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Antique Fulper Pottery bisque doll socket head ca. 1918

Antique Fulper Pottery bisque doll socket head

Fulper Pottery Company of Fleming, New Jersey U.S.A. was established in 1805.  From 1918 until 1927 Fulper Pottery sold small all bisque dolls (a Kewpie doll and a Peterkin doll, both marked have been found) and bisque doll heads to fill the void left by European doll makers, due to World War I.  Among the companies that used Fulper bisque products are; Amberg, Colonial Toy, Horsman and Sears.


Fulper produced bisque socket or shoulder heads for Dolly face child dolls 14 to 26" tall, some with human hair wigs, often with sleep eyes made of metal and celluloid, some character heads have molded painted hair with intaglio eyes, all have an open mouth. 


Baby character dolls, with bisque socket or shoulder plate heads, 13 to 24" tall, sleep eyes and molded painted hair or wigged, open mouth with bent limb baby composition bodies.


Fulper ceased manufacture of bisque doll heads in 1922, but continued to sell their inventory until 1927 as well as novelties and pin cushion heads.


In 1998 the Strong Museum reproduced a Limited Edition bisque head doll with painted eyes, whose head will have the Fulper mark and the jointed composition body is marked Licensed by the Strong Museum.




Fulper doll mark symbol, Fulper, Made in U.S.A

Fulper doll mark symbol, Fulper, Made in U.S.A

Fulper doll mark symbol, MS, Fulper, Made in U.S.A.

Fulper doll mark symbol, MS, Fulper, Made in U.S.A.

Note:  The Fulper doll mark with MS initials is for Martin Stangl, head of production for Horsman's bisque head dolls.

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