jointed body walker - or non walker, floss human hair (not used after 1950), mohair, nylon or saran wig, chubby chipmunk cheeks, sleep eyes, closed mouth, more than thirty dolls used this face mold over the years, including 21" tall Portrait dolls; blonde Champ Elysées doll, red floss wig Pink Champagne doll of actress Arlene Dahl.  Maggie face dolls are marked: Alex, Alexander or (usually) unmarked.

1948-1954 Alexander Maggie face teen doll 14"

1948-1954 Maggie Teen doll, 14"

1948-1950 Alexander Mary Martin doll, 14 or 18" tall, the 14" doll came in a white formal, the 18" doll came in a sailor suit or chambray outfit. Short curly wig, sleep eyes, hard plastic jointed body, used the Margaret face mold.  More than fifty-five different dolls used the Margaret face mold.  Usually marked: ALEXANDER.

1948-1950 Alexander Mary Martin doll, 18"

1948-1950 Mary Martin doll, 18"

1949-1951 Alexander Nina Ballerina doll, 14, 18 or 21" tall, blonde wig, all hard plastic with a jointed body, dressed in several various ballerina costumes, used the Margaret face mold.  Usually marked: ALEXANDER.

1949-1951 Alexander Nina Ballerina doll 18"

1949-1951 Nina Ballerina doll, 18"

1950 Alexander Cinderella doll, Alexander Prince Charming doll, 14 or 18" tall, all hard plastic jointed body, both used the Margaret face mold, sleep eyes, closed mouth, wigged (her's is a fancy floss wig.  Both dressed in outfits of satin and velvet.  The Margaret face molds are usually marked: Alexander or Alex.

There is also a Prince Phillip 1950 and Queen Elizabeth II 1953, both are 18" tall.

1950 Alexander Cinderella doll, Prince Charming doll, 14

1950 Cinderella doll, Prince Charming doll 14"

1952-1953 Alexander Cynthia doll, 15, 18 or 23" tall, all hard plastic black doll, jointed body, sleep eyes, wigged, closed mouth.  Uses the Margaret face mold.  Usually marked: ALEXANDER.

1952-1953 Alexander Cynthia doll 18"

1952-1953 Cynthia doll 18"


1952 Alexander Little Men dolls; Stuffy, Nat and Tommy Bangs, 14" tall, all hard plastic, jointed body, wigged, sleep eyes with real eyelashes, closed mouth.


Stuffy and Nat use the Maggie face mold which is usually unmarked.  Tommy uses the Margaret face mold usually marked: ALEXANDER. All are based on the Louisa May Alcott characters.  The boys shown in the photo are all pristine and original;

Photo courtesy of Chip Barkel Antiques

Chip specializes in Madame Alexander dolls, see his website for current dolls for sale.

1952 Alexander Little Men dolls; Stuffy, Nat, Tommy Bangs dolls 14"

1952 Little Men dolls;

Stuffy, Nat & Tommy Bangs, 14"

1952 Alexander Rosebud doll, 16-18" tall, 1953 Rosebud doll, 13, 15, 16-18" or 22-25" tall, vinyl flange head, cloth body with crier, vinyl lower limbs both arms and legs, molded short curly hair or rooted hair, sleep eyes, closed mouth, marked: Alexander.

1986 Rosebud doll, 14-20", white cloth and vinyl or 14" black doll in cloth and vinyl.

1953 Alexander Rosebud doll 22"

1953 Rosebud doll 22"

1952 Alexander Snow White doll, 14 or 18" tall, all hard plastic, jointed body, black wig, sleep eyes, closed mouth, used the Cissy face mold.  Usually marked: ALEXANDER.  Doll shown in photo is all pristine and original.

Photo courtesy of Pearlsgrl.

1952 Alexander Snow White doll 18"

1952 Snow White doll  18"

1953 Alexander Mary Ellen doll, 31" tall, all hard plastic jointed body, rooted nylon hair, single stroke brows, sleep eyes, smiling mouth usually marked: MME ALEXANDER.  Doll shown in photo is all pristine and original and in her box.

Photo courtesy of Pearlsgrl.

1953 Alexander Mary Ellen doll 31"

1953 Mary Ellen doll  31"

1953-1955 Alexander Winnie Walker doll or Binnie Walker doll, 15, 18 or 25" tall, all hard plastic jointed body, wigged; the Winnie Walker doll has a wig that is glued on the head and the Binnie Walker doll has rooted hair on a a vinyl skull cap.  Both used the Cissy face mold so this is the only way to tell the difference between the dolls.  Usually marked: ALEXANDER.

1953-1955 Winnie Walker and Binnie Walker

1953-1955 Alexander Binnie Walker doll 18"

1953-1955 Alexander

Binnie Walker doll 18"

1954-1994 Alexander-Kins doll, Billy, Quiz-kins, Wendy Ann, Wendy, Wendy-Kins,  7 1/2 - 8" tall, use the Wendy face mold.  Many Alexander-kin dolls are unmarked or marked: ALEX.  After 1976 marked: ALEXANDER

1954 Alexander Wendy-kins doll 7 1/2" 

1954 Alexander

Wendy-kins doll 7 1/2" 

1955-1959 1962 Alexander Cissy doll, 20-21" tall, hard plastic doll, jointed elbows and knees, high heel feet, sleep eyes and wigged, the Cissy head mold was used on some earlier dolls, clothes are tagged "Cissy", there were hundreds of outfits produced for her.  The later Cissy's did not have the upper arm joint.  Usually marked: ALEXANDER.  Modern Cissy's were re-introduced in 1996 to present.

ma-cissy1955.jpg (17587 bytes)

1955 Cissy doll 20-21"

1955 Alexander Cissy doll Queen Elizabeth

1955 Cissy doll

Queen Elizabeth

1956 Alexander Cissy doll, yellow satin Theatre coat

1956 Cissy doll, yellow satin Theatre coat

1957 Alexander Cissy doll, 2120 yellow floral dress

1957 Cissy doll, 2120 yellow floral dress

1957 Alexander Cissy doll, 2121 green floral dress

1957 Cissy doll, 2121 green floral dress

1956 Alexander Cissy doll, turquoise tulle gown

1956 Cissy doll,

turquoise tulle gown

1956-1958 Alexander Lissy doll, 11 1/2-12" tall, hard plastic, sleep eyes, rooted hair various colors, high heel feet, dressed in many different outfits and as shown, some were matching to Cissy's attire.  Dolls are usually unmarked.

1956-1958 Alexander Lissy doll, 11 1/2

1956 Lissy doll 11 1/2"

1957-1964 Alexander Elise doll, 16 1/2 (1957-1960), 17" with vinyl head (1961-1962, 1967-1976, 1982), 18" tall with up swept hair-do (1963), hard plastic with vinyl arms, jointed at the neck, shoulders, hips knees and ankles, many different outfits were available. Usually marked: ALEXANDER or MeM ALEXANDER.


Elise is shown wearing a beautiful tulle ballerina gown with flower accented waist and hair adornment and pierced earrings of faux pearls.

1957 Alexander Elise doll 16 1/2"

1957 Elise doll 16 1/2"

1959 Alexander Cissette doll 10"1957-1963 Alexander Cissette doll, 10" tall, hard plastic, sleep eyes, jointed at neck, shoulders, hips, and knees, high heel feet, dressed in #900 basic doll in a chemise.  Dolls can be unmarked or marked: MmM ALEXANDER Cissette had many different outfits including;  Ball gown, Ballerina, Beauty Queen, Bride, Casual dress, Formal dress, Gibson Girl and others, shown on right is an original striped pink day dress. 

1957 Alexander Cissette doll 10"

1957 Cissette doll 10"

1958-1965, 1998 Alexander Marybel the Doll That Gets Well, 12, 15, 17 & 22" tall, uses the Kelly face mold, soft vinyl head, fully jointed body including waist, rooted hair, sleep eyes, closed mouth, usually marked Mme. Alexander 1958.  Marybel came in a case with accessories to get well; wore pink satin shortie pajamas, robe and slippers or a wardrobe depending on year made, also plastic crutches, two plastic arm casts and leg casts, gauze bandages, tape, red measles spots, yellow chicken pox spots and sunglasses.

1958-1965 Alexander Marybel the Doll that gets well, Kelly doll face

1958-1965, 1998 Marybel the Doll That Gets Well, 22"

1959 Alexander Shari Lewis doll face1959 Alexander Shari Lewis doll, 14 or 21" tall, hard plastic, sleep eyes, brown wig, high heel feet, came dressed in several different outfits. The 21" doll used the Cissy body with this unique face mold, marked: MmE. 19©58 ALEXANDER.


Shown at left is a close-up of the Shari face on the 21" tall doll.

1959 Alexander Shari Lewis doll 14"

1959 Shari Lewis doll 14"


1960 Alexander Timmie Toddler doll, 30" tall, 1960-1961 Timmie Toddler doll, 23" tall, hard plastic jointed toddler body, crier, vinyl head with short rooted hair, sleep eyes, real eyelashes, open mouth, wearing original pink and white romper.  Marked: Alexander 1960.  Value 01 Jan 2011, 23" tall doll $167.50 ebay auctions.

Uses the same head mold as the Genius Baby doll who has a baby bent limb body.


1960-1961 Timmie Toddler doll 23"

1960 Timmie Toddler doll 23"

 1961 Alexander Guardian Angel Doll 8" Mary Mix-up face1960-1961 Alexander Maggie Mixup doll, 8 or 16 1/2" tall, the little one is all hard plastic with jointed knees, the larger size is hard plastic body, head and legs with vinyl arms, jointed at the elbows, knees and ankles, green sleep eyes with real upper lashes, freckles, bright auburn/orangey straight wig hair, marked on head: ALEX or ALEXANDER on back MmM. Alexander.


Shown left is a 1961 Alexander Guardian Angel Doll, 8" tall with the Maggie Mixup face mold.

1960-1961 Alexander Maggie Mixup doll 

1960-1961 Maggie Mixup doll

1961-1962 Alexander Jacqueline Kennedy doll 21"1961-1962 Alexander Jacqueline Kennedy doll, 10 or 21" tall, hard plastic body with vinyl arms, five piece jointed Cissy body, rooted brunette short hair, sleep eyes with real lashes, she came elegantly dressed as always; nightgowns, casual attire, riding outfit, and several evening gowns.  Doll marked Alexander 1961. Jackie is shown on left, in a beautiful full white satin ball gown with matching full length white satin coat, pearl earrings.


1961-1962 Caroline Kennedy, 15" tall, five piece jointed hard plastic body with vinyl limbs, rooted blonde hair, blue sleep eyes with lashes, open smiling mouth, shown on right in matching riding attire. Marked: Alexander 1961 or Alex 1959 13.       

Photo on right courtesy of Flozdolz.

1961-1962 Alexander Jackie and Caroline Kennedy dolls

1961-1962 Jacqueline Kennedy

doll 21"


1961-1962 Caroline Kennedy doll 15"

1961 Alexander Margot doll, 10" tall, uses the Cissette head mold, has heavier makeup, hard plastic, rooted hair, sleep eyes, several outfits; our photo is of Margot in a princess gored gown in purple satin with sequin trim on the neckline, and matching headband.  Doll will be marked like the Cissette head mold.

1961 Alexander Margot doll, 10"

1961 Margot doll, 10"

1962-present Alexander Portrait Dolls, 21" tall, vinyl dolls with rooted hair, sleep eyes; Sarah Bernhardt (in burgundy dress), Bride, Gainsborough (several gowns), Godey (several gowns), Madame Alexander (pink gown) & Madame Pompadour (in pink lace dress), Melanie (several gowns), Mimi (white gown pink trim), Queen (gold gown),  Scarlett (many gowns), plus many other dolls.

1987 Alexander Portrait Doll; Sarah Bernhardt 21"

1987 Sarah Bernhardt doll 21"

966 Alexander Coco doll face 21"1966 Alexander Coco doll, 21" tall, (only issued one year) based on the designer Coco Channel, plastic jointed body including waist, vinyl head with rooted hair, blue sleep eyes, multi-stroke brows, real upper lashes, closed mouth, has a bent right leg, came with a clear wig box with hair piece, comb, hairpins and rollers.  Usually marked: ALEXANDER 1966.  

1989-1992 Coco doll, 10" tall, part of the Portrette Series.

1997-1998 Coco was reissued as a 75th anniversary doll 16" tall.  

Photos courtesy of shpysgirl of the 21" Coco doll from 1966.

1966 Alexander Coco doll, 21"

1966 Coco doll 21" 

1968-1973 Alexander Portrette dolls, 10" tall, nine dolls in the Series; Agatha (1968), Godey Man, Melinda, Renoir, Southern Belle (1968-1970), Scarlett (1968-1973), Jenny Lind (1969), Melanie (1969-1970), and Queen Elizabeth (1972-1973).  


Clothing is tagged "Cissette" and dolls have the Cissette head mold & marking

1968-1973 Alexander Portrette Scarlett doll 10"

1968-1973 Portrette Scarlett doll 10"

1969 Alexander Peter Pan Doll series; 10-14" tall; shown left to right: Michael, Peter Pan, Tinker bell and Wendy.  Vinyl head with rooted hair, plastic jointed body.  Alexander did the Peter dolls several times over the years and in various sizes.

1969 Alexander Peter Pan, Michael, Tnker Bell, Wendy dolls

1969 Peter Pan, Michael,

Tinker bell, Wendy dolls. 


Additional Madame Alexander Dolls not shown

1948-1949 Alexander Karen Ballerina doll, 15-18" tall, all hard plastic jointed body, sleep eyes, wigged closed mouth, Margaret face mold, dressed as a ballerina, usually marked: Alexander or Alex.


ca. 1948 Alexander Kathryn Grayson doll, 21" tall, celebrity doll, actress and Opera Singer, Portrait Doll with the Margaret face mold, hard plastic jointed body, sleep eyes with a double set of eyelashes, wigged, closed mouth, dressed in a pale beige strapless satin and tulle gown, usually marked; Alexander or Alex.  Other Margaret face mold 21" Portrait dolls are 1948-1951; Deborah Ballerina doll, Deborah Bride doll, Judy doll.


1953+ Alexander Quiz-Kins doll, 8" tall, boy or girl dolls with a button on back, all hard plastic jointed straight leg walker, molded hair, sleep eyes, closed mouth, dressed in a romper, bride, groom, girl's dress or as Peter Pan with a caracul wig, doll marked Alexander.


1965-1970 Alexander Sound of Music Dolls, 8-12" tall, vinyl dolls with rooted hair; Friedrich, Gretl, Marta, Brigitta, Louisa, Liesl & Maria, yep - they missed Kurt in this series.  Also, 1971-1975 Alexander Sound of Music Dolls, 11-17" tall (this time they remembered Kurt).


related Alexander Dolls   1923-1947   1970s+   MA Doll Face Molds



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