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Roullet et Decamps Dolls 1865-1939+ French


Founded in 1865 by Jean Roullet, in 1879 Jean's only daughter Henriette Roullet married Ernst Decamps, a worker in the company.  By 1906 Ernst Decamps became head of the firm.  After Ernst passed away, his widow Henriette Roullet Decamps and son Gaston Decamps were the successors.  Roullet & Decamps are best known for their automata, mechanical walking and moving dolls and toys.  Roullet et Decamps won many bronze, silver and Grand awards between 1867 and 1910.  Jumeau, Kestner and Simon & Halbig marked bisque heads have been found on walking and mechanical dolls with an RD marked key.


Other Roullet et Decamps identifying doll marks:

mechanical doll mark RD, often found on the items key

Roullet et Decamps doll mold 134,

Roullet & Decamps doll names;

1893 Bébé Systême, L'Intrepide Bébé,

swimming dolls called Ondine

Roulett & Decamps doll key marked RD

Roullet & De Camps doll mark RD symbol of a cart with person

Roullet & De Camps doll trade mark RD symbol of a cart with a person



1939 SFBJ Tata doll, Toto doll, 14 1/2" , Abercrombie & Fitch ad

1939 Roullet & Decamps Toto doll and Tata doll


1939 Toto and Tata - right from the streets of Paris with a saucy mechanical swagger.  Either one $10. 

Above photo is a 1939 Christmas ad from Abercrombie & Fitch


1914+ Toto doll and Tata dolls 14 1/2" tall, composition heads, painted faces, closed mouth grinning faces, cardboard spring wire body, composition or bisque hands, wooden legs and feet, mechanical key wound walking dolls, key marked RD.  Designed by Gaston Decamps, Toto and Tata dolls were sold in the USA by Abercrombie & Fitch of New York.

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