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Morimura Brothers Japan Nippon Dolls 1915-1926

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Morimura Oriental doll mold 202, 12"

Morimura Oriental doll mold 202, 12" tall, bisque socket head on a five piece composition jointed bent limb baby body.  See doll mark 202 shown below

Morimura Brothers (1876-1941) was a Japanese import house based in New York City, NY.  They supplied bisque head German like copies of dolls to the American market and others, during World War I and after 1915-1926. 


They imported two basic types of bisque head dolls;  Character Babies or Dolly faced dolls. 


They also sold celluloid dolls, Nanking (cotton body) China head dolls, composition dolls made by Bester Manufacturing and dolls made of rubber


In 1922 Morimura turned their Import Department over to the Langfelder, Homma & Hayward company, who continued to import bisque head dolls. 


Some markings found on Morimura dolls are: FY, MY, JW, MB, Y, MB inside circle, Nippon or Japan (the word Nippon = Japan), a mold number or Yamato, see below doll marking images. 


A Langfelder patented Dolly doll has stationary legs, molded clothing and a diamond shaped label.


Morimuradoll mark MB Japan

Morimura doll mark MB Japan

F. Y. Nippon 202 - Morimura Oriental doll mark

Morimura Oriental doll mold

F. Y. Nippon 202

Morimura FY Nippon doll mold 405 mark

Morimura F. Y. Nippon doll mold 405


Morimura doll mark MB Baby Darling

Morimura doll mark MB Baby Darling

Morimura doll mark Baby Rose doll mold 497

Morimura doll mark Baby Rose

Morimura doll mark Cho-Cho San

Morimura doll mark Cho-Cho San


Morimura doll mark Dolly

Morimura doll mark Dolly

all bisque painted clothes; bathing doll



Note: We have found antique bisque head dolls marked RE inside a triangle Nippon, it is most likely these dolls also came through the Morimura Import Department, but we have not found any confirmed documentation.


Antique Morimura Dolls For Sale - use the search ebay box to copy & paste or type a specific doll name, doll mold number etc., this is a category site wide search, so be sure to include your search term plus Doll or anything you may want to purchase. 


Good luck we hope you find the doll of your dreams.



Some Morimura Brothers Dolls Identified

Items shown below are for reference

Morimura Character baby doll mold 7018, 20"

Morimura Character Baby Doll, 20" tall

Character Baby dolls, 10-22" tall, bisque socket head, composition bent limb body, glass eyes, open mouth, wigged.  Markings:  FY, MY, JW, MB, Y, MB with in a circle Japan + a number, Nippon, Yamato, doll mold 22, 70018.

Morimura Dolly Face doll, 24"

Morimura Dolly Face, 24" tall

Dolly Face, 8-24" tall, bisque shoulder head, composition jointed or kid body, glass eyes, open mouth, wigged.  Markings:  FY, MY, JW, MB, Y, MB within a circle Japan + a number, Nippon, Yamato, doll mold 405, 1603


Additional Morimura Doll Names, Doll Mold Numbers or Trademarks


1919 Baby Darling doll or My Darling doll, Baby Ella doll,  Baby O' Mine doll, 1919-1921 Baby Rose doll,

1920-1921 Cho-Cho San doll all bisque with molded cap, Dolly bathing doll, My Sweetheart doll, First Prize Baby doll, Nanking dolls (China head dolls on nanking - cotton bodies), Queue San Baby Oriental doll, Sonny doll all bisque.    Doll mold 22, 50, 202, 405, 1603, 70018


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