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Doll Collecting Glossary of Abbreviations, Terms Explained

Useful doll collector general words, doll terms, abbreviations with definitions, meaning or explanations, as well

as French and German doll abbreviations, words, terms, phrases, definitions with English translations. 

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English - Doll collecting abbreviations, words, general terms

ABJD - Asian Ball Jointed Doll abbreviation

Action Figure - jointed posable male character doll for boys

Adtocolite - is a light, smooth composition ca.1916

All Bisque - dolls under 15" tall, made of all bisque material

Alphabet Doll - China head doll alphabet print fabric body

Animated Doll - doll moves with rotating crank mechanism

Antique Doll - the doll was made before 1930

Antique Mechanical Dolls, Automata, Autoperipatetikos

       - a Greek term for self propelled walking doll

Applied Ears - ears are separately molded, applied to head

Appropriately Dressed - clothing fits time period & style

Articulated Body - jointed doll body and limbs for movement

Artist Doll - usually a one of a kind doll not mass produced

Automobile dolls - dressed in car driving attire


BJD, Ball Jointed Doll - ball and socket jointed doll body

BKW - Bent Knee Walker doll abbreviation, jointed knees

Baby Bunting - doll covered in fur prior to WW I

Bald Head - doll head without a crown opening, see Belton

Bark Dolls - Florida craft doll made and dressed in tree bark

Basia - named doll made to support Polish refugees of WW I

Bass Wood Doll - made of close grain wood

Belton Doll - has solid dome head, 2 or more holes in crown

Bent Limb Body - Baby's body with bent limbs

Biscaloid, Biscoloid, Bisculoid - imitation bisque

Biskoline - similar to a celluloid material

Bisque - unglazed tinted porcelain, refers to an Antique doll

Bisquette - durable composition material

Bristle Doll - dances on piano vibration as it's played

Blown Glass Eyes - hollow glass eyes

Bonnet Head Doll - bisque head doll, cloth body with fancy molded bonnet of butterflies, clovers, flowers, Marguerite

Boudoir Doll - ladies bed decoration or sofa accent doll

Breather - doll with open or pierced nostrils

Buckram - stiff cotton or linen fabric


C. I. V. - initials for City (London) Imperial Volunteer (Boer war)

Caracul - short curly lamb skin fur used in doll wigs

Celebrity, Personality Doll - resembles a famous person

Celluloid Doll - cellulose nitrate & camphor material

Centimeter to Inches conversion - 1 cm. = 0.393700787 in.

Character Doll - a lifelike face of a real child or adult

China Doll - glazed porcelain head, partial China limbs

Cloth Doll - made of all cloth, some are called Rag Dolls

Compolene - British unbreakable doll material by J.P Miller 1918

Compolite - British light unbreakable doll material 1918-1919

Composite - term used by non doll collectors, see next entry

Composition - wood pulp & glue doll material

CM, Closed Mouth - closed lips, no mouth opening

Crazing - fine lines on painted surface of composition dolls

Creche doll figure = Holy doll figure Italian

Crown - opening on top back of antique doll heads


Debox - to remove a NRFB doll, MIB = mint in box

Decal Eyes - flat white painted eye base with affixed flat paper decal of the pupil & iris without detail or depth

Decalcomania Decorations - decal facial feature applied to

    bisque head after first firing

Doll - a small replica human figure, male, female, adult, child

Doll House Dolls - small dolls dressed as family/domestics

Dolly Face Doll - a pretty stylized child face doll


Embossed Mark - raised letters, numbers, makers symbol


Fate Lade - Fortune Telling doll

Feathered Eyebrows - brows painted with many fine strokes

Fiamingo - name of Flemish sculptor François Duquesnoy

Fixed, Stationary Eyes - eyes that do not sleep

Flag Doll - China head doll with a flag printed fabric body

Flange Neck - neck ridge with bottom holes to attach body

Flapper Doll - short bobbed hair, slender limbs, 1920s style

Flapper Type Doll Legs - straight, non-bending legs

Flirty Eyes - eyes that open, close and move side to side

Flocked Hair - short fibers glued to head as hair

Frozen Charlotte, Frozen Charlie - one piece all bisque doll

Fumsup Touchwud, Thumbs Up Touch wood - WW I & WW II good luck charm given to soldiers by their loved ones.


Golliwogg, W.O.G.S. - Working On Government Service, nickname of 1800s Egyptian natives known as Ghuls

Googly, Goolies, Goo Goo - roguish look to the side eyes

Gusset - sewn triangle inset fabric to allow movement

Gutta Percha - Malaysian gum tree, hard rubber substance


HTF - Hard To Find abbreviation

HP - Hard Plastic abbreviation

Hard Plastic - doll material used after 1948

Haunted Doll + a storyline - oy vey, see the L@@K entry

Hottentot Doll - Rose O'Neill black Kewpie dolls 1914-1925

Huminals - figure has both human & animal characteristics


Inches to Centimeter - 1 inch x 2.54 centimeters

Incised Mark - permanent mark impressed into head or body

Intaglio Eyes - eyes inset or cut into head then painted

Ivorite - painted clay like material use by Rite Specialty Co


JCB - Jointed Composition Body abbreviation

Jobber - middle person wholesale type buyer, seller of dolls


Kachina - Pueblo Indian religious spirit doll

Kapok - ceiba tree seed pod used for stuffing dolls

Kid Body - doll body made of leather

Labrador Doll - wood handmade dolls from Arctic areas

Lady Doll - adult female doll

Letitia Penn Doll - wooden Georgian type, a gift of a doll handed from person to person over a long period of time, it now resides at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

Lilliput - teeny tiny miniature dolls under 6" tall

L@@K - on-line marketing ruse to get a worthless item sold

Luster Trim - metallic or pink color over glazed porcelain

Lyxhayr - chemically treated nonflammable vegetable fiber


MC - Mint Complete abbreviation, out of original packaging

MIB - Mint In Box abbreviation (in original box)

MLW - Molded Lash Walker (eyelash) abbreviation

Mama Doll - 1920s + cloth & composition, crying voice box

Magic Skin - thin rubbery doll material that darkens with age

Mask Face - stiff cover for the front only of dolls face

Milliner's Model - paper mache head, cloth, kid & wood body doll used as a mannikin for displaying clothing fashions

Modern Doll - a doll made in the last 25 years or so

Mohair - fine goats hair used for glued on doll wigs

Mold Number - impressed, incised number of dolls design

Molded Hair - hair styled into the head mold, often painted

Multi-Face Doll - doll has two or more faces that rotate


NM - Near Mint doll abbreviation

NRFB - Never Removed From Box abbreviation (not even for photos)

Nankeen, Nankin, Nanking - commercially made cloth cotton body doll, made in France, Germany and USA.

Ne Plus Ultra - riveted or swivel kid body joints 1883+

OOAK Doll - One Of A Kind doll, only one was made

OM, Open Mouth - cut open mouth usually with inset teeth

O/CM, Open Closed Mouth - open uncut mouth without teeth

Oriental Dolls - dolls with Asian characteristics

Ozocertie, Ozokertie - wax made from petroleum 1884+


PE - Painted Eyes abbreviation

PL - Painted Lashes abbreviation (eyelashes)

PLW - Painted Lash Walker abbreviation (eyelashes)

Painted Bisque - paint is not baked into object, can rub off

Paperweight Eyes - blown glass eyes with depth, look real

Papier Mâché - paper pulp, glue, sizing, clay, flour mixture

Parian - unglazed China shoulder head doll

Paste head - another name for a composition head

Pate - cardboard, cork, plaster covering of the open crown

Patina - mellow sign of aging

Peddler Dolls - dressed as a tradesman; Costmonger sells fruits or vegetables, Colporter or Colporteur peddled religious goods, Nanny notions, Tinker sells metal wares etc.

Peppering - tiny black flecks in antique bisque dolls

Phonograph Dolls - early talking dolls

Pierced Ears - hole in ear lobe for earrings

Pierced In Ears - hole in ear lobe and straight into the head

Plangonologist - a person who Collects Dolls

Poppet, puppet, pup - doll old English from the Latin word pupa

Poppets - wooden handcrafted Kentucky mountain doll

Porcelain Doll - usually refers to a modern collector doll

Porcelainette - Beck Mfg Co non-breakable doll head material

Portrait Doll - doll modeled after a real person

Pouty Mouth - closed petulant mouth

Pug Nose - small slight upturned button nose

Pupiless Eye - fixed doll eye made of all one solid color


Rare - over used adjective in on-line doll auction descriptions

Repo - Repossession, not a good thing, see item below

Repro - Reproduction of an earlier doll mold or model

Resilles - hair net for Spanish comb

Rub - spot where color has worn away


SLW - Straight Leg Walker doll abbreviation

Santos doll figures = Holy Saints doll figures Spanish

Shoulder Head - head and shoulder all one piece

Shoulder Plate - shoulder portion with socket for head

Sleep Eyes - eyes that open and close when laid down

Slip - liquid clay and water to make porcelain

Socket Head - head with neck that fits shoulder plate or body

Solid Dome - doll head without a crown opening

Starfish Hands - after 1910, fingers splayed, like on Kewpies

Stockinet, Stockinette - soft loosely knitted cloth stretchable fabric

Swivel Head - bisque shoulder head that turns in its socket


Tin Eyes - metal eyeball with detailed lithographed pupil & iris

Toddler Body - chubby child's body doll

Topsy Turvy Doll - two dolls in one when turned over

Treble tongue - a tongue that moves

Tuck Comb - wooden doll with a carved hair comb decoration

Turned Head - bisque shoulder head, face turned slightly Left or Right


Universal Joint - replaced ne plus ultra riveted joints 1896+


VHTF - abbreviation of Very Hard To Find

Vinyl Doll - doll material used after 1950


WPA. - Works Progress Administration, artists cloth dolls

Walker Body - head moves side to side when doll walks

Watermelon Mouth - closed smiling mouth in a single line

Wax Over - wax applied over composition, paper mache head

Weighted Eyes - sleep eyes with a metal weight attached


Yama, YamaYama - doll dressed as a clown


Xylonite - floatable plastic like material used by Butler Bros

French to English - Doll collecting abbreviations, words, terms

Automata Doll - musical, mechanical dolls


Baigneur - bathing doll

Bébé - child, dolly faced doll

Bébé Culotte - diaper baby doll

Bébé Dormeur - sleeping baby doll

Bébé Gigoteur - mechanical crying, kicking doll by J. Steiner

Bébé Incassable - unbreakable (bisque head) doll

Bébé l' Avenir - doll of future, see also Puppe der Zukunft (Ger)

Bébé Parlant Automatique - automatic talking baby doll

Binocles - opera glasses

Boite à shapeau - hat box

Brevté, Bté. - registered patent, patented, see also S.G.D.G.

Buvard - writing case


Caduceus - symbol of a winged staff with intertwined snakes,

    - see Jules N. Steiner symbol

Cartes de bureau - business cards

Cartes de toilette - social cards

Carton Pâte - type of papier mâché body

Carton Moulé - type of French papier mâché 1700s-1800s

Cerceau - hoop

Chapeau - hat

Cie - Compagnie abbreviation, Company

Clauderies - a waddling or swaying mechanical doll

Clouee - clothing stitched to dolls kid body

Complet costume sur mesure - tailor made man's suit

Corde à sauter - jump rope

Courroies pour châles et waterproofs - straps for rain covers

Craveches - horse whip

Cymbalier - doll that moves by a bellow pressure mechanism


DEP, D.E.P. - registered design, abrv. for déposé, depose

Damier - checker board

Démêloirs - large hair comb

Des Bas - stockings

Des Bottines - boots


Empress Poppaea Sabina of Rome - supposed origin of the French word Poupée doll

Epinglé à cheveux - hairpins

Eventails - fans


Gants peau et fil - leather gloves

Garder - sculptor

Gentille Poupée - pretty doll


Hauteur - height

Heavy Brows - usually sign of a French made bisque head doll


Jarretières - garters

Je Dors - I sleep

Je Fais DoDo - chish French for I sleep; found on French doll labels

Je marche - I walk

Je parle - I speak (Mama or Papa or both)

Je suis tout en bois - I am all wood

J`envoi des baisers - I throw kisses

Jeu de nain jaune - miniature card game

Jouet - toy

L'Aiglon - The eagle

L' Intrepide Bébé - mechanical walking doll

Lunettes, lorgnons - eyeglasses, lorgnette

Lutin - goblin


Malles pour poupée - trunk for a fashion doll

Malles pour trousseaux - trunk for trousseau

Marionette - Little Mary, figure of the Virgin Mary

Marottes, Folies - musical doll head on a stick

Marqué - mark    Marqué Déposé - registered mark

Medaille D'Or - gold medal winner

Médallion - locket

Mignonette doll - small pocket size doll

Modistes Model doll =  Milliners Model doll, doll for modeling clothing fashions

Montres avec chaîne - watch and chain

Moufle - mittens


Ombrelle et parasol - umbrella and parasol

Ondine - swimming doll, also a German used term


Pandores doll - 1300-1800s wood or wax French fashion manikin doll

Grandes Pandores doll - large, life size fashion manikin doll

Paniers de voyage - baskets for travel

Pantoufles - slippers

Papeterie - stationary

Peignes à chignons - combs with trim

Pied ou support pour la poupée - vintage doll stand

Perruque - wig

Plastolite - plastic paste 1917 trademark by L. Roger Gault

Polichinelle, Punchinello, Punch - clown puppet

Porcelainite - unbreakable Mignonette by Les Arts Du Papier

Poupard - baby doll without legs in swaddling clothes

Poupée - French word for doll from Latin pupa

Poupée Chiffon - Cloth Doll

Poupée de Mode - Lady Doll of Fashion

Poupée Peau - Doll with leather skin (body)

Poupon - Infant Baby Doll

Prialytine - type of composition & celluloid by L'Oncle Hansi


Rhodoid - a type of celluloid used by Raynal


SGDG - Sans Garantie Du Governement = a registered patent without government guarantee

Sacs à ouvrage - work bag

Santons - saint doll or figure, religious

Ste. - Jules Nicholas Steiner abbreviation

Souliers - shoes


Taille - size

Tête - head

Tête d'Aigle - eagle head


Un chapeau - a hat

Un jupon - a petticoat

Un pantalon - a pair of drawers, panties

Une chemise - a shirt, vest, slip like undergarment

Vivandière - Franco Prussian War of 1870 nurse doll

Vve. - widow abbreviation

Wimpern - eyelashes

German to English - Doll collecting abbreviations, words, terms

Auto Puppen - dolls made to decorate automobiles

Automata Doll - musical or mechanical, doll with movement


Bildhauer - sculptor

Biskuit - bisque

Brettl, Brettlein = little boards cemented forming a 3D doll

Brüderchen - little brother

Brüderlein - younger brother


Centimeter to Inches - 1 cm. = 0.393700787 in.


DEP, D.E.P. - registered design, deponiert

DGMSch - Deutsche Gebrauchs Musterschutz, claim to a registered design

DRGM - Deutsches Reich Gebrauchs Muster, registered design, indicates a unique feature, a little patent

DRMR - Deutsches Reich Muster Rolle, protected patent

DRP - Deutsches Reichs-Patent, German Reich patent

DRPA - Deutesches Reich Zum Patent Angemeldet or German Reich patent applied for


Federdocken - wooden feather doll


GM - Geschmackmuster, a protected patent

GMS - Gebrauchs Muster Schutz, a protected patent

Gebrüder - Brother

Geradhal - straight neck

Ges, Gesch - abv. Gesetzlich Geschützt, registered design

Gesgesch or Geschutz - registered design

Geschwister - siblings; brother or sister

Glocke - a bell (Kling) symbol

Guck Augen - googly eyes that look to the side

Größe - size

Gummi und Celluloid-Fabrik - Rubber and Celluloid Factory

Gummipuppen Spielzeug - rubber dolls and toys


Hertzog - doll distributor

Herzkäferchen - heart beetle

Höhn - height

Höllental - Black Forest


Kasper - clown puppet, German equivalent of Punch

Kaufhauskonzern - department store chain

Kerhof - doll designer

Kindertraum - child's dream

Klappaugen - tip up eyes

Kleinpuppenfabrik - factory for miniature dolls

Königskinder - King's children

Kopf - head

Kunstgewerbliches Atelier - arts and crafts studio

Künstlerpuppe - art doll

Kunstmaler - artist or painter

Kurbelkopf - socket head

Küss mich - Kiss me


Leinwandgestelle - doll with a cloth body

Lithoid - material of doll heads by Nöckler & Tittel 1900-01


Madchen - young girl

Maler und Gestaler - painter and designer

Manivelle - hand crank used for automata dolls

Marienkäfer - Ladybug

Markiert - marked

Mein Augenstern - Star of my eye

Mein Gluckskind - My lucky child

Mein Dicker Kleiner Liebling - My fat little duck

Mein Kleiner Schlingel - My little rascal

Mein Kleines - My little one



    -  M continued above

Mein Liebes Kind - My dear child

Mein Liebling - My darling

Mein Nesthakchen - My nesting baby (Adolf Hulss)

Mein Sonnenschein - My sunshine

Mein Spielgefährte - My playmate

Mein Stern - My star

Mein Süsser Liebling - My sweet darling

Meine Einzige - My only one

Meine Goldperle - My Gold pearl (Adolf Heller)

Metallpuppenkofen - metal doll heads

Modelleur und Fabrikant - sculptor and factory owner

Motschmann Body type - cloth tummy, upper limbs, hard lower torso - also known as a Sonneberg Tauflinge body.


NG, Neugeborenes - newborn baby

Nachfolger - successor


Ondine - swimming doll


Papier-mâché Fabrik - papier mache factory

Patent Washable Dolls - paper mache composition shoulder head, lower arms & legs, cloth body & legs, bulgy glass eyes

Perlbintz - married woman's jet beaded bonnet ca. 1763

Perücki - wig

Plombe in der Hand - Seal on the Hand, Säuberlich & Berlich

Porzellanfabrik - porcelain factory

Puppe der Zukunft - doll of (the) future, or Bébé l' Avenir

Puppen - German for a doll from Latin pupa

Puppenbalg Fabrik - factory for doll bodies

Puppenfabrik - doll factory

Puppengeschäft - doll shop

Pyroxylin - a celluloid like material


Racker - rogue

Rep. - replica, a reproduction of an antique or vintage doll

Riesenbaby - large baby

Roguish Eyes - eyes that glance to side, googly eyes

Rotkäppchen - Red Hood (Little red riding hood)


Sammlerpuppe, kein Spielzeug - Collector doll, not a toy

Schalk - rascal

Schelmenaugen - mischievous eyes, googly eyes

Schieler - doll with googly or roguish eyes

Schneeflöckchen - little snowflake

Schönbartmacher - mask and doll maker

Schutzmarke = German for trademark

Schusterjunger - little shoemaker

Schwenker - German for Marotte - doll head on a stick

Spielwarenfabrikant - toy factory owner

Spielzeumuseum - toy museum

Stoffpuppenfabrik - factory for stuffed cloth dolls

Strandfee - sea nymph

Struwwelpeter - slovenly unkept Peter German children's book character


Täuflinge, Sonneberg Taufling - a baby before christening

Tausendschönchen - daisy


Verleger - doll jobber, sells dolls wholesale

Vorm - formerly


Wachspuppenfabrik - factory making wax dolls

Weinnëede - crying doll

Werfpuppen - German doll with a cloth body

Wimpern - eyelashes

Wimpern Gesetzelschutz - Simon & Halbig heads

Witwe - widow

Wollpuppenfabrik - factory making woolen dolls

Wuschelfrisur - frizzy hair wig (usually) of mohair


z - zentimeters/centimeters used by Franz. Schmidt

Zoll - size measurement, equal to one inch or 2.5 centimeters

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