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Daisy Dolls, 8" tall, all bisque, strawberry blonde

Photo courtesy of Liljanjan

Daisy Dolls are all painted bisque, 8" tall, black or white dolls have been found.  Dolls have flesh colored one piece head, torso and straight legs, jointed only at the shoulders.  They have painted straight forward looking eyes and painted upper eyelashes with a closed rosebud mouth.  The right hand has a hole in it to hold an accessory.


The short or long mohair wigs came in blonde, brunette, black or auburn.  Dolls were dressed in various gowns attached to the body.  It is unknown who the Daisy doll American maker was.

Daisy Dolls doll mark

Dolls are incised, marked on their back DAISY DOLLS

a doll has been found marked U. S. PAT. NO. D-130785

Daisy dolls are Nancy Ann Storybook or Kerr & Hinz Tile Company bisque doll competitors


Three Daisy Dolls (left to right); all bisque 8" tall.

All photos courtesy of Liljanjan


      1)  Blonde braided mohair glued on wig, wearing a blue and white gingham sleeveless gown with white sheer apron, white molded white painted shoes, (woven flower basket was added).


          2)    Dark brunette short mohair wig. wearing a peasant style sheer elbow length blouse with attached long skirt red with

green and white trim, floral an leaf green and red print apron trimmed with white lace, white cap with red ribbon ties,

molded white painted shoes.


          3)  Auburn wavy mohair wig, navy blue with pink and light blue floral short sleeve gown with pink satin trim at

bodice and hem, white tulle head piece, molded white painted shoes.


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