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Below is a list of past American antique to vintage doll and toy makers, importers and distributors L to P; Company name, date of operation, identifying doll marks, labels, symbols, letters or initials. 


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L.D. Company composition doll mark 1914-1915

L.D. Company doll mark

LJN Toys Ltd Company action figure mark 1970-1989

LJN Toys Ltd Company action figure mark symbol upside down horn N

L.Q.D. composition doll mark 1920s, maker unknown

L.Q.D. composition doll mark

La Madelon dolls, Madeline Frazier 1940s

Jacob Lacmann doll bodies 1860-1883

Jacob Lacmann doll mark Patent March 24th, 1874

 - doll mark Patent March 24th, 1874

Labrador cloth tea dolls 1960s+

OJ Lafayette & Co 1930s

Lakenmacker Co 1921-1924

Langfelder, Homma & Hayward, see Morimura

Langfelder, Homma & Carroll 1957-1987 NYC

   - Langcraft small cloth bendable wired pose dolls

Langrock Brothers doll mark 1916-1923 Brooklyn, NY

Langrock Brothers doll mark

Larami Corp 1947-1995 then Hasbro 1995-2002

Larkin Co wood dolls 1875-1930

Howard Larsen doll mark Jiggle Wiggle 1921-1922

Howard Larsen doll mark Jiggle Wiggle

Latexture Products sewing mannequin 1940s-50s

C. F. Lauer wax dolls 1842-1888

Laurel Dolls Inc 1950s

Lawrence & Co cloth dolls 1827+

Lawrence & Co doll mark Cocheco Aug. 15th 1893

doll mark Cocheco Manufacturing Company 1827 Patented Aug. 15th 1893 Number 503316

Ledco, Ind 1970s+ Made in Hong Kong

Benjamin F. Lee rubber dolls 1821-1870

LeeWards Products, craft dolls 1947-1994

   - Dexter Thread Mills, Inc, now Michael's

Charles Wilson Leipold doll mark 1867-1868

Charles Wilson C.W. Leipold doll mark 307 8 St New York

Lensey Co 1970s

Philip Lerch, Lerch & Co, Lerch & Klag 1866-1875

Philip Lerch, Lerch & Co, Lerch & Klag doll mark Manufacturers No. 7

   - papier mache doll mark

Libby Doll & Novelty Co 1930s

Libby Majorette Doll Corp 1953+

Liberty Doll Co. 1918-1922

   - doll heads exported to South America

Likness papier mache dolls 1924 NYC

CM Linington 1866-1890s

   - Chicago importer, distributor of dolls

Live Long Toys Co oil cloth dolls 1923-1940s

Live Long Toys doll mark Chester Gump by Sidney Smith


Live Long Toys doll mark Esther Starring Penny Ross

Lomel Enterprises, Inc 1986-1993

Hilda Loose kewpie like dolls 1920-1921 NYC

   - Butterfly, Pepita; Queen of the Beach &

    Queen of the Ice, slim bodied novelty dolls

Lovee Dolls 1970s

Lloyd Mfg Co 1917-1929

Joseph Love Co doll mark Princess Elizabeth 1935

Joseph Love Doll Co doll mark Princess Elizabeth 1935

Louisville Doll & Novelty Mfg Co 1927

Lovely Doll Co 1950s

LuJon Sun Tan Colored Doll Co 1938-1940s

Lynn & Co all bisque silver plated dolls 1903

Lyon Doll Co 1917-1922


M & C Toy Center 1990s

L. H. Mace & Co 1880s-1916

   - advertised in 1911 Mace Laura doll

Madame Louise Doll Co 1939-1947

Made in America Manufacturing Co 1915-1918

Maggie & Bessie cloth dolls 1897+

Magic Light Products composition dolls 1930s-40s

Maiden America Toy Co 1915-1919

Maiden America Toy doll mark MAT

Majestic Doll Co 1918-1920

Mama dolls 1919+

Manco Doll Co plastic dolls 1950s+

Manhattan Doll Co 1890-1922

Manhattan Doll & Toy Mfg. Co 1919-1920

  - Kewpies Model doll, Beauty Kist doll

Samuel Marcus 1917-1924

Pauline Margulies doll mark Empress 1933

Pauline Margulies doll mark Empress

Marks Brothers Co. doll mark 1918-1930s Boston

Marks Brothers doll mark

Marks & Knoring Co 1915-1917

Marshall Field dept store 1852-2006

Marshall Field doll mark Andy Gump Germany

- doll mark Andy Gump Germany

Marshall Field doll mark Lord Plushbottom Willard Germany

- doll mark Lord Plushbottom Willard Germany

Martin & Rippel wax dolls 1881-1883+

   - renamed National Doll & Novelty Co. after 1883

Louis Marx Dolls 1919-1979 

Mask Face Dolls 1920s+

Henry Hubbard Mason 1878-1893

   - partner at D.M. Smith & Co 1852-1885

John Mason 1765-1785

Mason & Luke Taylor 1881-1885

Mastercraft Doll Co 1921-1924

Matlock Patent Washable papier mache 1899-1914

Mattel Dolls 1959-1970s (still active company)

Maxine Doll Co composition dolls 1926-1930s

Maxine Doll Co doll mark label Baby Gloria

- doll mark Baby Gloria, Mitzie

Peggy McCall sewing mannequin doll 1940s

A. C. McClurg & Keen 1909-1916

Mary McEwen wax dolls 1910-1930s

Meakin & Ridgeway 1919-1921

Mechanical Rubber Co rubber dolls 1915-1917+

   - then United States Rubber Co. 1917+

Mechanical Rubber Co doll mark M on a shield 1917+

   doll mark M on a shield 1917+

Mego Corporation 1954-1983 

Harry W. Meier 1905-1914

Minnie M. Meldram doll mark Soxie 1920

Minnie M. Meldram doll mark Soxie

Mellin's Food Doll 1920s Boston, MA

 - advertising doll used a Horsman doll

doll mark Mellin's Food Boston, Mass or E.I.H Inc.

  M - continued above

   M - continued

Memorial Wreath Company dolls 1974+

   - resold Japan Sekiguchi's Monchichi dolls

Mermaid Doll & Toy Corp 1921-1925 NYC

   - Mermaid doll, Mama doll, Muncy Kid doll

Merry Manufacturing Co 1959-1970s Cincinnati, OH

   - brands; Merry Toys, My Merry, Merryland

Metal Devices Corp phonograph doll 1926

Metal Doll Co 1902-1903 - All Steel Doll

Methodist cloth dolls 1932+

Metropolitan Doll composition dolls 1924-1929

David Meyer Bros 1921-1925

Meyer & Lorang 1929-1930s

Midwestern Mfg Co dress me dolls 1950s

Wesley Miller rubber dolls 1874-1875

Bradley & Hall Miller 1857+

Miller Rubber Company doll mark MRP 1922+

Miller Manufacturing Corp 1930s+

Isabel Million dried apple dolls 1911-1919

O. Mills Toy Store papier mache dolls 1851-1856

O. Mills doll mark label

- 194 Sixth Avenue Bet. 13th & 14th Sts.

Mitred Box composition dolls 1911-1917

Milton Bradley, Girls World 1860-1984

  - Emerald Witch 1972, now Hasbro

J. R. Miranda & Co. dolls 1919 Oregon City

   - composition Indian characters; Buck, Chief,

   Little Buck, Little Princess, Madonna, Papoose,


Mizpah Toy & Novelty 1930s

Model Doll Co 1920-1921

Model Patent Washable papier mache 1899-1907

Modern Doll composition dolls Co. 1926-1927 NYC

  - 1927 became Modern Doll & Toy Company

Modern Dolls 1970s+

Modern Toy composition dolls 1914-1926

   -1926 became part of Modern Doll Company

Modern Toy doll mark

doll mark M. T. Co.

Mollye's doll mark 1929-1970s

Mollye's doll mark

Mona Lisa Exclusives plastic dolls 1950s

Monica Studio Dolls 1941-1952

Ansil W. Monroe rubber dolls 1875+

Montgomery Wards dept. store 1872-2001

Montgomery Wards trademark 1915

- Wards trademark 1915

Moore & Gibson Corp 1917-1930s

Moo V Doll Mfg Co composition dolls 1919-1920

Moran Doll Mfg. Co 1919-1924

Moravian Church cloth dolls 1872+

Morden Doll Co 1950s

Morimura Doll Co doll mark MB 1915-1926

Morimura doll mark MB Japan

Enoch R. Morrison walking dolls 1862-1865

  - designed the Autoperipatetikos dolls

Miss Claire Morris boudoir dolls 1926-1927

Leo Morse turned wood dolls 1920-1923

Ozias Morse; see Dominico Checkeni wax dolls

Leo Moss papier mache dolls 1800s-1900s

Mother's Congress Doll Co doll mark 1900-1911

Mother's Congress doll mark Baby Stuart

C. Moxie doll trade mark Moxie 1926-1927 Boston

Multi-Face dolls 1866-1925 +

Alfred Munzer 1921-1925

Mutual Doll Co, see Cameo 1919-1921

Mutual Novelty Corp 1925-1929

   - boudoir Cubeb smoking Doll

My Toy Co. dolls, plush, toys 1929-1974+


Naber Kids wood dolls 1970-1994

Nadel & Sons Toy Corp 1987-present NYC

Nagai & Co 1917-1918

Nancy Ann Storybook Doll Co NASB 1936-1971

Nasco Doll Co 1959-1960s 

National Doll Co composition dolls 1923-1940s

National Doll Company doll mark

National French Fancy Novelty Co dolls 1925-1928

National Joint Limb Doll Co 1917-1922

   - Miss Najo doll mark NAJO

National Toy Mfg Co 1915+

National Syndications, San Francisco, CA 1950s

Natural Doll Co doll mark & label Ritzie 1915-1966

Natural Doll Co Inc. doll mark label Ritzie or Chubby

Nekarda dolls by Mabel Drake 1911 NYC

Mabel Drake Nekarda doll mark Suffragette Kid, Votes-for-Women

- doll mark Suffragette Kid Votes-for-Women

Nelke Corp. cloth doll mark 1917-1930

Nelke Corp. cloth doll mark

New Doll Company doll mark N.D.Co. 1913-1915

New England Doll Co doll mark NEDCO 1919-1921

New England Doll Co doll mark NEDCO

 1919 merged with American Tissue Mills & Utley

New Era Novelty Co doll mark NENCO 1914-1916

doll mark ENNCO, S'kooter kid, YamaYama Doll

New Era Toy & Novelty Co 1921

New Toy Manufacturing Co. composition 1912-1921

New Toy Mfg. Co. doll marks

- doll mark Nutoi, NewBisc, Middolly, The New Toy Co., Lignumfibro a lightweight doll material

New York Doll Co 1921-1930

New York Rubber Co rubber dolls 1851-1917

New York Rubber Co doll mark Goodyear's Pat. 444

New York Stuffed Toy Co 1924-1929

Newark India Rubber Co dolls 1849-1853+

Nibur Novelty composition dolls 1914-1929

Margit Nilsen Studios dolls 1930s-1940s

   - manikins, Deb-U-Doll, Little Sister, Judy dolls

   Thumbs Up Victory dolls

Nippon Novelty Company 1920s

Niresk Industries, Inc 1950s

Noma Electric 1950s, see Effanbee

Non-Breakable Doll mark Jam Kiddo 1912-1916

Non-Breakable Doll mark Jam Kiddo

Non-Breakable Toy Co doll mark Capo 1916-1917

Non-Breakable Toy Co doll mark Capo

   - owner Joseph Capuano, Muskegon, MI

Non-Breakable Toy Co. NYC 1911-1912

Nonpareil Toy & Novelty 1920-1940s

  - dolls distributed thru Riemann, Seabrey

Novelty Doll Manufacturing 1922-1950s

   - Norma Originals dolls 1950s

Novelty Mart dolls 1949+ 59 East 8th St. NYC

Nugent Distributor 1900-1901

   - 1900-1901 Aunt Dinah black doll 13"

   bisque, composition, rag, metal head dolls

Nutshell Variety Sales Co 1921-1953

   - Walter B. Abbott sun tan dolls

   N - continued above

(The) 100 Doll Company, tiny plastic dolls 1950s+

OK Toy Mfg Co 1920-1921

Oakhurst Studios 1925

Oates Wax Studio wax figurine dolls 1927-1928

Olmec Corp 1985+

Rose O'Neill doll designer 1909+

Rose O'Neill doll mark

doll mark Rose O'Neill

Rose O'Neill doll mark Kewpie dolls

doll mark Rose O'Neill Kewpie dolls

Ontario Plastic Doll Co 1950s

Original Doll Co 1925-1929

Original Toy Co 1915-1924

Oriental dolls 1400+

Jeanne I. Orsini doll mark J.I.O. 1920, 1916-1930+

   Jeanne I. Orsini doll mark J.I.O. c 1920 44

Otto Doll Supply Co 1917-1918

Oweenee Novelty Co 1921-1923

Owens Kreiser Co 1912-1926

Oz Toys & Dolls (Frank Baum) doll mark 1924-1926

Oz Toys and Dolls doll mark

Ozzeran Mfg. Company 1920s


PG Atlantic & Stuffed Toy Co 1922-1924

P & M Doll Co 1918-1930+

Pacific Novelty Co 1916-1920

Pacini & Berni Statuary Co 1918

Paramount Doll Co 1926-1930

  - Baby Wobbles doll

Paramount Rubber Consol 1923-1924

Paris Doll Corporation 1940s-1956

Paris & Company, Kiddle like dolls 1960s

Parsons Jackson Co celluloid doll mark 1910-1919

Parsons Jackson Co celluloid doll mark a standing stork

- doll mark a standing stork

Patent Novelty wood dolls 1929

J. N. Patten dolls 1878-1879

  - merged with Jointed Doll Co 1879

Patsy type look a like dolls 1928+

Zeboin C. Patten Jr. dolls 1909-1910

Edward S. Peck dolls 1884-1886

Herman Pecker & Co Inc dolls 1960s-1970s

Peerless Doll Company 1917-1918 NYC

Peggy Doll Co 1920-1921

Francis Pelobet walking dolls 1884-1886

Penn Stuffed Toy Co composition dolls 1924-1930

Penn Stuffed Toy doll mark label

Penn Stuffed Toy doll mark label

Perfect Toy Mfg Co composition dolls 1919-1930s

Perfect Toy Mfg Co doll mark Perfect

- doll mark Perfect

Perfection Doll Co 1916-1923

Performo Toy Co 1926

Bert Perlman Toys dolls 1950-2000 NYC

Permolin Products Co 1918

M. Pessner & Co doll mark Sistie doll 1934

M. Pessner & Co doll mark Sistie doll 

Peter Puppet Playthings, Inc. 1947-1962

Peter Puppet Playthings doll mark  P.P.P., copyright P.P.P., P. Puppet

   - doll mark P.P.P., copyright P.P.P. or P. Puppet

Frank W. Peterson & Co wood dolls 1907-1930

Petri & Blum dolls 1915-1916

Petri & Blum doll mark American Baby on a shield

 - doll mark American Baby on a shield

Petri-Lewis Mfg Co wooden dolls 1923-1929

Genevieve Pfeffer Doll Co 1917-1920

   - Splash Me doll, Com-A-Long doll

Pfhol, Maggie & Bessie cloth dolls 1897+

Philadelphia Baby cloth dolls 1900+

  - also called J. B. Sheppard & Co

Margaret B. Philips Doll Co 1916-1917

  Polly Preparedness Patriotic doll mark

- doll mark Polly Preparedness Patriotic

Mary W. Phillips Doll Co 1919-1920

Phoenix Doll Co 1921-1924

Pilzer Toy & Novelty 1921-1924

Pinky Winky Products Co 1920s, see Averill

Pizzonia & Lessi 1921-1922

Plackie Toys 1950s

Plano Toy Co 1920-1924

Plastic Molded Arts PMA dolls 1949-1961

Plated Molded Sales, Inc. plastic dolls 1960s

Playhouse Dolls 1950s

Playland Toy Corporation doll mark W.L. Wilson 1952+

Playland Toy Corporation doll mark W.L. Wilson

Playskool 1928-1984 now Hasbro

Pleasant Co 1986-1998 now Mattel

Frank Plotnick Co 1926-1930

Morris Politzer Doll Company 1912-1930

Politzer Toy Mfg Co doll mark PTM CO 1914-1915

Politzer Toy Mfg Co doll mark PTM CO

Pollyanna Doll Co 1920s-1930s

Poppy doll wood Scarey Ann doll 1924-1929+

Porcelain Collector dolls 1980s+

Leo Potter doll mark NockWood 1915

Leo Potter doll mark NockWood

Prager and Rueben Company cloth dolls 1942+

   - 510 East 73rd Street, New York, NY

Presbyterian cloth dolls 1880s+

J. Pressman & Co 1929-1930

M. Pressman & Cos 1919-1930s

Pressman Toy Corp 1950s

Albert E. Price Products 1929+ Bellmawr, NJ

    - Importer, doll mark Oumlet, Made in Taiwan

Lenora Price  1917-1918

William Price Jr. doll mark Slimber Jim 1921

William Price Jr. doll mark Slimber Jim

the Dancing Doll

Primrose Doll Co doll mark label 1927-1930

Primrose Doll Co doll mark label

   - Chums Primrose twin boy or girl dolls

Princess Anne Doll Company dolls 1950s

Progressive Toy Co. composition dolls 1917-1924

   - Sweetie doll, Sweetness doll

   made of wood fiber 1919-1921  

Pullman Doll Co 1916-1917

Grace Storey Putnam doll designer 1923+

Grace Storey Putnam (designer) doll mark

doll mark 1923 by Grace S. Putnam Made in Germany or 20-10 Copr. by Grace S. Putnam Germany


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