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What are so called antique Belton type Dolls?

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Belton type doll 14 1/2", antique bisque socket head face

Antique bisque head Belton type doll

The common characteristic's of so called Belton-type dolls are a solid dome bisque head, an uncut pate with one, two or three holes in the top of the head. 


Belton type dolls are sized 9 to 24" tall, usually a bisque socket head on a composition jointed body, but occasionally a bisque shoulder head on a kid body is found.  Belton type dolls, usually do not have a doll makers initial or symbol in the marking, only a size number or mold number.


So called Belton-type dolls are not attributed to any single antique doll maker, dolls are probably German, but usually attributed to the French.  It's also possible, Belton-type dolls were made in both countries. 


See below for examples of antique bisque head Belton type dolls made between 1870 to early 1900's


Belton type doll, 14 1/2" Sonneberg composition body

Belton doll marked 8

Antique Belton type doll is 14 1/2" tall, has a bisque socket solid dome head with a flat pate with two holes (her full face is shown above), wigged, feathered eyebrows, painted upper and lower eyelashes, glass sleep eyes, closed open mouth, unpierced ears, an early Sonneberg large ball jointed composition body, sturdy shoulders with straight wrists. 


Doll is marked with a size number only, number 8.

Belton type doll 14 1/2", solid dome  head, two holes, size 8

Belton doll flat pate with two holes


Belton type doll 11", shoulder head, kid body

Belton type doll 11" bisque solid dome head, face

Belton type doll 11", solid dome head, one hole, mold 106


The above antique Belton type doll is 11" tall, has a solid dome bisque shoulder head with one center hole, wigged, heavy feathered eyebrows, glass eyes, painted upper and lower eyelashes, closed mouth, chin dimple, unpierced ears, on a kid gusseted body with bisque lower arms.  Doll is marked with just a mold number 106


Note: Belton type dolls are not attributed to any single doll maker German, French or other, hence the dolls are known by the "type" of doll, a Belton.


So called Belton Type Doll Mold Numbers (size) Identified

II, 6/0, 2 (Ernst Grossmann), 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 14, 46/3, 50, 51/4,

59 2/0, 76, 100, 117, 120, 121, 122, 129 (2), 131, 137, 152, 154, 166, 180 XIII, 183, 185, 190, 193, 207-7, 238, 809, 813, 900TR, 3094 1/2, 3095, G.K., Alt, Beck & Gottschalck mold 630, Bahr & Pröschild doll mold 200 series, the doll mold 129 is a character doll with a closed smiling mouth with or without clown face paint, Kling doll mold 166, Gebrüder Kühnlenz, Oriental belton doll molds are 129 or 193.


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