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Doll Mannequin Miniature Dressmaker Sewing Kit 1938-1950s

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Butterick Doll Mannequin Dressmaker Sewing Kit 1940s

Butterick Doll Mannequin Miniature

Dressmaker Sewing Kit 1940s

Photo courtesy of rosanne3121


Composition non-bending doll with blond painted hair, white painted shoes, Butterick patterns, instructions, base stand and notions packaged in a cardboard box with cover.

Butterick, Dritz-Traum, McCall, Latexture Products, Simplicity and Singer Sewing Machine company and possibly others, all made, supplied or sold sewing mannequin doll kits (1938-1949+).


Doll mannequin dressmaker sewing kits usually contained; an undressed doll 12 1/2 - 15" tall, usually made of composition or a latex material with molded painted hair, painted facial features with a closed mouth, stationary non-bending body and limbs with removable arms for ease of use, help identify a mannequin doll.  Also included in the kit was a doll stand with holes for the pegs on the bottom of the doll shoe to fit, doll sized clothing patterns that often mimicked the current adult fashions, a molded dress maker form the same size as the mannequin doll, fabric, sewing and pattern usage instructions, thread, thimble, needles, trimmings, tape measure and other notions and a small miniature sewing machine, in the case of Singer.


The history of doll sewing Kits is that they were meant to teach and encourage the budding young seamstress, tailor or sewing entrepreneur during the WW II years of 1938+, during which time money and supplies were difficult to come by.



Fashiondol, Butterick Junior Miss Fashion Design set, Jean Darling, Marianne, Peggy McCall, Suzanne Simplicity and Transogram are some of the doll kit doll namesA Deb-U-Doll that looks similar to the doll design kit dolls, is 20" tall, came on a wood base stand as a dressed doll.  Later doll kits in the 1950s used plastic non-bending Dress me type dolls.  Also, a doll head and neck on a base called by the French hat trade; a chapellerie, were sold in doll Hat Maker sets aimed at young designers. 


Addition spellings of Mannequin which is French for an artists dress form or model are; the Dutch spelling is; Mannekijn, alternate American English spellings are Manikin or Mannikin.


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