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Gamages General Catalogue cover 1914


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Gamages General Catalogue 1914

A. W. Gamages Limited was a large department store in Holborn, London, England from 1875 until they closed in 1972.  We don't have access to the stores history, so the doll information here is gleaned from catalogue's and advertisements, the earliest we found is from 1902.


Gamages advertised; 1902 Jumeau dolls, Bébé Tout en Bois all wooden dolls, Polichelles dolls, Golliwoggs dolld Dutch Peg Wooden dolls, Schoenhut wood dolls, Dolly Bunting dolls, Japanese dolls, dolls dressed as a fairy to decorate Christmas tress, celluloid dolls, cloth dolls, Steiff felt dolls, metal head rubber dolls, kid body dolls, Baby Pierrot doll, Campbell Kids dolls, Dorothy doll, Kiddieland dolls, Oriental dolls, SFBJ laughing black Sambo doll, Marvel dolls,

Phyllis dolls, Red Riding Hood doll, Sailor Boy doll, Salome doll, Sambo's Baby Brother doll, Sambo's Sister doll, plus many other dolls until Gamages closed their doors in 1972.


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See our English doll makers page, as certainly Gamages carried dolls from any of these companies during the time they were both in operation.

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