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 Duchess Doll Face mold


Many doll companies made small composition and hard plastic dolls during the era of 1948-1960s, one of which is the Duchess Doll Corporation.  Dolls are often marked on the back with; Duchess Doll Corp 1948 or 1949


Dolls are  7-8" or 12 1/2" tall, with a slender adult figure body jointed at neck and shoulders with non-bendable legs, painted or sleep eyes, wigged, with molded painted on low heeled shoes, have elaborate costumes stapled to the dolls body. These are also called "Travel Dolls".  Duchess dolls are inexpensive and are often found still in their original box with tags. 

Some Duchess Doll Names Identified

Alice in Wonderland, Bride, Brides of the World, Charm Girl, Cinderella. 

Continental Dolls; Dolly Madison & Queen Elizabeth Coronation dolls. 

Dale Evans, Danny the Groom boy doll. 

Dolls of all Nations; Gypsy, Miss Irish (wearing a dress with shamrock fabric), Morocco, Scotland Girl & Spain. 

Dream Girl, May, Miss Hollywood, Fairy Princess, Miss North American Van,

Miss Tastee-Freez America's Sweetheart, Miss Valentine of 1951, Walt Disney Peter Pan and Tinker Bell dolls.

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Other companies that made similar small dolls are; Dress Me dolls 6-18", Fortune Doll Company made a Pam doll of hard plastic, 8" tall, sleep eyes, synthetic wig, dressed doll, Hollywood Doll Company made lots of 8" hard plastic dolls and Plastic Molded Arts Company (PMA), 7" and larger size dolls, they made lots of small hard plastic dolls and also supplied parts and entire dolls to other companies.

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