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Adrien Carvaillo La Venus Cloth Dolls 1915-1939 French

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ca. 1927 Adrien Carvaillo 14 1/2" tall cloth La Venus doll

ca. 1927 Adrien Carvaillo 14 1/2" tall

cloth La Venus doll

Photo courtesy of Linda DeCarlo


ca. 1927 Adrien Carcaillo doll mark Venue Made in France

ca. 1927 Carvaillo doll mark

Venus Made in France

Adrien and his wife Marie registered their La Venus doll trademark in 1923, at which time it was noted they had begun making the cloth art dolls as early as 1915.


Carvaillo dolls were advertised by department stores; Bon Marché, Galleries Lafayette and Le Printemps.


The dressed dolls were offered in  sizes 15 1/2, 19 1/2 and 23 1/2" tall in 1925.  14 1/2 and 17 1/2" tall in 1928 to 1929.  15 1/2, 18 1/2 and 21 1/2" tall in 1930, all advertised in Bon Marché.


Early dolls were marked in red ink on the bottom of a foot La Venus, later dolls marked Venus Made in  France, next mark Venus Marque Deposée used until 1933.  


     Adrien Carvaillo doll mark La Venus           Adrien Carvaillo doll mark Venus Marque Deposee


Adrien Carvaillo doll box end graphics label Venus


Adrien Carvaillo original box end graphic with oval label:

Les Poupées en Etoff




Serie -------------------------


Shop for Dolls


After Adrien passed away in 1923, wife Marie and son Robert continued making La Venus dolls until 1933, at which time their doll business was sold to Marcel Desautel who continued making the dolls until 1939.


La Venus dolls are made of all cloth head and jointed body at neck, shoulders and hips, dolls have painted faces, mohair wig, stitched fingers, came dressed in silk, velvet or felt clothing with shoes and socks.  Similar art dolls were made by Raynal and Lenci.


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