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Christian Eichhorn & Sohn Dolls 1909-1930 German

Eichorn antique bisque head doll, 10", marked E & S

This porcelain factory was located in Thuringia, Germany and was originally founded by Max and Albert Eichhorn in 1860.  Christian Eichhorn, we presume was a son (söhn) of the founders and his son Steinach Eichhorn continued the business, possibly changing the original name when they took over in 1909.


At the Leipzig Toy Fair in 1909 this firm exhibited porcelain dolls and doll heads, they also produced bisque bathing dolls and other glass toys. They were known to have supplied bisque heads to the Greiner Doll Company (1860-1938) also a German doll manufacturer.


The Christian Eichhorn doll shown is 10" tall, a bisque shoulder head with a leather body, she is wearing her original clothing; gown, bloomers, shoes, bonnet and carrying her bouquet and the doll is marked E & S.

Photo courtesy of Singram3151.


Christian Eichhorn & Sohn identifying doll marks



E & S

size #

Christian Eichhorn doll mark CEUS


Christian Eichhorn doll mark Made in Germany E & S

Made in Germany

 E & S

Christian Eichhorn doll mark CE & S

C E & S

size #


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