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Hermann Steiner doll mold numbers identified

128, 133, 223, 240, 241, 242, 245, 246,

247, 273, 275, 401, 408, 947, 1000, 95464

and some doll bodies are stamped 954642


Hermann Steiner - H S doll marking


Hermann Steiner doll mark  HS    HSN    HSt


Hermann Steiner doll marking SH intertwined

Hermann Steiner doll mark HS or HAS

Hermann Steiner of Sonneberg and Neustadt, Germany and in Bavaria, entered the doll market at the end of the German bisque doll era and began producing dolls around 1920.  They are probably best know for their character baby or infant dolls, which were the doll of choice, at that time.  A 1921 registered trademark is My Pearl doll.  Hermann Steiner appears to have supplied dolls to M. Kohnstam & Company, as the MOKO mark plus the HS Steiner mark have been found.  H. Steiner's London agent was Boult, Wade & Tennant and in the USA the distributor was Roth, Baitz & Lipsitz.


In 1926 the new company name was Porzellanfabrik Hermann Steiner.


H. Steiner produced bisque, composition and celluloid doll heads; with painted or glass eyes, molded hair or wigged, a body of cloth, kid or composition.


Ca. 1940-1960s became Steiner & Hauser, also called Steha Doll & Toy Co.

Steiner & Hauser doll mark Steha

Antique Hermann Steiner Dolls Identified

1920+ Hermann Steiner Character Baby doll, Bye-Lo Baby doll type look a like, 8-16" tall, bisque head with flange neck, painted or glass eyes, solid dome head with molded painted hair or wigged, closed or open mouth, cloth or jointed composition body, bisque or composition hands, usually marked: H S Germany, 240, 246, 401.


This infant character doll was also made with a composition head and hands.


Mold number 947 is a composition head doll with googly disk eyes, closed smiling mouth, on a all cloth jointed body, usually marked DRGM 95464 HS Germany 947.

H. Steiner Bye Lo type baby doll 1920+

1920+ Character Baby doll,

Bye-Lo baby type 10", painted eyes

1920+ Hermann Steiner Pierrot Clown Baby doll, 8" tall, bisque socket head, painted eyes and face, mohair wig, jointed composition body, he's wearing a tall green hat that would have complemented his clown costume (we had to crop his hat in order to get the photo to fit this page, sorry baby clown doll).


Doll marked: Herm Steiner 16/0.

H. Steiner 1920+ Pierrot Clown Baby, 8" 

1920+ Pierrot Clown Baby doll, 8

H. Steiner 1920+ Dolly face 22" body


1920+ Hermann Steiner Dolly face doll, 10-22" tall, bisque socket head, glass eyes, open mouth, wigged, jointed composition body,

doll usually marked:


H S Germany or

Herm Steiner



Also, Tessie, doll mark, HS a size number, Moko Bavaria or Tessie Germany a size number, for the Moses Kohnstam Company.


H. Steiner 1920+ Dolly face 22"

1920+ Hermann Steiner Dolly face doll, 22"


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