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Identifying a doll is best done by identifying the doll makers mark, if one is present it's often found on the back of the dolls head, on the back, under arms, bottoms of the feet, check your doll carefully, as the mark could be placed anywhere and many dolls were unmarked but sold with a wrist tag, that may have long since disappeared


12 March 2014 - English and French doll marks will be found on each Dolls By Country page, appropriate marks are also on each Dolls by Material pages plus;  Composition Doll Marks and Hard Plastic, Vinyl Doll Marks.


Here we will be adding antique to vintage doll marks for all the rest; American, Germany and surrounding areas, basically any marking we don't have a place for elsewhere, we'll concentrate sharing here; symbols, initials and less obvious doll markings, thus doll company pages will often have additional marks not shown here.   This project will take us awhile to complete, but we'll keep plugging away at it, hopefully to help and benefit you.


A & H Doll Manufacturing Co

The Marcie Doll


A.P.B. Company

Made in Boston Mass U.S.A.


A.P.D. Manufacturing Co.

A.P.D. MF. co.


J. Adler & Company

J. Adler & Co. doll mark Superior American Head No. 7

J. Adler & Co.


American Head

No. 7


Acorn Doll Company

A.D.C. American Made

Aich, Menzel

doll mark 1904 A & M

Made in Austria

Madame Alexander

ALEX. doll mark 

Alkid Doll Company

Alt, Beck & Gottschalck

Alt, Beck & Gottschalck

Alt, Beck & Gottschalck

Alt, Beck & Gottschalck

Althof, Bergman & Company

Louis Amberg & Son

Amberg & Hergershausen

American Bisque Doll Company

American Character Doll Co

American Character Doll Co

American Character Doll Co

American Doll Company

ADC intertwined

American Doll Company

AM. Doll Co., A.D. Co.


Peters Weather bird shoes

American Stuffed Novelty Co

Life Like Line

Anchor Import Co

Anchor symbol with an S rope

Max Oscar Arnold

symbol eagle, star, initials MOA

Max Oscar Arnold

symbol winged hat person MOA

Arranbee Doll Co


initials R & B

Arrow Plastics Doll Company

symbol a diamond with a arrow

Art Fabric Mills

PAT. FEB. 13, 1900

Art Metal Works



Fully Patented

Mama Doll


Squeeze me Easy

Made in America

Corp. 1915 by Louis V. Aronson

Artcraft Toy Products

in a circle symbol


Averill Doll Co 

Genuine Madame Hendren Doll

Babs Mfg. Co.

upside down acorn symbol

USA Babs Mfg

Bahr & Proschild

initials BP & crossed swords

Bahr & Proschild

initials BP inside a heart symbol

#1 Barbie Doll Marks

#1 Barbie doll by Mattel

Barbie 1966 doll markings

- all other Barbie doll marks are on their respective pages,


see our Barbie Menu


also; Barbie Doll Vintage Clothing Labels and Tags

Fritz BartensteinBartenstein doll marks Patented in Deutschland, Deutscher Bartentstein U.S.P. No. 243-752

Patented in Deutschland


Deutscher Bartenstein

U.S.P. No. 243-752

Martha Battle

symbol of a garland Evangeline

Emil Bauersachs

symbol VR initials

Emil Bauersachs

Farbik-Marks symbol of a garland

Karl Baumann

K B - 7

Bawo & Dotter

Bawo & Dotter doll mark B & D, B & D Ltd, Barclay Baby Belle Germany

doll marks; B & D, B & D Ltd,

Pat. Dec. 7/80,

Barclay Baby Belle Germany

Bayerische Celluloidwarenfabrik

 a circle symbol W initial

Iris Beaumont

circle symbol initials JB or IB

The Beaver Doll Company

symbol of a beaver BEAVERABILTY

Richard Beck & Company

Belton Type Dolls

doll molds;

 100, 106,

117, 120, 129,

137, 154, 183,

185, 190, 193,

200, 809, 813,

900 TR

C.M. Bergmann

C.M. Bergmann

Cinderella Baby

C.M. Bergmann

S & H C.M.B

S. Bergmann Jr. & Company

P 20/0 Germany N

Carl Bergner

Carl Bergner doll mark CB Germany in a circle.

CB Germany

Rolf Berlich

symbol of a stitched cloth doll hand with hangtag

Bester Doll Company


L. Bierer

L Bierer doll mark symbol head 101/K Made in Germany

symbol head 101 / K

Made in Germany

 Fritz Bierschenk


Fritz Bierschenk doll mark, FB /0

FB /0 or F & B Germany

Bing Brothers

symbol WW

Bing Brothers

symbol face BING

Bing Brothers

symbol triangle Concentra

Blossom Products

five doll faces Quints

Ernst Bohne

symbol anchor

George Borgfeldt


Resi Brandl

RB Bufli

Albert Bruckner


Pat'd July 8th 1901

A. Bucherer & Cie


Made in Switzerland patents applied for

Oskar Buchner

symbol Teddy bear

Paul Buhl



Paul Buhl doll mark Tago


H. Buhl & Sohn

symbol clover DEP HBGS

Theodor Buschbaum

700 Tebu

Wilhelm Buschow

Mein Hetzens Kind

Buschow & Beck

Minerva symbol helmet

Buschow & Beck

symbol head Metal Head

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