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ABC Toy Company Mama Doll 17"

ca. 1940s ABC Toy Company Mama Doll 17"


There is very little known about the A.B.C. Toy Company, dolls and toys were probably distributed through Butler Brothers, it appears the few dolls found marked or with original hangtags were perhaps purchased from other doll makers, then dressed and sold.      


A.B.C. Toy co doll mark

ca. 1940s ABC Mama Doll, 17" tall, composition head and limbs, cloth stuffed body, Mama crier, lightly molded brown hair, brown sleep eyes, closed mouth. 

Doll marked on back of neck A.B.C. TOY CO. 


Other sized Mama dolls were probably available too.

1949-1950s ABC Mary Hoyer type doll with molded ears, 14" tall, all hard plastic, molded hair beneath her saran blonde wig with curly bangs and two braids tied with plaid bows, fully jointed body, blue sleep eyes, came with an A. B. C. Toy Company tag and booklet with instructions for washing the saran wig.


Wearing her original clothing; sheer short white puff sleeved blouse, red, white and blue jumper with floral trim suspenders, red belt, matching big plaid hair bow, white nylon socks and red leather shoes with ties.  


Doll is marked on back with a blank raised circle O like the Mary Hoyer dolls and others - without text inside the circle. 


Note:  This same plaid jumper outfit has also been found on Arranbee Nanette doll.


If your looking to buy this ABC Toy Mary Hoyer type doll, try using a search keyword "Mary Hoyer" or Hoyer.

1950s ABC Mary Hoyer type doll 14"

1949 ABC Mary Hoyer type doll 14"

Additional A.B.C. Toy Co dolls not shown

ca. 1930s ABC Anette Baby doll, 17" tall, composition flange head, lower arms and lower legs, cloth body and upper limbs, stitched hip joints, molded painted brown hair, painted blue eyes with painted upper eyelashes, closed mouth, doll marked Anette Baby A.B.C. Toy.

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