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P.D. Smith composition & cloth Girl doll, 23" tall

P.D. Smith composition & cloth Girl doll, 23" tall

Below is a list of past American antique to vintage doll and toy makers, importers and distributors with company names beginning with S, also dates of operation, identifying doll marks, labels, symbols, letters or initials and some details such as doll names and trade marks when known. 


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S & K Novelty Company 1917-1927

  - and S. Kirsch & Company, S. K. Doll Mfg. Company

S & H Novelty Company 1925-1930s

S & H Novelty Company doll mark tag, USA Canadian Patents Pending Tee-Wee Hand Babe The Living Doll made by S & H Novelty Co Atlantic City, N.J.

Tee-Wee doll, patent Dec. 6, 1927, Bye-Lo like doll


Saalfield Publishing Company doll mark SPTCO 1900-1977

Saalfield Publishing Company doll mark Made in U.S.A, SPTCO on a shield 167


Louis Sametz celluloid doll mark 1918-1924

Louis Sametz doll mark Indian head symbol American

doll mark Indian head symbol American


Samstag & Hilder Brothers 1894-1920

   - Fluffy Ruffles doll, Hug Me Kiddies doll

    or Hug Me Kid doll, Peter Pan Play dolls

Samstag & Hilder Brothers doll mark Peter Pan Play

doll mark Peter Pan Play


Sanitoy, Inc 1970s+

Saxon Toy Corporation 1940s-1950s+ Brooklyn, NY

Schaper Toys, W.H. Schaper Mfg. Company 1949-1986 MN

   - a division  of Kusan, Inc, sold to Tyco in 1986

     Li'l Me dolls 1970s-1980s

W.H. Schaper Manufacturing Company Inc. doll toy mark WHS Inc. Pat. Pend.


Schavior Rubber Company rubber dolls 1926-1930s

J. L. Schilling Company phonograph talking dolls 1943-49 NYC

   - Jesse J. Warner 1935 phonograph talking doll patent mark

J.L. Schilling & Jesse Warner doll mark doll mark Pat. 1998149 other PATS PEND

Pat. 1998149 other PATS. PEND.


Louis Schmetzer 1875-1876 Chicago & Bavaria

Louis Schmetzer doll mark LS & C with a wheel symbol

doll mark LS & C with a wheel symbol


Minna M. Schmidt wax dolls 1923-1930s

Schoen Toy Manufacturing 1917-1922, see next

Schoen & Yondorf doll mark SAYCO 1922-1960s


Albert Schoenhut Dolls 1872-1935

Albert Schoenhut doll mark Pat. Jan 17th, 1911


Schranz and Bieber Company doll trade mark ESANBE 1920

Schranz and Bieber Company trade mark logo Esanbe


Schwartz Toy Bazaar store doll mark 1848-1925+

   - brothers; Henry, Richard, Gustav &

     Frederick FAO Schwartz of NYC 1862

G.A. Schwartz Philadelphia doll mark label


SeaBabies cloth dolls 1989+ Orleans, MA

Seamless Rubber Corp. dolls 1921-1923

   - doll trade name Hula Maidens

Seamless Toy Corp. dolls 1914-1929

   - American Beauty doll, Polly Pretty doll,

   Kutie Kid doll, Willie Walker doll

Sears Happi-time Dolls 1901-1967

Sears doll mark Baby Sunshine

Sears doll mark Baby Sunshine


J.S. Sears 1916 all bisque Jolly Injun doll figurine USA/GER

J.S. Sears 1916  Jolly Injun doll figurine mark label

Mildred & Vernon Seeley 1946-2009

   - reproduction doll molds, bodies, products

Mildred & Vernon Seeley doll mark

doll body mark Vernon Seeley


Seiberling Latex Products Co. rubber dolls 1921-1964 Ohio

   - Disney characters, Bye-Bye Baby dolls

Seigenberg & Sher doll mark Tut's Mummies 1923

Seigenberg & Sher doll mark label coffin symbol with Egyptian bust on cover Tut's Mummies


Selchow & Righter doll mark S & R 1864-1930

Selchow & Righter doll mark S & R


Seltaeb NEMS Entreprises Limited 1963+, Samsact UK

    - Beatles rubber dolls, plus other memorabilia

Seymour Mann dolls 1980s-1990s

B. Shackman & Company, Inc. dolls 1898-present NYC, MI

B. Shackman & Company doll mark label copyright Geo Mac Manus in oval


Elsie Shaver cloth doll mark Little Shavers 1919

Elsie Shaver doll mark Little Shavers


J. B. Sheppard & Company cloth dolls 1900+

   - Philadelphia Baby doll, Sheppard Baby doll

Sherman Doll & Toy Company 1950s-1960s NYC

   - Judee doll, A Child's Sweetheart doll

Inga Shilling-Patterson doll mark Inga 1924-1925

Inga Shilling-Patterson doll mark Inga


M & S Shillman composition dolls 1925-1930

M & S Shillman doll mark M & S

doll mark M & S or upside down W & S


J. Shin Company Inc. dba Village Toys 1980s

   - Ice Cream dolls made in Hong Kong

Shindana Dolls 1960s-1980s

Lita & Bessie Shinn dolls 1916-1920

Lita & Bessie Shinn doll mark Patented Shinn Sisters

   - mark bottom of foot Patented Shinn Sisters

Shows Dolls Company ca. 1950s NYC

    - Funny Face cloth boy with freckles doll 16"

Shreve Island Plantation Julie Ann Mayer dolls 1930s-1950s

    - flat wood or plastic dress up dolls

Shulman & Sons dolls 1906-1924

Shulman & Sons doll trade mark SS NY 1906 on a scroll

doll trade mark SS NY 1906 on a scroll


S - continued above



S - continued

Sibyl Fortune Teller doll Company 1925-1930+

Sibyl Fortune Teller doll Co 1738 S. Oxford Ave. Los Angeles, Cal.

1738 S. Oxford Ave. Los Angeles, Cal.


Silk Novelty Corporation mask face dolls 1930s

Silk Novelty Corporation doll mark tag


Silver Doll & Toy Co. 1923-1924, see Ralph A. Freundlich

M. Silverman & Company doll mark SMS 1919-1924

M. Silverman & Company doll mark My Beauty SMS intertwined


Simpich Character dolls  1952-2007

Simpson-Crawford cymbalier dolls 1904-1906

Skippy Doll Corporation 1960s + Brooklyn, NY

Celia & Charity Smith cloth dolls 1889-1911

D. M. Smith & Co wooden dolls 1852-1885

   - also Henry Mason, Mason & Taylor

Ella Smith Doll Company doll mark 1905-1925

Ella G. Smith Doll Co doll mark Pat. Nov. 9, 1912, No. 2, Ella Smith Doll Co.

    Alabama Indestructible cloth doll mark 1912


Putman David, PD Smith Dolls 1913-1922

   - American Beauty Doll Company

Singer Brothers Company 1920s

Kittie F. Sischo doll mark Tumblin' Tim 1922-1923

Kittie F. Sischo doll mark Tumblin' Tim


Solomen, Mannie & Company wood dolls 1923

E. L. Sommer & Company rubber dolls 1921-1930

E. L. Sommer & Company doll mark ESCO

doll mark ESCO, Sommer & Co


Lewis Sorensen artist wax dolls 1934-1985 Fullerton, CA

Lewis Sorensen wax doll mark Wax Doll Made and Dressed by Lewis Sorensen


Marjorie Spangler Dolls Inc. 1970s+

Spiegel Dolls 1933+

Stahlwood Company rubber squeak dolls 1950s

Standard Doll Company 1917-1960s+

Star Doll & Toy Company 1915-1960s

Starr Dolls, Dorothy Collins plastic dolls 1950s

Stashin Doll Company plastic dolls 1950s+

A. Steinhardt & Brothers doll importer 1910-1919

A. Steinhardt & Brothers doll mark label Marceline The Hippodrome Clown

   Marceline The Hippodrome Clown doll mark


Sterling Doll Company boudoir dolls 1920s-1930s

   - Babe Ruth doll, Harold Red Grange doll

Mary M. Steuber doll mark patent June 25 78

Mary M. Steuber leg doll mark June 25 78

 - patent for sewing cloth stocking to leg to 

   boot, with China, bisque or papier mache heads


Abbie B. Stevens doll mark Georgia Peaches, dates unknown


John E. Stratton China dolls 1880s

Pfeiffer Strasburger & Company China dolls 1851-1881

Pfeiffer Strasburger & Company doll mark label upside down triangle


Adolph Strauss doll mark ASCO, SECO 1857-1937

Adolph Strauss doll mark ASCO

Adolph Strauss doll mark SECO

   - then Strauss Eckhardt & Co 1923-1925+


 Fred F.J. Strauss Company, Inc. 1960-2001? NYC

  Fred F.J. Strauss Company doll mark STRACO

doll mark STRACO


Lewis Straus & Sons figurine doll mark RW 1896+

Lewis Straus & Sons figurine doll mark Germany, crown, shield, RW, Rudolstadt


Strawbridge & Clothier Dept. store 1868-2006 Philadelphia

Strawbridge & Clothier doll marks Baby Helen doll, The Princess Doll, Princess Royal doll

   - doll mark Baby Helen, The Princess Doll, Princess Royal


Strobel & Wilken trade mark SW 1864-1930

Strobel & Wilken trade mark


India King Stubbs doll mark Actoe 1923


Sun Rubber Company Dolls 1923-1974

Sunshine Doll Company 1960s, Brooklyn, NY

    - Here's Harriet Her Hair Grows doll, a Tressy grow hair clone

Sunny-Twin Dolly Company celluloid doll mark 1919-1920

Sunny-Twin Dolly Company doll mark Sunny-Twin Dollies


Super Doll Corporation, Inc. 1948-1992 NYC

Super Doll Corporation doll mark made in Hong Kong


A. D. Sutton & Sons plastic Dedo doll 1950s-1960s

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