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Identifying Vintage Skipper Doll Clothes 1977


Skipper Doll Vintage Clothes 1977 - Skipper had three Get Up N Go outfits in 1977 and six Best Buys.

Items shown below are for reference

9746 Get-Ups N Go (1977)

Long blue, white calico dress with ruffled hem, white long sleeve attached blouse, lace trim on sleeves & collar, matching hat, black flat shoes.

9747 Red Rain set,

Get-Ups N Go (1977)

Red & clear vinyl rain coat, matching hat & school bag with 2 books; green arithmetic & yellow English book, dress with top of red, white & blue knit, red skirt with white top stitching, red Taiwan flat shoes. 

9748 School Time,

Get-Ups N Go (1977)

Red pull on pants, white short sleeve blouse, red, blue & green striped sleeveless dress with solid blue skirt, matching jacket & cap, white knee high socks & red Taiwan flat shoes.

9706 Denim skirt set, Best Buy (1977)

Navy tricot short sleeve shirt with rainbow & cloud decal, light blue denim skirt & shorts.

9707 Red, white long dress,

Best Buy (1977)

Red with white floral print maxi dress with white inset bodice, lace edged, & red ribbon trim. & matching head scarf.

9708 Blue & green dress, Best Buy (1977)

Blue & green print knit dress with white tricot long sleeves & placket, white tricot knee soks & blue cap.

9709 White halter, green long skirt, Best Buy (1977)

White cotton halter with lace trim & black bow at waist, pale green taffeta long skirt, pale green flat shoes.

9710 White short sleeve shirt, dress with blue bodice & multi striped skirt,

Best Buy (1977)

Sleeveless dress with blue bodice & brown striped skirt, white short sleeve blouse.

9711 Long pink dress with lace accents, Best Buy (1977)

Pink cotton maxi dress with white lace trim & black neckline bow.

The End

related Skipper clothes 1964-1970 | 1971-1979   Skipper dolls


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