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Welcome to the Doll Discussion Forum Board - If you need to contact us to report an error or problem, please post on the forum board.  Thank You.  To ask for help to identify a doll - do the best you can to describe your doll: What material is the doll made of, dolls height, markings, etc. and add your photo. 


Join the Doll Discussion - Forum Board on Yuku - it's new Mar 2008


How to post Photos on the Forum board? -  there is no upload feature on any board, so you need a host server on the internet, rather than your hard drive. is one that works well, but there are others too.  Upload photos to your account, swipe your mouse to copy the entire (IMG code for bulletin boards and our forum), click and paste it into your message,

preview your post, correct any mistakes, then submit! 

Your IMG code will look similar to the code below, without the spaces:

[img src]  http ://  [/img src]
(Open two browser windows; one forum board, the other your photo host, makes it easier)


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