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Brentsend dolls 1915-1920s, Grahamstown, SA & Salisbury,

    Rhodesia - cloth dolls made by Miss Brent and Mrs. Townsend



Marguerite Brunot dolls 1918+, Algiers, North Africa

Margurerite Brunot doll mark MB intertwined

doll mark Marque Depose MB intertwined


Flora dolls 1916-1928, dolls have a wooden head, cloth body, made

     by Grace & Florence Wheeler


Fertility dolls, Religious dolls made in Africa - made by individuals, not



Miss Anna Laubscher's Puppen Fabrik doll mark 1915-1927, Graaff-

    Reinet, South Africa

Miss Anna Laubscher Graaff-Reinet doll mark


P.M.I. Company small souvenir doll mark P.M.I. J.H.B. 1950s-?

    Johannesburg, Africa

PMI doll mark PMI JHB Johannesburg


Prima Toys 1967 - present, dolls, games & children toys distributor


South Africa Doll Company doll mark SAD 1960s +


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