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American USA Doll Makers list - A

Below is a list of past American antique to vintage doll and toy makers whose company name begins with A dates of operation, identifying doll marks, labels, symbols, letters or initials and trade marks when known. 


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A & H Doll Manufacturing Corporation 1948-1960s

ABC Toy Company doll mark 1930s-1950s

A.B.C. Toy Co. doll mark


AG Toys & Doll Company 1980s USA

A.P.B. Company Boston, MA 1920-1928

A.P.B. Co. doll mark

stoneware head dolls, composition body


A.P.D. Manufacturing Company 1911-1918 doll mold 122

A.P.D. Manufacturing Co doll mark 122

ceramic or stoneware heads on cloth body


Abraham & Straus Company composition dolls 1903-1930+

Abramham & Straus doll mark Baby Violet


Acme Toy Company 1910-1930s

Acme Toy Co doll mark - Acme Toy


Acorn Doll Company composition dolls 1919-1921

Acorn Doll Company doll mark ADC American Made


Active Doll Corporation hard plastic dolls 1950s-1966

Emma E. Adams cloth Columbian dolls 1891-1910

Columbian doll mark by Emma & Marietta Adams


Adanta Novelties Corporation 1953-1960s NYC, NY

   - made/sold grocery store and clone dolls, 8/1953 patented Yasmin doll

Stella Adler Favor & Novelty cloth dolls 1919-1930

J. Adler & Company papier mache dolls 1850-1890

J. Adler & Co. doll mark Superior American Head No. 7


Admiration Toy Company 1950s

Advance Doll & Toy Company 1950s

Advertising Dolls 1893-1949 | 1950s-1970s

Aetna Doll & Toy Company 1908-1925

Aetna Doll & Toy Co. doll marks


Alabama Indestructible cloth doll mark 1899-1925

Alabama Indestructible doll mark Pat. Nov. 9, 1912, No. 2, Ella Smith Doll Co.

Pat. Nov. 9, 1912, No. 2, Ella Smith Doll Co.


Alexander Doll Company 1923-present

Madame Alexander doll mark AX, Alex., circle X 13, Mme Alexander


Alkid Doll Company leather dolls 1919-1921

Alkid Doll mark


Allied Grand Doll Manufacturing Company 1915-1980 NY

Allison Corporation Bonita doll, Dress Me dolls 1955+

Althof, Bergmann Company tin toys, automata dolls 1848-1881 NYC

   - 1881 registered doll mark A.B.C.

Louis Amberg & Son 1878-1930

Louis Amberg & Son doll marks L.A. & S.


American Art Dolls 1916-1917, see Strobel & Wilken

American Beauty, PD Smith Doll Company 1913-1922

American Bisque Doll Company 1919-1921 New Jersey

American Bisque Doll Company doll mark Toodles 1919

doll mark Toodles, Babbie both figurines by E. Peruggi


American Bisque Doll Company doll mark ABD Co. 1919-1921

American Bisque Doll Company doll mark shield ABD CO. USA


American Character Doll Company 1919-1968

American Character Doll Co doll mark PETITE Baby Dolls Walk, Talk Mama

doll mark Petite Baby Dolls, Mama, Walk, Talk

American Doll Company 1912-1926 Louisville, KY

American Doll Co. doll mark AM. Doll Co., A.D. Co.


American Doll Company doll mark ADC


American Doll & Toy Company 1892-1909,  see Aetna

American Girl Doll Company 1986-1998 +, now (Mattel)

American Made Toy Company doll mark eagle symbol 1929

American Made Toy Company doll mark eagle symbol


American Muslin Lined Head Dolls 1870s-1880s

doll mark American Muslin Lined Head

doll mark American Muslin Lined Head


American Needlecraft Company cloth doll mark 1930s

American Needlecraft Company doll mark Famous Artist Syndicate


American Ocarina & Toy Company 1919-1921

   -1920 Karo Princess doll, advertising doll for Karo Corn Syrup products

American Rice Foods Mfg. Company cloth dolls 1899-1900s


American Stuffed Novelty cloth doll mark Life Like Line 1923-1930

American Stuffed Novelty cloth doll mark Life Like Line


American Toy Company mechanical dolls 1867-1874 NYC

  - George W. Brown & J. E. Stevens, mechanical toys &

walking dolls using William Farr Goodwin's 1868 patent

American Toy Works Company 1871, see Clay & Clarke

Amsco Toy Company 1950s-1984, now Hasbro

Anchor Toy Corporation doll mark anchor symbol 1924

Anchor Import doll mark an anchor symbol

European doll importer


Joan Walsh Anglund pocket dolls, pocket pal dolls 1962+

    - artist, children's book author, illustrator, poetry

Anita Novelty Company cloth dolls 1929-1930s NYC

- merged with European Doll Manufacture EDMA

Annalee Mobilitee Company cloth wired dolls 1950s+

Antique Mechanical Dolls 1850-1900s  

   - Automata dolls, Autoperipatetikos a Greek term

     self propelled walking doll

Apple Dried Head doll, dates primitive to present

ARCO Atlantic Richfield Company dress me dolls 1950s+

Arcy Toy composition dolls 1912-1930+ (Bell Toy)

Maynard Arnett wood & resin carved look Black dolls 1982+

Arnold Print Works Incorporated 1876-1925+

Arnold Print Works Inc. doll mark copyrighted 1892 by Palmer Cox

cloth Brownie doll mark 1892 by Palmer Cox


Arnoldt Doll Company 1879-1930+ Cincinnati, OH

   - Blue Bird Doll clothes, sold thru Borgfeldt

Arranbee Company, R & B 1922-1961


Arrow Novelty Skookum 1920-1950s

Arrow Rubber & Plastics Corp. dolls 1940-1960s

Arrow Rubber & Plastics Corp. doll mark an arrow in a diamond


Art Fabric Mills cloth dolls 1900-1910 NYC

doll mark Art Fabric Mills NY Pat. Feb. 13,1900

doll mark Art Fabric Mills NY Pat. Feb. 13,1900


Art Metal Works 1914-1930 Louis Aronson Company

Artcraft Toy Products 1918-1920

Artcraft Toy doll mark

   - then Artcraft Playthings 1920-1921

Artisian Novelty Company dolls 1950s

Artistic Doll Company - Eastern Doll Corp. 1930+ NYC

   - vice president Mr. Solomon Saltzman, owner EDC

     see the Allied Grand Doll Mfg. Company

Ashton-Drake Galleries doll mark  ADG1985+

Ashton-Drake Galleries doll mark copyright ADG


Atlas Doll Company doll mark Toddles 1921-1922 Chicago, ILL

Atlas Doll Company doll mark Toddles


Atlas Doll & Toy Company metal dolls are unmarked 1917-1930 NYC

Aunt Jemima Mills Company advertising dolls 1908-1910

Georgene - Hendren - Averill Company 1915-1965

Averill, Madame Hendren doll label tag


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