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Ken mod rooted hair 1973

Identifying Ken Doll Vintage Clothes 1973

Identifying Ken Doll Vintage Mod Clothes 1973 - Ken now has rooted hair, MOD hair Ken that is, he came as a dressed doll in a brown and white checked jacket, brown pants and had four extra reusable hair pieces; a beard, sideburns and two mustaches.  Ken had seven new outfits for 1973 plus a shoe Pak item.

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Vintage 1973 Ken Doll Clothes For Sale -  use the search ebay box to copy & paste or type a specific clothing name,  model number, year or accessory, this is a category site wide search, so be sure to include your search term plus Clothing or anything you may want to purchase. 


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Items shown below are for reference

8615 ken 1973


8615 White pants with red stitching,  red and white print shirt, white shoes (1973)

Best Buy.

8616 Ken 1973


8616 Navy pants, yellow and navy knit sweater with 73 on front with belt, navy socks, blue loafer shoes (1973) 

Best Buy.

8617 Ken 1973


 8617 Light brown suede cloth with faux fur trim jacket, pants, gold dickey, brown loafer shoes (1973) Best Buy.

8618 Ken 1973


8618 Blue flannel jacket and pants suit with red plaid trim, red scarf, black loafer shoes (1973)  Best Buy.

8627 Ken shoes 1973

8627 Shoes (1973-1974) 

Eight pairs of foot wear; brown and black cowboy boots, white, blue and brown tennis shoes, brown, white and black loafer shoes  Best Buy.

7705 Doctor Ken 1973

7705 Doctor Ken (1973) 

White doctors coat and white pants, blue surgeon's top, head cap and mask, white loafer shoes, stethoscope with head mirror.  Get-Up's N Go.

7706 Ken Camping 1973

7706 Camping Outfit (1973-1974) 


Tan short sleeve safari shirt, brown belt, brown pants, brown vinyl backpack, yellow tricot scarf, brown cowboy boots, brown plaid sleeping bag Get-Up's N Go.

7706 Ken United Airline Pilot 1973

7707 United Airline Pilot


Blue jacket with four black braid stripes on cuff with metal pilot wings, blue pull on pants, short sleeve white shirt, black tie, pilot cap with black vinyl bill, black loafer shoes, blue Flight Log book marked: Korea.   Get-Up's N Go

 more Ken Clothes 1961-1967 | 1969-1976    or   Dolls Ken 1961-1976 | Brad, Curtis


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Identifying Ken Doll Vintage Clothes 1973

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