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1920s Bucherer Mutt doll 6 1/4" tall

Bucherer Mutt doll 6 1/4" tall 1920s of the Mutt and Jeff comic characters, from the comic strip by Bud Fisher 1907

SABA, A. Bucherer & Cie of Amriswil, Switzerland made over 160 different antique character dolls 6 to 9 1/2" tall with a patented metal ball jointed body and a composition head from 1921 to 1935.


Some of the personality SABA dolls include; comic characters Katzenjammer Kids; Hans, Fritz, Mama, der Captain and der Inspector, Happy Hooligan, Max and Moritz, Mutt and Jeff. Reg'Lar Fellers; Jimmy Dugan.  Animals figures; Mrs. Peter Rabbit.  Celebrities figures; Charlie Chaplin, Amelia Earhart, William Hart, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd.  Clowns; Koko, Saba.  Everyday people like a Cowboy, Policeman or Fireman.  Regional Costume Characters; Becassine doll and many others.

Bucherer doll mark Made in Switzerland Patents Applied For

Dolls or figures are marked on the torso Made in Switzerland Patents Applied For. Most of the dolls have the clothing sewn directly onto the doll.


Antique Bucherer dolls are desirable and of high quality.

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