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Walther & Sohn Boy doll, 15"

Johann Walther doll factory was founded in 1900-1930 of Germany, they advertised dressed dolls in 1900, used the doll mark IW intertwined.  By 1908 Johann Walther became a partner with Nikolaus Oberender, which produced bisque doll heads and small all bisque dolls (see below for Oberender doll marks and mold numbers), by 1910 the partnership dissolved and each went their separate ways, each with their own porcelain factory. 


In 1921 Johann Walther registered his company name as Walther & Sohn in Germany continuing to use the IW mark, as well as the WS mark.


See below for the antique Walther & Oberender dolls

identified, plus their doll mold numbers.


Antique Johann Walther & Sohn Dolls identified

Walther & Sohn Boy doll, 15" composition body




Walter & Sohn, antique Baby Boy doll,

15" tall, bisque socket head, painted feathered eyebrows, sleep eyes with painted upper and lower eye lashes, slightly open mouth with a five piece composition jointed body with bent limbs.


Doll mark shown on right 

Walther & Sohn intertwined W & S initial doll mark


Walther Baby Boy doll mark

W & S intertwined initials, Made in Germany

Walther & Sohn Scottish boy, 8"




Walther & Sohn, antique Scottish Boy doll,

8 1/2" tall, bisque socket head, with a composition five piece jointed body, fixed eyes, open mouth.  Doll is dressed in a traditional plaid Scottish outfit.


Doll mark shown at right.




Walther crown symbol, intertwined W & S doll mark

Walther & Sohn doll mark


crown symbol

 W & S

intertwined initials

8/0 Germany



Walther & Sohn doll 11" doll mold 200


Walther & Sohn Doll

Tiny 8" doll with a bisque head, painted single stroke  eye brows, stationary glass pupiless fixed eyes, painted upper and lower eye lashes, open mouth with teeth, chin dimple, with a five piece jointed composition body.


Doll mark shown at right.

Walther & Sohn, intertwined W & S mold 200 doll mark

Walter & Sohn

doll mark

200 13/0

W & S intertwined initials

Made in Germany


Johann Walther & Sohn Doll Mold Numbers Identified

80, 120, 121, 126, 200, 208, 210, 241, 250, 251, 400, 6789



Nickolaus Oberender Dolls 1908-1927 German

Nicholas Oberender founded a porcelain factory with Johann Walther in Oeslau, Thüringia, Germany in 1908, by 1910 the partnership dissolved and each went their separate ways with their own factories.  In 1910 Oberender's porcelain factory employed 110 workers making bisque doll heads.  By 1927 the company was known as Wilhelmine Oberender.


Antique Nikolaus Oberender Doll Marks

Oberenber Made in Germany NO 121 11/0 doll mark

Made in Germany NO 121 11/0

Oberender N circle mold 125 doll marking

N inside a O circle

 Germany 125 10/0

Oberender N circle doll mold 2000 marking

Germany DEP 2000

N inside a circle 8/0


Nikolaus Oberender Doll Mold Numbers Identified

121   125   2000   2010

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