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German Antique Doll & Toy Makers & Marks

Eisenmann & Company googly doll face

Eisenmann & Company googly doll face

Below is a list of past Antike Puppen Hersteller, German doll makers from A to B; Company names, dates of operation, doll mold numbers, doll marks. labels, letters or initials, trade names and symbols. Names beginning with Porzellanfabrik or similar, are listed under name of owner or town.  Abbreviation Gebr. = Gebrüder (brother or brothers).


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Doll Makers


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Note:  C and K, C and Z, I and J - can all be spelled phonetically and interchangeably in German and in old script ß equals the SS sound


Abicht & Company 1897-1914 Illmenau, Thüringia, GER

Aelteste Volkstedter Porzellanfabrik 1922+ Volkstedt, GER

    - see founder Rudolph Heinz & Co 1858-1922   

All Bisque Doll menu 1880+ various

ABG Alt, Beck Gottschalck 1854-1941 Nauendorf, GER

  - also called Porzellanfabrik von Alt

Amberg & Hergershausen rubber dolls 1924-1925 Berlin, GER

Amberg & Hergershausen doll mark AHABE, Elfenhaut

doll mark AHABE, Elfenhaut

Louis Amberg & Son 1878-1930 Sonneberg, GER, NYC, USA

Franz Angermüller Doll & Toys Factory 1927-1928 Coburg,

      GER - crying & drinking 1927 Fancora Wunder Baby doll

Antique Mechanical Dolls 1850-1900s

Max Oscar Arnold Doll Factory mark MOA 1877-1931 Neustadt

Else (née Liedke) Arrenberg Doll Studio 1920-1930+ Berlin

doll heads, tea-cosy, doll mark Arrenberg


Adolf Ascher Doll Factory 18925-1893 Berlin, GER

Adolf Ascher doll mark 66543

   doll mark 66543 patent stamped on foot (Linon doll by Landschut)


Automata, mechanical dolls 1850 +



Bahr & Pröschild dolls 1871-1919


Lilli & Roman Baitz composition dolls 1909-1938 & Austria

doll mark Lilli Werksatten L & R Baitz Berlin SW68

Lissi Bäitz Doll Factory doll hang tag 1922+ & HK

    Lissi Bäitz Doll Factory doll mark hang tag

doll mark Baitz inside a heart


Fritz Bartenstein multi face dolls 1880-1905


Heinrich Bätz doll maker 1913-1930+ Oberlind

   - doll molds 871, 1913, 1914

Lissi Bätz GmbH 1972+ Neustadt, West Germany & China

Lissi Batz Gmbh doll mark LB insaide a triangle Neustadt, West Germany


Bauer & Richter celluloid dolls 1922-1927 Stadtroda, GER

   - also called Rodaer Puppenfabrik, Roda Doll Factory

Bauer & Schmidt leather dolls, mold 300, 400 in 1926

Emil Bauersachs Doll Factory 1882-1938 Sonneberg, GER

    - new owner 1910 son-in-law Victor Roth, with the same name

 1895+ doll mark laurel wreath with person inside


 1910 doll marks EBVR, EBASO 1930s+


Karl Baumann doll mark KB 1922


Bawo & Dotter 1838-1913 Limoges, NY, Karlsbad

- doll mark B & D, Pat. Dec.7/80,  Barclay Baby Belle Germany


Bayerische celluloid dolls doll mark W inside circle 1897-1926


Iris Beaumont art doll mark IB 1922-1926


Bébé Tout en Bois wood dolls 1901-1914

  - accepted as French, probably German


Beck & Glaser Porcelain Doll Factory 1897-1930 + Königsee

Gebrüder Beck & Glaser doll mark TPK

    doll mark TPK


Richard Beck & Company doll mark RBW 1903 Waltershausen


Beck & Schulze doll mold 176 from 1883 to 1930 Ohrduf

Belton Type antique dolls 1870s-1900

CM Bergmann Doll Factory 1888-1931 Walterhausen

CM Bergmann doll mark AM CMB

doll mark CMB

   B - continued above

   B - continued

Josef Bergmann Doll Factory 1883-1891 Sonneberg, GER

    - movable doll mold 250, doll body mark 46547

S. Bergmann Jr. Doll Factory doll mark PN 1920


Carl Bergner Doll Factory doll mark CB 1860-1930s Sonneberg

Carl Bergner doll mark CB Germany in a circle.


Rolf Berlich cloth doll mark mitten hand 1921-1924 Charlottenburg

Rolf Berlich doll mark mitten hand holding tag


Emile Berliner gramophone dolls 1890-1894 Walterhausen

   - see Kammer & Reinhardt

Bernhardt & Bauer Porzellanfabrik 1888-1920+

   - doll mold 1377, 1378, 1379, bathing dolls

Eva BeyTra Beyerle-Taubinger wood doll artist 1986+

L. Bierer doll mark mold 101 in 1845-1930

L Bierer doll mark symbol head 101/K Made in Germany


Fritz Bierschenk Doll Factory doll mark FB 1880-1930

Fritz Bierschenk doll mark F1B Germany


Bild Lilli 1950s

Bing Brothers Co doll mark WW 1882-1932

 1917 Concentra a holding company


Bing Kunstlerpuppen und stoff SpielwarenGesellschaft 1921-1932

Emil Bischoff doll mold 3000, mark EB 1863-1892 Sonneberg

Emil Bischoff doll mark E.B.


J.C. Bloedner & Sohn doll mold 1814, 1831 bathing doll 1929

Ernst Bohne China dolls 1854-1930

Ernst Bohne doll mark anchor symbol EB

doll mark anchor symbol EB


Bonn chubby all bisque dolls 1951 near Bonn, East Germany

George Borgfeldt dolls 1881-1959 USA, exporthaus

George Borgfeldt doll mark GB


Bossierer makers bread dough & wood dolls 1781+ Sonneberg

Boudoir dolls 1915-1930s

Resi Brandl doll mark RB Bufli 1923-1924 Berlin

Resi Brandl doll mark RB Bufli


Bristle dolls 1880s German

    - wooden doll dances with piano's vibration as it's played

Georg Bruchlos doll mark GMS 1883-1930+ Eisfeld

Georg Bruchlos doll mark GMS


Valentin M. Bruchlos doll mark VMB 1902-1929 Eisfeld


Brückner & Och doll mark BO 1918-1930 Stockheim


H. Buhl & Sohn dolls 1780-1930s Grossbreitenbach

H. Buhl & Sohn doll mark HBGG

H. Buhl & Sohn doll mark HBSG

H. Buhl & Sohn doll mark B-S 2 Germany

possible H. Buhl doll mark B-S 2 Germany


Paul Buhl & Tannewitz doll mark Tago 1910-1925+

Burggrub Porzellanfabrik 1901-1953 - see Schoenau & Hoffmeister

Theodor Buschbaum doll mark TEBU 1859-1928

doll mold 700


Wilhelm Buschow celluloid dolls 1896-1929 Dresden, GER

   - heads by A. Marseille, mold 126,  324, 342, 370, 410, 990


Buschow & Beck minerva metal head dolls 1888-1930s

Buschow & Beck doll mark


Butler Brothers 1877-1935 USA & Germany

Karin Buttigeig, author, reproduction doll mark KB 2003

Karin Buttigeig doll mark KB 2003 (reproduction antique dolls)


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