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Below is a list of past American doll and toy makers, importers and distributors; Company name, date of operation, identifying doll marks, symbols, letters or initials. 


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Note:  Present day doll maker's official website's are found on the links page.

A & H Doll Mfg Corp 1948-1960s

ABC Toy Company 1930s-1950s 

AG Toys & Doll Co 1980s

A.P.B. Company Boston, MA 1920-1928

   - stoneware head dolls, composition body

A.P.D. Manufacturing Co 1911-1918 doll mold 122

   - ceramic or stoneware heads on cloth body

A.P.W. Paper Co cloth dolls 1924

Abraham & Straus composition doll 1903-1930

HC Abramson composition dolls 1918-1919

Acme Toy Company 1910-1930s

Acorn Doll Company composition dolls 1919-1921

Active Doll Company 1950s

Emma E. Adams cloth Columbian doll 1891-1906

Stella Adler, Favor & Novelty cloth dolls 1919-1930

J. Adler & Co papier mache dolls 1850-1890

Admiration Toy Co 1950s

Adrena Doll Co 1930+

Elizabeth G. Adrian 1925-1926 Jim-in-ee doll

Advance Doll & Toy Co 1950s

Advertising Dolls 1893-1970s

Aetna Doll & Toy Co 1901-1925

Aetna Novelty Co 1897-1930 

Edwin Arthur Ahler 1920-1921 multi-face dolls

Alabama Indestructible cloth dolls 1904-1932

   - Ella G. Smith Doll Company

Alexander Doll Company 1923+

Alisto Manufacturing composition dolls 1919-1920

Alkay Doll & Toy Company 1919-1922

Alkid Doll Company leather dolls 1919-1921

All Bisque Dolls 1860+

C. W. Allen & Co 1921

Jenny L. Allen rag dolls 1918

Allied Doll Company cloth dolls 1919

Allied Grand Doll Company 1915-1980 

Allison Corp Bonita doll, Dress Me dolls 1955+

Alphonse & Gaston dolls 1903

Althof, Bergmann Co. doll mark AB & C 1848-1981

B. Altman & Co cloth dolls 1920s-1930s

Aluminum Doll Head Works 1919-1920

Am Torg Trading Corp 1920s

  - imported Russian folk art dolls, Matryoshkas

Amana Colonies, paper mâché dolls, Iowa

Louis Amberg & Son 1878-1930 

American Art Dolls 1916-1917 Strobel & Wilken

American Beauty, PD Smith Doll Co 1913-1922

American Beauty Doll Co 1923-1925

American Bisque Doll Co 1919-1921

   - doll mark ABD Co. USA on a shield

   American Beauty doll on a rose, Bab-Bie figurine

American Character Doll Co 1919-1968

American Doll Co 1893-1904 Philadelphia, PA

American Doll Company 1907 Attleboro, MA

American Doll Co 1912-1926 Louisville, KY

American Doll Co composition dolls 1920s Chicago 

American Doll & Toy Co 1892-1909 (Aetna)

American Doll Manufacturers Association 1921-1928

   - in 1925 26 members by 1927 47 members

American Doll Manufacturing Co 1912-1925

American Girl dolls 1986+

American Glueless Doll Co composition dolls 1918

American Limb Doll Co 1918-1919

American Made Toy Co 1929

American Muslin Lined Head Dolls 1870s-1880s

   - doll mark American Muslin Lined Head

American Needlecraft Co cloth dolls 1930s

American Ocarina Toy & Dolls 1919-1920

American Produced Stuffed Toy Co 1917-1920

American Rice Foods Co cloth dolls 1899-1900s

American Specialty Doll Co 1920-1930

American Stuffed Novelty cloth dolls 1924-1930

   - doll mark Life Like Line

American Style Doll Mfg. 1924-928

American Toy & Mfg 1917-1918 Kansas

American Toy & Novelty Co 1917-1930

American Toy Co 1867-1874 NYC

  - George W. Brown & J. E. Stevens

  mechanical toys & mechanical walking dolls

  using William Farr Goodwin's 1868 patent

American Toy Co 1880-1894  KY

American Toy Works, see Clay & Clarke

American Unbreakable Doll Corp. 1923-1927

American Wholesale Corporation 1920-1929

Ammidon & Co 1930s

Amor Metal Toy Stamping Co 1922

Amsco Toy Co 1950s-1984 - now Hasbro

Amusement Novelty Co 1926+

Anamay Doll Co 1930+ cloth dolls

Anchor Toy Corp. doll mark symbol anchor 1924

  - European doll importer

William H. Anderson 1884-1885

Anita Novelty Co 1929-1930s

   - merged with European Doll Mfg EDMA

Annalee Mobilitee Co 1930s+

Annin & Co Dolls 1925-1926

Antique Mechanical Dolls 1850-1900s  

   - Automata dolls, Autoperipatetikos a Greek

   term - self propelled walking doll

Arcadia Doll Co 1940s

Arcade Toy Manufacturing 1913+

ARCO Atlantic Richfield Co 1950s+

Arcy Toy Co 1912-1930 (Bell Toy 1920)

Arkadelphia Milling Dolly Dimple doll 1914-1915

Arnold Print Works 1876-1925+

   - cloth Brownie doll, © 1893 by Palmer Cox

Arnoldt Doll Company 1879-1930 Cincinnati, OH

   - Blue Bird Doll clothes, sold thru Borgfeldt

Arranbee, R & B 1922-1961 

Arrow Doll & Wig Co 1924-1926

Arrow Novelty Skookum 1920-1950s

Arrow Plastics Dolls 1940-1950s 

Art Craft Toy Products 1918-1920

   - then Art Craft Playthings 1920-1921

Art Doll & Toy Co 1916

Art Dolls Manufactured

Art Dolls One Of A Kind

Art Fabric Mills cloth dolls 1900-1910 NYC

   - 1905+ Foxy Grandpa doll by Carl Schultze

Art Metal Works 1914-1930 Aronson Co.

Art Toy Mfg. Co. Misska cloth dolls 1919-1921

Artisian Novelty Co 1950s

Ashton Drake Co 1985+

Atlantic Playthings Co cloth dolls 1930s+

Atlantic Toy & Mfg Co composition dolls 1917-1930s

Atlas Doll Company 1921-1922

Atlas Doll & Toy Company 1917-1930

Aunt Jemima Mills Doll Co 1908-1910

Auntie Jo's Own Rag Babies Dolls 1920

Georgene Hendren Averill Co 1915-1965


Babs Manufacturing Walking dolls 1917-1921

Baby Barry Toys 1950s

Baby Dolls

Baby Phyllis Doll Co 1919-1929

Baby Outfitters doll mark Bo-Peep 1917-1918

Bach Brothers cloth dolls 1908-1909

Baer & Strasburger 1922-1925

Dosher Bahner Co. 1921-1925 NYC

Baker & Bennett doll mark BB, Killiblues 1902-1916

Bal hard plastic dolls 1950s

Margaret Ball cloth dolls 1885-1892 Brooklyn, NY

Baltimore Bargain House 1881-1919

  - then American Wholesale Corp. 1920-1929

L. Bamberger & Co cloth dolls 1892-1930s

   - doll mark IKWA, doll distributor

Barbie dolls modern 1973+

Battat Co 1970s+

Martha Battle Doll Co doll mark Evongeline 1937

Frank Baum Doll Co 1924

Bawo & Dotter 1838-1913 Limoges, NY, Karlsbad

   - doll marks B & D, B & D Ltd, Pat. Dec.7/80

  Barclay Baby Belle doll Germany

Be and Sales Company 1960s, 70s? Michigan

The Beaver Doll Co wood dolls 1916-1917

Beck Manufacturing Co. 1888-1921

Beecher Baby Missionary Ragbabies 1893-1910

Beehler Arts Doll Co 1950s

Beers, Keeler, Bowman Co doll mark BKB 1922-23

Bell Toy Co 1920 - see Arcy Toy Co.

Bellas Hess & Co 1914-1920

Belle Doll & Toy Corp 1952-58, then F & B

Sol Bergfeld & Son dolls 1924-1925

   - then National French Fancy Novelty Co.

   Charlotte dolls 1923-1925

Berry & Ross Co dolls 1919

Berwick Doll Co Famlee dolls 1918-1925

Best & Company 1902-1927

Bester Doll Company 1919-1921

Bible Doll Company 1948-1960s

Bijou Doll Co 1915-1917

Bimco Doll Co. 1918

W. Bimblick & Co. wood dolls 1926-1930

Bing Brothers Art Doll Co 1900-1928

Bisc Novelty Mfg Co. 1914-1917

   - see Ernst Reinhardt

Black dolls

Blechman & Sons composition dolls 1922-1927

Bleier Brothers composition dolls 1920s

Block Doll Corporation 1951-1958

Charles Bloom Doll Co 1919-1925+

Blossom Products doll mark symbol Quints1930s

Blue Bird Doll Company 1929

Blue Bonnet Sue, Storybook dolls 1950s CN

Blum-Lustig Toy Co 1924-1929

H. J. Blumberg Co - Department Store in NYC

   - sold 1960s Playpal type dolls marked AE

James A. Bolton composition dolls 1926-1927

Bonnytex Products rubber squeak toys 1950s-1960s

Bonser Doll Co Products cloth dolls 1925-1930+

   - also distributed thru their Wyse-Bailey Co.

George Borgfeldt Co 1881-1959 doll distributor

Boston Pottery Company 1920 doll mark BPM

Boudoir Dolls 1920s-1930s

DeWitt C. Bouton cloth dolls 1899+

J. Bouton & Co composition dolls 1902-1930s

Bouton Woolf Co composition dolls 1920s

Bradley Import Co dolls 1954-1984 then Hasbro

Charles F. Braitling doll accessories 1868-1896

   - doll belts, goggles, hosiery, shoes, skates

Frederick K. Braitling 1897-1946 successor

Brian Swim wind-up dolls 1950s

Emma L. Bristol Doll Co 1860 / 1886-1900

Brookglad Creations, Glad Toy Co 1950s-1960s

Hattie B. Bruckmann Doll Co 1917+

Albert Bruckner Doll Co 1901-1930

Major Edward W. Brueninghausen dolls 1875-1924

Buddy L Corp., Luv Buds dolls 1982

Buddy Lee Dolls 1920-1962

Butler Brothers Company 1877-1935

Buzza Co 1927


C & C Doll Company 1960s? New York, NY

CBS Toy Co 1982-1987 then Viewmaster

Cabbage Patch dolls 1977+

California Bisque Co doll mark C.B.D. Co. 1925+

Cameo Doll Company 1922-1970s

Capital Toy Co composition dolls 1923-1930s

Carlson Doll Co 1946-1997

Carnival character dolls 1918+

AS Cartwright Doll Co 1880-1917

ND Cass & Co 1918-1927

Cast Distributing Corporation 1950s

Cawood Novelty Co 1920 Cutie dolls

Central Doll Mfg 1917-1921

Century Doll Company 1909-1928 

  - see Doll Corp of America & Domec

Characteristics Doll Co 1950s+

Martha Chase cloth dolls 1889-1970

Dominico Checkeni wax dolls 1866-1885

   - first USA patent for wax multi-face doll

Chessler Co Durable Dolls 1920-1930 Baltimore

   - cloth dolls, composition head dolls,

   Flo a walking talking doll 1921-1922

Chicago Doll Manufacturers 1918

Chicago Novelty Co 1921

Children's Novelty Co (Frank A. Hays) 1909-1910

   - wife Margaret Gebbie, sister of Grace Drayton

   Bobby Bobbykins, Dolly Dollykins dolls

WA Cissna & Co 1897-1898 +

   - doll mark Ruth, Hamburger DP doll

Citro Mfg Co hard plastic dolls 1950s

H. B. Claflin & Co 1912-1914

    - trade name Cupid-Eye doll 1913

Clausen & Co 1922

Robert J. Clay Mechanical Creeping Baby Doll

   - patent 112550, Mar. 14, 1871 and

George Clarke Mechanical Creeping Baby Doll

   - patent 118435, Aug. 29, 1871

Emma C. Clear 1908-1925+ doll mark HDDH

   - Humpty Dumpty Doll Hospital, HDDH

Cocheco Doll Co 1827-1893+ see Lawrence

Dewees Cochran Doll Co 1934-1970s

Herman Cohen Doll Co 1920s-1949

  - see House of Puzzy

L. Cohen & Sons 1923-1929

   - doll mark Elco

Cohen & Lyon Doll Co 1862-1865

  - dist. Autoperipatetikos, walking dolls

Roxanna E. McGee Cole cloth dolls 1868-1930s

Harry H. Coleman walking dolls 1917-1923

Collingbourne Mills cloth dolls 1920s

Colonial Toy Mfg Co 1915-1920

Columbia Doll & Toys 1917-1922

Columbian cloth dolls 1891-1910 Emma Adams

Columbus Merchandise Co 1917+

Commonwealth Corp 1950s

Composition Doll Marks

Confetti Doll Company 1930s

Continental Toy & Novelty 1929

Morton Converse & Son 1925-1926

Cook's Flaked Rice Co 1900

Co-Operative Mfg Co 1873-1874 Joel Ellis

Cosmopolitan Doll & Toy Corp 1950s

Creata Doll Mfg. Co.1960s-1980s

Crescent Toy Mfg Co 1907-1921

Joseph Cronan 1916 doll mark Mazel Tov

Crown Doll Mfg Co 1927-1929

Crown Toy Mfg Co 1930s-1940s


D & D Mfg. Co 1950s

DLL Daddys Long Legs Doll Co 1985-2003

   - Karen's Vintage Collectibles (Karen Germany)

   African American dolls with long legs

Dalliwig Mfg Co 1918-1922

Dandy Doll Co 1918-1921

R. Dakin & Co 1955-1995 - now Applause

Dallwig Distributing Co 1918-1922

Danbury Mint 1980s+ doll mark copyright MBI

Dandee Dolls 1960s-1990s

Danville Doll Co 1922-1923

Darrow Co leather rawhide head dolls 1866-1877

MS Davis & Co 1902-1909

Davis Milling Co 1910-1930

Rees Davis Toy & Novelty 1920-1927

Davis & Voetsch 1919-1924 doll mark DV

   - known as Dee Vee Doll Co

Davtex plastic dolls 1950s+

Dayton-Hudson Co 1893-2002

Dearville Doll Co 1918 Dumpie dolls

G. De Jaham cloth dolls 1900-1920 New Orleans

De Toy Mfg Co 1916

Debbie Toy Co 1950s

Deedle Dum Dolls 1917

Mr. Dekline Doll Co early 1900s

A. H. Delfausse Co 1950s

Deluxe Doll & Toy Co 1918-1921

   - Baby Luxe doll 1919, Rompy Ann doll

Deluxe Reading Corp 1958-1973

   - Grocery Store Dolls

Otto Ernst Denivelle doll mark DECO 1917-1925+ 

DeSoto Mfg. Co 1950s

Yves DeVillers & Co 1924-1925+

John Doll Company 1837-1915

Doll & Stuffed Toy Mfg Association 1920s

   - group of 50 doll & toy makers

Doll Bodies, Inc 1950s+ New York

Doll Corporation of America 1928-1930s

  - see Domec & Century Doll Co

Doll Craft Company 1922 NYC

Doll Glossary, doll terms explained

Dollcraft of America 1918-1919 Newark, NJ

Dollcraft Company 1943-1956

   - K & H USA by Kerr & Hinz, all bisque doll

Dollcraft Novelty Co 1920s+

Dollparts Supply Co 1940s-1950s

Dolls N' Togs 1950s

Domec Toy Co 1918-1928

Dolly Co 1910

   -  Dolly Dollykins doll, Babykins doll

Dream World Doll Co. late 1930s-1950s

Dress Me Dolls 1944+

Dritz-Traum Co 1925+

Duchess Doll Corp 1948-1950s

Charles Dummig wax dolls 1848-1865

   - No. 812 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA

Duckme Doll Co 1920s novelty dolls

Durham Industries 1960s


Eagle Doll Co 1920s

Hermann Eckardt 1927-1928

Victor Eckardt Toy Co 1941+

Eclipse Doll Mfg Co 1919-1921

Thomas Alva Edison phonograph Dolls 1878-91+

Eegee Doll Co 1917-1970s

EFFanBEE Doll Co 1910+

Ehrich Brothers 1857-1911 distributor

   - Jules S. Ehrich, Baby Ruth doll

Louis Eisen cloth art dolls 1927-1929

Eldon Industries, Inc 1960s-1989

Charlotte Eldridge 1953 Godey Lady dolls

Electrosolids Corp 1950s, Ellie Echo doll

Elektra Toy & Novelty Co 1912-1920

Elite Creations Doll Co 1938-1960s

Ellanee Doll Co 1970s

Ellar Novelty Co dolls 1936+

   - 41-43 East 28th St, New York

Elms & Co, Elms & Sellon Doll Co 1909-1918

   - 1909-1912 No Break life sized cloth dolls

   40 & 42 E. 19th St., New York

Eltona Toy Co 1919-1921

Emell Toy Mfg Co, doll mark ML, M.L.

Empire Art Co 1913, American Beauty rag doll

Empire Toy Mfg. Co 1916+

   - 1916 Charlie doll (Chaplin) 19" tall

Amy M. Eshleman 1921-1922, doll mark Aimeé

Eskimo dolls, Alaskan Inuit dolls 1880s +

Etta Inc 1927-1930

Eubanks Dolls 1930s+ ? in Hannibal, MO

Eugene Doll & Novelty Co 1960s+ NYC

Eugenia Doll Co 1930s-1950s

Eureka Doll Co 1923-1930

European Doll Mfg Co, EDMA 1911-1930s

 - merged with Anita Novelty Co

HC Evans & Co 1918

Exeloid Co 1915-1920

Exposition Doll & Toy Mfg Co 1921-1935


F & B, Fleischaker & Baum 1910+

F & M Novelty Co 1920-1925

FAO Schwarz dept store 1848-1925+

Fab-Lu LTD 1950s-1960s

  - made in British Crown Hong Kong

Fabricius Toy & Novelty Co 1858-1914

Fair & Carnival Supply Co 1914+

Fair Trading Co 1921-1927

Fairy Gift Co 1925-1926

Fairyland Doll Co 1950s+ dress me dolls

Fam Doll Co, Famous Doll Studio 1906-1922

Mark Farmer Doll Co 1950s

   - reproduction China head dolls

Faultless Rubber Co 1916-1923

   - rubber 1918 Billy Bo doll

Charles Fausel 1896-1896

   - patented (kid body) a universal joint for dolls

Federal Doll Mfg Co 1917-1926

   - doll mark Roze Doll

Fiberoid Doll Products Co 1927-1930s

Figenbaum & Co 1884

First American Doll Factory 1892-1896

   F - continued above 

   F continued

Fisher-Price Co 1930-1994 now Mattel

Flagg Doll Co, Sheila Flagg 1947-1985

Edith Flack Ackley Doll Co 1930s

Fleming Doll Co 1922-1924 Tum Tum doll trademark

Flexie Toy Co 1922-1923

Flexo Toys Company, dates unknown

Flora's Famous Dolls 1915-1928

M.C.W. Foote, Fairyland rag dolls 1903-1909

Fortune Toys Inc. 1950s

Foulds & Freure celluloid dolls 1911-1930+

Madeline Frazier, La Madelon dolls 1940s

Ralph A. Freundlich 1923-1945

Fulper Pottery 1918-1922

Fun World Dolls 1960s-1980s 


Gabriel Industries, Inc 1966-1978 NYC

   - division of CBS Toy Co

Samuel Gabriel & Sons 1916-1928

CV Gambina Doll Co 2000s

Galoob Baby Face dolls 1990-1998

Gardel Ind. Mayfair birthstone dolls 1940s +

   - NASB Nancy Ann look a like dolls

Theodore H. Gary & Co 1909

   - fur covered North Pole expedition dolls

Gem Toy Co 1913-1931

General Mills Fun Group, Inc. GMFI

  - division of Kenner 1970s

Gerling Toy Co 1912-1930s De, FR, UK

   - Arthur A. Gerling Toy Co

Ruth Gibbs Doll Co 1946

  - Godey Lady Dolls, doll mark R.G.

Giebeler Falk Doll Co 1918-1921

Gilbert Toy Co 1908-1966

Gordon F. Gilespie 1919-1921

   - chalkware Vampie doll

   artists were Edna Berg or J. L. Roop

Gimbel Brothers Dept Store 1887-1986

Gizmo Development 1977+ Gay Bob doll

Glad Toy Co 1960s, Brookglad

William Glukin & Co. dolls 1920s

- doll mark 7001 Patent Pending Wm. Glukin Co. NYC

Gold Metal 1878+ doll mark No. 3112

Golden Ribbon Playthings 1980s

Philip Goldsmith China dolls 1870-1894

William Farr Goodwin 1867-1874

Lady Goodwyn 1926-1927

Charles Goodyear rubber dolls 1851+

Goodyear Toy Co 1923-1925

Gorham Co 1831-1967 now Lenox

Gove Mfg Co 1928-1929 doll mark UNEKE

Grand Doll Mfg Co 1923

WT Grant 1926-1975 also Kresge, Kmart

Grant Plastics Dolls 1950s

Graphics International cloth dolls 1983+

Jane Gray Doll Co 1915-1929 doll mark Ada May

Grey & Dudley Co 1918

Ludwig Greiner & Sons 1840-1890

  - see also Frances Knell

Gre-Poir cloth dolls 1927-1935 also in France

John B. Gruelle 1915-1938

   - Raggedy Ann doll, Raggedy Andy doll

   Patented Sept. 7, 1915

Gund Mfg. Co (1898) 1912-2004

   - Gee trademark, mechanical dolls & toys

Ida Anzolotta Gutsell 1893-1924


HCN Enterprises, Inc dolls 1990s

Joseph Hahnesend & Co dolls 1915-1917

J. Halperrn & Co. HALCO dolls 1923-1951

Hamburger & Co dolls 1889-1910

Hard Plastic doll marks

Hardy Different Toys 1950s

Hart Throb Doll Co 1950s

Hartland Plastics 1950s

Harvey Toy Works cloth dolls 1930+

William A. Harwood papier mache dolls 1862-1880s

Hastings Sisters cloth dolls central NY

Hasbro Dolls 1923+

Hausman & Zatulove (H & Z Co) 1919

   - doll mark Hat-Zat, KU-TEE sanitary doll

George Hawkins Doll Co cloth dolls 1867-1870

Hawkins & Stubblefield 1917

   - doll mark SAM-ME

Margaret Gebbie Hays 1909-1910 doll mark MGH

   - sister of Grace Drayton, wife of Frank Hays

Hazelle, Inc puppet dolls 1935-1975

Hecht Brothers Co dept store 1857-1959

Hedwig de Angeli Doll Co 1940s

Dorothy Heizer cloth art dolls 1921-1930s

I & M Helvetic Corp 1927-1928

Henderson Glove Co 1927-1930s

Madame Hendren Doll Co 1915-1965

E. R. Herte doll mark Billie the Brownie 1937

Theodore Hess & Co 1918-1920

High-Grade Toy Mfg Co 1916-1921

P. J. Hill Co 1952-1956 Newark, NJ

Hinrichs & Co doll mark H & Co 1890-1904

Hitty Doll 1820s+

Hitz, Jacobs & Kassler 1918-1930s

   - doll mark HJK, JK

Hoest & Henderson 1926-1930s

Holiday Faire Inc. Co 1960s-?

John Holland dolls 1796-1843

Hollywood Doll Mfg Co 1941-1956

Hoo Choy, Goddess of Good Luck dolls 1930s

Horsman Doll Co 1865-1984

Horn Brothers Co., WC dolls 1912+

  - Nonpareil unbreakable character dolls

Hoseley Party Dolls 1954-1955 (Hoyer)

Arthur E. Hotchkiss 1875

  - Empress Eugenie doll September 21, 1875

House of Puzzy, H. Cohen dolls 1920s-1949

Mary Hoyer Doll Co 1925-1970s

Peggy Huffman Originals Dolls 1950s

Hungerford Plastics Corporation 1942+

   - rubber or vinyl Peanuts Gang dolls


Ideal Toy & Novelty Co 1906-1982

Imperial Crown Toy Corp doll mark IMPCO 1950s+

Independent Doll Co. 1915-1922

Indestucto Specialties Co 1915-1916

   - doll mark ISCO Sunshine Kids

India King Stubbs, doll mark Actoe 1923

India Rubber Comb Co 1851-1863+

  - doll mark IR Comb Co.

Indian dolls, Native American dolls 1850+

  - Cherokee, Cree, Hopi Kachina doll,

   Iroquois, Otoe, Lakota, Sioux, Navajo,

   Seminole, Shoshone, plus other tribes

International Doll Co, Mollye's 1929-1970

International Doll Mfg Co 1920-1921

International Walking Doll 1917-1921 (Babs)

Irwin & Company dolls 1926-1950s+

Irwin-Smith Co 1920s Oriental dolls

Ives, Blakeslee & Co 1868-1932 mechanical dolls


Jakks Pacific Dolls - JPI 1960s

Japan Import, Export Com 1914-1923

Sybil Jason dolls 1935-1940s

Jay Rue Novelty Co, NY, Monko 1930s?

Jeanette Doll Co 1923-1929

Jenny Lind Doll Co 1916

Jointed Doll Co, George Sanders 1874-1885

Jolly Toys Dolls 1959-1960s

Joy Doll Products Corp 1920-1939+

Edward S. Judge papier mache doll 1867-78

Junel Novelty Inc 1930s-1940s

Juro Dolls & Dummies 1955-1977


K and K Toy Co 1915-1930s

K.B. Doll Corp New York City 1950s+

K-B Toys, Kaufman Brothers 1922-2009 Pittsfield, MA

F. Kaempff cloth Alice doll 1909-1912

Kago Doll Co 1921

Albert Kahn & Co 1920-1927

Kamar Toys Int. 1968-2009

Kamkins cloth art dolls 1919-1928

  - Louise R. Kampes Studio

Katagini Brothers 1930

Kat-A-Korner Co 1925-1941

Levenson Kaufman & Co 1930+

   - originally Paramount Doll Co 1926-1930

Kaybee Doll & Toy Co 1917-1919

Kaysam Dolls 1959-1960s 

Kaystan Pageant Doll Co 1968+

Keisha Doll Co 1980s+

Victor Keney boudoir doll mark Keeneye 1930s

Kenner Parker 1970-1980s

CD Kenny before 1914 Baltimore, MD

Robert & Frances Kerby 1923-1925

Kerr & Hinz Tile Co 1943-1956

   - doll mark K & H USA, see Dollcraft Co.
Kindel & Graham dolls 1917-1929 San Francisco, CA

   - doll mark Daisy

Kimport Dolls 1920s-1950s

Frances C. Knell Dolls 1890-1900

Knickerbocker Doll Co 1920-1925 NYC

Knickerbocker Doll & Toy Co 1925-1983 NYC

Knickerbocker Plastics Co 1950s+ CA

   - doll mark S & E

Knickerbocker Specialty Co cloth doll 1904

Konroe Merchants doll mark XP 1921-1924

   - My Honey doll, The Parisienne flapper doll

Alexander Kravits NYC inventor Papa Mama

   - duel voice box on 9 Sep 1937 found on

   1930s+ Mama type dolls

Kresge Co 1899+ now K-mart

Kris Kringle Kid Co 1924-1925

Richard G. Krueger cloth dolls 1917-1964+

Mme. Kuzara cloth portrait & mannequin dolls 1920s


L.D. Company 1914-1915

Ljn Toys, Ltd. Company 1970-1995

L.Q.D. doll mark 1920s

La Madelon dolls, Madeline Frazier 1940s

Jacob Lacmann doll bodies 1860-1883

 - Jacob Lacmann's doll mark Patent March 24th, 1874

Labrador cloth tea dolls 1960s+

OJ Lafayette & Co 1930s

Lakenmacker Co 1921-1924

Langfelder, Homma & Hayward 1921+

Langrock Brothers Co 1916-1923

Larami Corp 1947-95, Larami Inc. w/ Hasbro 1995-2002

Larkin Co 1875-1930

Howard Larsen Jiggle Wiggle doll 1921-1922

Latexture Products 1940s-1950s

C. F. Lauer wax dolls 1842-1888

Laurel Dolls Inc 1950s

Lawrence & Co cloth dolls 1893+ Cocheco

Ledco, Ind 1970s+ Made in Hong Kong

Benjamin F. Lee rubber dolls 1821-1870

LeeWards Products, craft dolls 1947-1994

   - Dexter Thread Mills, Inc, now Michael's

Charles Wilson Leipold 1867-1868

Lensey Co 1970s

Philip Lerch, Lerch & Co, Lerch & Klag 1866-1875

   - papier mache dolls

Libby Doll & Novelty Co 1930s

Libby Majorette Doll Corp 1953+

Liberty Doll Co. 1918-1922

   - doll heads exported to South America

Likness papier mache dolls 1924 NYC

CM Linington 1866-1890s

   - Chicago importer, distributor of dolls

Live Long Toys Co oilcloth dolls 1923-1940s

Lomel Enterprises, Inc 1986-1993

Lorrie Doll Co 1968+

Lovee Dolls 1970s

Lloyd Mfg Co 1917-1929

Love Doll Co 1920s

Louisville Doll & Novelty Mfg Co 1927

Lovely Doll Co 1950s

Lujon Sun Tan Colored Doll Co 1938-1940s

Lynn & Co all bisque silver plated dolls 1903

Lyon Doll Co 1917-1922


M & C Toy Center 1990s

L. H. Mace & Co 1880s-1916

   - advertised in 1911 Mace Laura doll

Madame Louise Doll Co 1939-1947

Made in America Mfg Co 1915-1918

Maggie & Bessie cloth dolls 1897+

Magic Light Products Co 1930s-1940s

Maiden America Toy Co 1915-1919

Majestic Doll Co 1918-1920

Mama dolls 1919+

Manco Doll Co 1950s+

Manhattan Doll Co 1890-1922

Manhattan Doll & Toy Mfg. Co 1919-1920

  - Kewpies Model doll, Beauty Kist doll

Samuel Marcus 1917-1924

Marks Brothers 1918-1930s

Marks & Knoring Co 1915-1917

Marshall Field dept store 1852-2006

Louis Marx Dolls 1919-1979 

Mask Face Dolls 1920s+

Henry Hubbard Mason 1878-1893

   - partner at D.M. Smith & Co 1852-1885

John Mason 1765-1785

Mason & Luke Taylor 1881-1885

Mastercraft Doll Co 1921-1924

Matlock Patent Washable Doll 1899-1914

Mattel Dolls 1959-1970s (still active co)

Maxine Doll Co 1926-1930s

Peggy McCall mannequin doll 1940s

A. C. McClurg & Keen 1909-1916

Mary McEwen wax dolls 1910-1930s

Meakin & Ridgeway 1919-1921

Mechanical Rubber Co 1915-1917

Mego Corporation 1954-1983 

Harry W. Meier 1905-1914

Mellin's Food 1920s

Memorial Wreath Company dolls 1974+

   - resold Japan Sekiguchi's Monchhichi dolls

Mermaid Doll & Toy Corp 1921-1925 NYC

   - Mermaid doll, Mama doll, Muncy Kid doll

Merry Manufacturing Co 1959-1970s Cincinnati, OH

   - brands; Merry Toys, My Merry, Merryland

Metal Devices Corp phonograph doll 1926

Metal Doll Co 1902-1903 - All Steel Doll

Methodist cloth dolls 1932+

Metropolitan Doll Co 1924-1929

David Meyer Bros 1921-1925

Meyer & Lorang 1929-1930s

Midwestern Mfg Co dress me dolls 1950s

Wesley Miller 1874-1875

Bradley & Hall Miller 1857+

Miller Rubber Co 1922-1923

Miller Manufacturing Corp 1930s+

Isabel Million dried apple dolls 1911-1919

O. Mills papier mache dolls 1851-1856

Mitred Box Co 1911-1917

Milton Bradley, Girls World 1860-1984

  - Emerald Witch 1972, now Hasbro

Mizpah Toy & Novelty 1930s

Model Doll Co 1920-1921

Model Patent Washable Dolls 1899-1907

Modern Doll Co 1926-1927

Modern Dolls menu -  contemporary 1970s+

Modern Toy Co 1914-1926

Mollye's Dolls 1929-1970s

Mona Lisa Exclusives 1950s

Monica Studio Dolls 1941-1952

Ansil W. Monroe rubber doll 1875+

Montgomery Wards dept store 1872-2001

Moore & Gibson Corp 1917-1930s

Moo V Doll Mfg Co 1919-1920

Moran Doll Mfg. Co 1919-1924

Moravian Church cloth dolls 1872+

Morden Doll Co 1950s

Morimura Doll Co 1915-1926

Enoch R. Morrison walking dolls 1862-1865

  - designed the Autoperipatetikos dolls

Miss Claire Morris boudoir dolls 1926-1927

Leo Morse turned wood dolls 1920-1923

Leo Moss papier mache dolls 1800s-1900s

Mother's Congress Doll Co cloth dolls 1900-1911

Multi-Face dolls 1866-1925 +

Alfred Munzer 1921-1925

Mutual Doll Co 1919-1921

Mutual Novelty Corp 1925-1929

   - boudoir Cubeb smoking Doll

My Toy Co. Inc. NYC dolls, plush, toys 1929-1974+


Naber Kids wood dolls 1970-1994

Nagai & Co 1917-1918

Nancy Ann Storybook Doll Co NASB 1936-71

Nasco Doll Co 1959-1960s 

National Doll Co 1923-1940s

National French Fancy Novelty Co dolls 1925-1928

National Joint Limb Doll Co 1917-1922

   - Miss Najo doll, doll mark NAJO

National Toy Mfg Co 1915+

National Syndications, San Francisco, CA 1950s

Natural Doll Co Inc. 1915-1966

Nelke Corp, cloth dolls 1917-1930

New Doll Co 1913-1915

New England Doll Co 1919-1921 Nedco

   - 1921 merged with American Tissue Mills

New Era Novelty Co doll mark Nenco 1914-1916

New Era Toy & Novelty Co 1921

New Toy Manufacturing Co 1912-1921

   - invented a lightweight material; lignumfibro

New York Doll Co 1921-1930

New York Rubber Co 1851-1923

New York Stuffed Toy Co 1924-1929

Newark India Rubber Co 1849-1853+

Nibur Novelty 1914-1929

Margit Nilsen Studios dolls 1930s-1940s

   - manikins, Deb-U-Doll, Little Sister, Judy dolls

   Thumbs Up Victory dollls

Niresk Industries, Inc 1950s

Noma Electric 1950s, see Effanbee

Non-Breakable Doll Co 1912-1916

Non-Breakable Toy Co 1916-1917

   - doll mark Capo, Joseph Capuano

Nonpareil Toy & Novelty 1920-1940s

  - dolls distributed thru Riemann, Seabrey

Norma Originals 1950s

Novelty Doll Manufacturing 1922

Novelty Mart 1949+ 59 East 8th St. NYC

Nugent Distributor 1900-1901

   - 1900-1901 Aunt Dinah black doll 13"

   bisque, composition, rag, metal head dolls

Nutshell Variety Sales Co 1921-1953

   - Walter B. Abbott sun tan dolls


(The) 100 Doll Company, tiny plastic dolls 1950s+

OK Toy Mfg Co 1920-1921

Oakhurst Studios 1925

Oates Wax Studio figurine dolls 1927-1928

Olmec Corp 1985+

Ontario Plastic Doll Co 1950s

Original Doll Co 1925-1929

Original Toy Co 1915-1924

Oriental dolls 1400+

Jeanne I. Orsini 1916-1930

   - doll mold 44, 47, 1423, 1429, 1430, 1431, 1440,

    1450, Kiddiejoy JIO © 1926 993, JIO, JJO

Otto Doll Supply Co 1917-1918

Oweenee Novelty Co 1921-1923

Owens Kreiser Co 1912-1926

Oz Doll & Toy Mfg Co 1924-1926

Ozzeran or Ozzerman Mfg Co 1920

PG Atlantic & Stuffed Toy Co 1922-1924

P & M Doll Co 1918-1930+

Pacific Novelty Co 1916-1920

Pacini & Berni Statuary Co 1918

Paramount Doll Co 1926-1930

  - Baby Wobbles doll

Paramount Rubber Consol 1923-1924

Paris Doll Corporation 1940s-1956

Paris & Company Kiddle like dolls 1960s

Parsons Jackson Co dolls 1910-1919

Patent Novelty wood dolls 1929

J. N. Patten dolls 1878-1879

  - merged with Jointed Doll Co 1879

  P - continued above

  P continued

Patsy type look a like dolls 1928+

Zeboin C. Patten Jr. dolls 1909-1910

Paul Revere Pottery dolls 1912-1925+

   - doll mark PRP 110, BI, C2, LR

Edward S. Peck dolls 1884-1886

Herman Pecker & Co Inc dolls 1960s-1970s

Peerless Doll Company 1917-1918

Peggy Doll Co 1920-1921

Francis Pelobet walking dolls 1884-1886

Penn Stuffed Toy Co 1924-1930

Perfect Toy Mfg Co 1919-1930s

Perfection Doll Co 1916-1923

Performo Toy Co 1926

Permolin Products Co 1918

M. Pessner & Co Sistie doll 1934

Peter Puppet Playthings, Inc. 1947-1962

Frank W. Peterson & Co 1907-1930

Petri & Blum 1915-1916

  - doll mark American Baby on a shield

Petri-Lewis Mfg Co wooden dolls 1923-1929

Genevieve Pfeffer Doll Co 1917-1920

   - Splash Me doll, Com-A-Long doll

Pfhol, Maggie & Bessie dolls 1897+

Philadelphia Baby cloth dolls 1900s+

  - also called J. B. Sheppard & Co

Margaret B. Philips Doll Co 1916-1917

Mary W. Phillips Doll Co 1919-1920

Phoenix Doll Co 1921-1924

Pilzer Toy & Novelty 1921-1924

Pinky Winky Products Co 1920s

Pizzonia & Lessi 1921-1922

Plackie Toys 1950s

Plano Toy Co 1920-1924

PMA Plastic Molded Arts dolls 1949-1961

Plated Molded Sales, Inc. 1960s

Playhouse Dolls 1950s

Playskool 1928-1984 now Hasbro

Pleasant Co 1986-1998 now Mattel

Frank Plotnick Co 1926-1930

Morris Politzer Doll Co 1912-1930

Politzer Toy Mfg Co 1914-1915

   - doll mark PTM CO

Polly Preparedness Patriotic dolls 1916-1917

Pollyanna Doll Co 1920s-1930s

Poppy doll wood Scarey Ann doll 1924-1929+

Porcelain Collector dolls 1980s+

Leo Potter doll mark NockWood 1915

Prager and Rueben Co. cloth dolls 1942+

   - 510 East 73rd Street, New York, NY

Presbyterian cloth dolls 1880s+

J. Pressman & Co 1929-1930

M. Pressman & Cos 1919-1930s

Pressman Toy Corp 1950s

Albert E. Price Products Inc, Bellmawr, NJ 1929+

    - Importer, doll mark Oumlet, Made in Taiwan

Lenora Price  1917-1918

William Price Jr. doll mark Slimber Jim 1921

Primrose Doll Co 1927-1930

   - Chums twin boy or girl dolls

Princess Anne Doll Co 1950s

Progressive Toy Company 1917-1924

   - Sweetie doll, Sweetness doll

   made of wood fiber 1919-1921  

Pullman Doll Co 1916-1917 


Q B Toy & Novelty Mfg Co wood dolls 1915

  - then National Toy Mfg Co

E & G Quackenbush dolls 1915-1917

   - rubber & cloth trademark Tiny Tots dolls

Quaddy Playthings Mfg Co dolls 1916-1917

Quaker Doll Company 1915-1930s

Qualitoy Corporation 1919-1920

Quan Quan Doll Co 1930s


RF Novelty Co 1919-1920

Robert Raike wood dolls 1989+

William Rainwater 1928

Jessie M. Raleigh Doll Co 1916-1920

   - acquired by Pollyanna Doll Co in 1920

Katherine Rauser 1904-1925+

Ravca 1924-1947, also in France

Ravon Doll Co 1950s

Helen Vincent Reader 1922-1924

   - Gooky Girl doll

CA Reed dolls 1924

Davis Reese Toy Co 1922

Charles Reese 1920-1925

Loula S. Reeves 1915-1918

Regal Doll Mfg Co 1919-1939

Ernst Reinhardt 1890s-1922

  - also Bisc Novelty Mfg. Co

Reiner Mfg Co 1927-1929

Reisman, Barron & Co. 1916-1930

   - Adora-Belle dolls 1927-1929

Reliable Doll & Toy Mfg 1923-1924

Reliance Novelty Co 1913-1917

Remco Industries 1960-1974

Rempel Manufacturing 1946-1968

   - rubber squeak dolls & toys 

Anna C. Renwick Doll Co 1914-1915

Renwal doll house dolls, furniture etc. 1950s

Republic Doll & Toy Corp 1918-1921

   - wood fiber composition figurines;

   Baby Kweenie, Kweenie, Salute, Smiles

   152-156 Wooster St. New York City

Restall Mfg Co 1918+

Rex Doll Company 1916-1918

Rhodes, Dickinson & Miller 1920-1921

Rice-Stix Dry Goods 1924-1925+

Charles E. Richardson 1922-1924

Richwood Toys Dolls late 1940s+ 

E. Ridley & Sons dolls 1884-1898

Riemann, Seabrey Co 1912-1924

Rite Lee dolls 1950s

Rite Specialty Co 1916-1920

John D. Robbins 1860-1861

Samuel Robert 1921-1925

   - Konroe Merchants

Sarah Robinson 1883-1925+

   - (riveted) ne plus ultra patent joint inventor

Roberta Doll Co 1940s-1970s 

Grace Corry Rockwell Doll Co 1920s
   - Little Sister doll, Little Brother doll,

    Wiji Fiji doll, Romper Boy doll,

    Pretty Peggy doll mold 1392

Marguerite Rogers dolls 1915-1918

Gertrude F. Rollinson 1916-1917 Utley

Rookwood Pottery 1880-1925+

   - doll mark backwards RP

Rose Mary Doll Mfg Co 1959-1960s

William W. Rose 1866-1874

Rosebud Dolls 1950s-1967

SARCO S. Rosenberg Co 1960s

Henry Rosenstein Co 1907-1921

Rosko Tested dolls 1950s-1960s Japan

Ross & Ross 1918-1930s

Ross Products, Inc 1960s

Roth, Baitz & Lipsitz, Inc 1922-1927

   - doll mark R.B.L., see Joseph Roth Mfg.

Joseph Roth Mfg Co 1914-1928

   - R. B. & L. Mfg. Co.

Rothschild Doll Co. of Mass. 1982-1990

Sigmund L. Rothschild doll mark SIR 1917-1920

Bowden Rouech 1906-1908

Roxy Doll & Toy Co 1929

Royal Blue Stores  1948

Royalty Industries Inc ca. 1974 Miami, FL

Royal Mfg Dolls 1914-1977

J. Rudolph Doll Co 1924-1929

Joseph Rup 1927

Ruffles Co 1930+

Rushton Co 1917-1983 Atlanta, GA

   - Mawaphil cloth dolls 1921-1930s


S & K Novelty Co 1917-1927

  - also S. Kirsch & Co, S. K. Doll Mfg. Co

S & H Novelty Co 1925-1930s

   - Tee-Wee doll, patent Dec. 6, 1927,

   Bye-Lo doll look a like

S & S Doll Co 1927-1930s

Saalfield Publishing 1900-1977

Sachman Brothers 1909-1911

Louis Sametz Doll Co 1918-1924

Samstag & Hilder Brothers 1894-1920

   - Fluffy Ruffles doll, Hug Me Kiddies doll

    or Hug Me Kid doll

San Wash Toy Co 1930s+

Helen A. Sancier Doll Co 1914-1915

Sanitoy, Inc 1970s+

Miss Helene Sardeau 1920-1924

Saxon Novelty Co 1927-1929

Sayco Dolls, Schoen & Yondorf 1922-1960s

Henry Schanzer Co 1927

Schaper Toys, W.H. Schaper Mfg. Co 1949-1986

   - a division  of Kusan, Inc, sold to Tyco 1986

    Li'l Me dolls 1970s-80s

Schavior Rubber Co 1926-1930s

J.L. Schilling Co talking dolls 1943+ NYC

   - Jesse Warner phonograph doll patent 1935,

   doll mark Pat. 1998149 other PATS PEND

Leo Schlesinger 1874-1927

Louis Schmetzer 1875-1876 Chicago & Bavaria

   - doll mark LS & C with a wheel symbol

Minna M. Schmidt wax dolls 1923-1930s

Peter Schmidt 1880-1890

F. J. Schneck & Co 1919-1920

Schoen & Sarkady 1912-1914

Schoen Toy Mfg 1917-1922

  - then merged to become Sayco

Albert Schoenhut 1872-1935

Schranz & Bieber Co, Esanbe doll 1920

Frederick B. Schultz dolls 1892-1917

Sigmund Schwartz 1917-1926

Schwartz Toy Bazaar store dolls 1848-1925+

   - brothers; Henry, Richard, Gustav &

     Frederick FAO Schwartz of NYC 1862

Schwarzkopf Toy Co 1904-1905

Schwerdt Brothers 1925-1926

Schwerdt Mfg Co 1910-1930s

Schwertmann Toy Co dolls ca. 1914

Jacob Scoll dolls 1923-1925

Lena M. Scurlock dolls 1909-1911

SeaBabies cloth dolls 1989+ Orleans, MA

Seamless Rubber Corp dolls 1918-1920

   - Hula Maidens doll trade name

Seamless Toy Corp dolls 1918-1929

   - American Beauty doll, Polly Pretty doll,

   Kutie Kid doll, Willie Walker doll

Sears Happi-time Dolls 1901-1967

Mildred & Vernon Seeley 1946-2009

   - reproduction doll molds, bodies, products

   body mark © Vernon Seeley

Selchow & Richter dolls 1864-1930

   - doll mark S & R 1920s

Self Sell Doll Co 1924-1928

Seymour Mann dolls 1980s-1990s

Elsie Shaver 1919 cloth doll mark Little Shaver

Shaw Doll Co Inc 1930s

J. B. Sheppard & Co cloth dolls 1900s+

   - Philadelphia Baby doll, Sheppard Baby doll

Sherman Doll & Toy Co 1950s-1960s NYC

   - Judee doll, A Child's Sweetheart doll

M & S Shillman dolls 1925-1930

J. Shin Co, Inc. dba Village Toys 1980s

   - Ice Cream dolls, made in Hong Kong

Shindana Dolls 1960s-1980s

Lita & Bessie Shinn dolls 1916-1920

   - mark bottom of foot Patented Shinn Sisters

Shulman & Sons dolls 1906-1924

   - doll mark SS NY 1906 on a scroll

Sibyl Fortune Telling Doll Co 1925-1930+

   - 1738 S. Oxford Ave. Los Angeles, Cal.

Lindsay & Curr Sibley dolls 1913-1914

Silk Novelty Co dolls 1930s

Silver Doll & Toy Mfg Co 1923-1924

M. Silverman & Co doll mark SMS 1919-1924

Simpich Character Dolls LTD. 1952-2007

Simpson-Crawford cymbalier dolls 1904-1906

Skippy Doll Corporation 1960s +?

Celia & Charity Smith Dolls 1889-1911

D. M. Smith & Co wooden dolls 1852-1885

   - also Henry Mason, Mason & Taylor

Ella G. Smith Doll Co 1904-1932

    - Alabama Indestructible cloth dolls

Putman David Smith Dolls 1913-1922

   - American Beauty Doll Company

Solomen, Mannie & Co wood dolls 1923

E. L. Sommers & Co rubber dolls 1921-1930

   - doll mark ESCO, Sommer & Co.

Son Brothers & Co dolls 1917-1919

Southern Doll & Candy Co 1930s

Marjorie Spangler Dolls Inc. 1970s+

Spiegel Dolls 1933+

Squier Twins Toy Co dolls 1920-1930s

Stahlwood Co rubber squeak dolls 1950s

Standard Doll Co 1917-60s+

Star Doll & Toy Co 1915-1960s

Star Toy & Novelty Co dolls 1914-1921

Starr Dolls, Dorothy Collins doll 1950s

Stashin Doll Co 1950s+

R. H. Stearns department store 1847-1978 Boston

Steinfeld Brothers dolls 1898-1917

   - Racketty Packetty Kiddies dolls

A. Steinhardt & Brothers dolls 1910-1919

   - possible doll mark DEP A.S. 1900

   Smiling Sue doll, Honey Boy doll,

   Marceline doll, Mr. Twee Deedle doll,

   Pierrot doll, Columbine doll, Flossie doll,   

   Mugsey doll, Buttons doll, Dutch She doll,

   Dutch He doll, Wilhewin doll, Jockey dolls
Sterling Toy Co dolls 1900s+

Sterling Doll Co 1920s-1930s Boudoir dolls

   - Babe Ruth doll, Harold Red Grange doll

Stern Brothers, Stern's dolls 1867-2001 NYC

Steuber, Daniel dolls 1879-1888

Mary Steuber doll bodies June 25, 1878

   - patent for sewing cloth stocking to leg to 

   boot, on China, bisque, papier mache heads

Abbie B. Stevens doll mark Georgia Peaches

Stoll & Edwards Co dolls 1925-1930

Strat Mfg Co dolls 1915-1916

John E. Stratton China dolls 1880s

Strasburger, Pfeiffer & Co China dolls 1851-1881

Adolph Strauss Co dolls 1857-1937

   - then Strauss Eckhardt & Co 1923-1925+

   doll mark ASCO, SECO, doll label; Our Pet

Strawbridge & Clothier dolls 1868-1930+

   - doll mark Baby Helen. Princess Royal

Strobel & Wilken dolls 1864-1930

Stuffed Toy Mg Co. dolls 1922

Sun Rubber Co Dolls 1923-1974 

Sunny Twin Dolly Co 1919-1920

Superior Doll Mfg. Co 1915-1922

Supreme Doll & Toy Co 1919

Surprise Shop dolls 1925-1930

A. D. Sutton & Sons Dedo doll 1950s-1960s

Sweeny Lithographing Co dolls 1930s


T. T. Company dolls 1930s

T. W. Toy & Novelty Co dolls 1922-1923

James Scholly Taft dolls 1913-1917

   - doll mark D Taft 1910

Taiyo Trading Co dolls 1919-1920s

Talking Dolls & Novelty Co 1913+

Tambon Co dolls 1913

HH Tammen Curio dolls 1881-1962

Marian Curry Tebbets 1921-1930

Ted Toy-lers 1924-1928

Terri Lee Doll Co 1946-1962

Thomas R. Thompson 1919+

Three in One Doll Corp, 3 in 1 1946+

   - multi-face Trudy doll

Tillicum Toy Mfg Co 1926-1930

Tiny Town Dolls 1949-1950s

Tip Top Toy Co 1912-1921

Togs & Dolls 1950s

Tonka Toy Co 1955-1991 now Hasbro

Robert Tonner 1991+

Totsy Doll Co 1960s+ MA USA

Toy Products Mfg Co Dolls 1925-1930

Toy Shop dolls 1922-1929

   - doll marks AIAX, intertwined TS

Toy Tinkers 1923+

Transogram Co 1915-1930s

Travertine Art Co 1927-1928

Trego Doll Co 1918-1921

Trion Toy Doll Co 1911-1921

Tristar Doll Co 1960s

Miss Fannie Turgeon dolls 1986-2004

   by Donna Gilbert, reproduction dolls

Tut Manufacturing Co 1923-1924

  - doll mark Tu-Tankh-Amen dolls

Twinjoy Doll Co 1925-1929

Twistum Toy Factory 1919-1921

   - Archie Pagliacci doll

Tyco Toys 1926-1997 now Mattel

Boots Tyner Sugar Britches dolls 1980s


U.S. Doll Co 1923-1926

U.S. Toy & Novelty Co 1919-1920

Uneeda Doll Co 1917-1973

Unger Doll & Toy Co 1929-1930

Unique Doll Company 1950s

Unique Novelty Doll Co 1925-1930s

United States Rubber Co 1918-1920

Utley Co 1916-1922

   - trade names Fabco, Tuco, Sanigenic

   Rollinson Doll Holyoke, Mass.

Valentine Doll Co 1950s-1960s

Antonio Vargas Doll Co 1915-1930

Francisco Vargas & Sons 1875-1930s

Veelo Mfg Co 1928-1930

Vermont Novelty Works 1858-1925+

   - Joel Ellis, Rodney Briton, Ellis Eaton

Viola Doll Co 1917-1926

Virga Doll Co 1950s 

Alfred Vischer & Co 1894-1907

Viscoloid Co 1901-1930s

Vogue Doll Co 1922-1972

Voices Inc 1923-1930

   - part of Art Metal Works, Aronson

P. F. Volland & Co dolls 1920s

   - Raggedy Ann doll, Raggedy Andy doll


WD Co dolls 1920s

W & F Mfg Co 1930s

W P A or W.P.A. cloth doll mold 1865 1930s

Walda Antiqued Porcelain dolls 1970+

Izannah F. Walker cloth dolls 1873-1888

  - doll mark I.F. Walker's Patent Nov. 4th, 1873

John Wanamaker dept store dolls 1880-1995

Wazu Novelty Co doll mark Wazu 1922

Webb-Freyschlag 1902 Marseille heads

William Augustus Webber dolls 1882-1885

  - 1882-84 Webber Musical Dolls

Weber Co of Phila, PA wood dolls 1860s / 1870s

Stella Webster birthday dolls 1930-1940s

Weidemann doll mark NYW Co 1922-1924

J. Weinschenker & Co 1923-1924

Well Made Doll Co 1911-1930s

Martha L. Wellington cloth dolls 1883+

Western Doll Mfg. Co. 1918-1921

   - Chicago, IL doll distributor

Western News Co dolls 1904+

Martin & Rippel Wiegand 1882-1883

  - also called National Doll & Novelty Co

Carl Wiegland 1876-1883

Wigwam Co 1905-1918

Wilson Novelty Co ramp walkers 1930-1951

   - Watsontown Walkers, Wilson Walkies doll

   U.S.A. Pat. No. 214027

Louis Wolf & Co 1870-1928

Wolf Doll Co 1905-1927

Wondercraft 1920s-1950s

Wood Dolls Menu 1300+

Wood Toy Co dolls 1917-1923

W. R. Woodard & Co 1929-1930

Orin Woodford 1840-1855

Mary Frances Woods 1904-1920

Robin Woods 1980s-1992

Woodtex Co 1922-1923

FW Woolworth & Co 1879-1997

B. Wright Toy Co 1955+

R. John Wright dolls 1976+

Writing Toy Co 1962+ Writing Rita doll

Wurzburg's Dept Store cloth dolls 1916


Yagoda Brothers 1925-1930


Zaiden Toy Works dolls 1906-1930s

John Zernitz dolls 1897+ distributor

   - The Yellow Kid doll, composition, comic

   character by Richard Felton Outcault


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