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1959-1960s Jolly Toy Jinx doll, 20"

Not much is known about the Kaysam-Jolly Toys Company of New York, USA.  They manufactured various hard plastic and vinyl dolls from about 1959 to the 1970s or so.  The Kaysam name would seem to imply a melding of the two founders names, as dolls are sometimes found with only the Kaysam marking. 


Other dolls have the Jolly Toy (founded about 1950)added in the marking and still other dolls have been found in boxes marked with Nasco Creations labels, another American doll manufacture during this era.


The trade name Nasco was patented on March 30, 1948 of Brooklyn, NY, LuElla Hart's patent book does not note who patented the name.


Vintage Kaysam-Jolly Toy, Nasco Dolls Identified

1959-1960s Jolly Toy Girl doll, 15" tall, hard plastic jointed body, vinyl head with rooted hair, sleep eyes with real upper lashes, closed mouth, has a hang tag that says " A Jolly Doll", wore a white blouse, red plaid pleated skirt with suspenders, white nylon socks red mary jane shoes & a straw hat, doll marked on neck: AE and on back: Made in USA 170, sold by Kaysam-Jolly Toy Corp.

Note other doll companies used these doll number markings - see our Hard Plastic Doll Marks page.

Kaysam-Jolly 1959-1960s Girl doll, 15" 

1959-1960s Girl doll, 15" 

1959-1960s Jolly Toy Jinx doll, 20" tall, a Vogue Brikette doll look a like or competitor, auburn rooted hair, regular curved shaped eyebrows (Brikette has pointed eyebrows and has freckles), blue eyes, no freckles, closed smiling mouth, doll shown is all original including her hangtag, doll marked Kaysam on neck, by Kaysam-Jolly Toy Corp.

Jinx's full sized photo at top of page and here courtesy of Patkan

1959-1960s Jolly Toy Jinx doll, 20"

1959-1960s Jinx doll, 20"

1960 Jolly Toy Groom boy doll, 16 or 20" tall, vinyl head with molded painted hair, sleep eyes, closed mouth, hard plastic jointed body.  Jolly's boy Groom doll came dressed in a black tuxedo, white tux shirt, black bowtie, black shoes and socks. 

Jolly Toy doll mark doll mark F inside a circle

Jolly Toy doll mark doll mark F inside a circle


This boy with molded hair mold was used by several different companies, Dee and Cee in 1960-1961 called him Willie (also dressed as a groom), Willie the Sailor or Mountie, he's 16" tall, Willy is marked on the back DEE AN CEE, the other two dolls are unmarked and came with a hangtag label, see Earle Pullan of Canada who named him Bobbie or Little Mister Bad Boy.   Reliable of Canada also sold this doll, see Little Mister Bad Boy, a Boy Toddler doll and Doctor Toddler doll, all dolls are marked on the back RELIABLE in script.  There are probably others who sold this doll as well.


1960 Jolly Toy Groom boy doll, 20"

1960 Jolly Toy Groom boy doll, 20"

1960-1961 Jolly Toy Hello Dolly doll, 21" tall, Carol Channing wearing a costume from the Broadway musical  Hello Dolly, by Kaysam Corp. Nasco Creations.  (we think this is the same doll used for the Gigi; the Juliet Prowse doll)

There is also a smaller, Barbie sized 11 1/2" Carol Channing - Hello Dolly doll made by Allied Grand Doll Mfg., see the Allied Grand page for her photo.

Kaysam 1960-1961 Hello Dolly doll, 21"

1960-1961 Hello Dolly doll, 21"

1960 Jolly Toy Tiny Tots doll, 8" tall, vinyl head,  hard plastic jointed body, sleep eyes, molded hair with a lock of real hair on forehead, open O mouth, tiny pug nose, doll marked on head: Jolly Toy Inc copyright 1960. 

There is a twin sister Girl Tiny Tots doll as well and the dolls probably came in other sizes.

Photo courtesy of Gran

1960 Jolly Toy Tiny Tots boy doll, 8" tall

1960 Tiny Tots Boy doll, 8"

1960s Jolly Toy Bride dolls or Fashion dolls, 15, 19 & 24" tall, rooted hair, dressed as a bride, or other fashion doll outfits, could be several variations on the dress, marked Kaysam on neck made by Kaysam-Jolly Toy Corp.

Kaysam-Jolly 1960s Bride doll, 19"

1960s Bride doll, 19"

1960s Kaysam Playpal type doll, 35" tall, vinyl head with rooted hair, sleep eyes, closed mouth, jointed hard plastic body, doll marked 4874 K19.


Photo courtesy of Mdh1954.

1960s Kaysam Playpal type doll, 35"

1960s Kaysam Playpal type doll, 35"

1961 Jolly Toy Gigi doll, 21" tall, from the Broadway play or musical version of Gigi (as stated in several Doll reference books) or maybe her movie Can-Can, played by actress and dancer Juliet Prowse, hard plastic, blonde rooted hair, blue sleep eyes, high heel feet, fashion doll, doll marked Kaysam on neck by Kaysam-Jolly Toy Corp.  Also a 15" Gigi doll, she is marked Kaysam 1961.

Kaysam 1961 Gigi doll, 21"

1961 Gigi doll, 21"

1967 Jolly Toy Claudette Hair Styling Mannequin set, 12" tall head with stand, rooted shoulder length nylon hair, green sleep eyes, came with brush and curlers for styling her hair, made by Nasco Creations, doll marked on neck S1 and on the stand; Pat pending A. Nasco Creations.

1967 Claudette Mannequin doll head, 12"

1967 Claudette Mannequin doll head, 12"

1967 Jolly Toy Miss Claudette doll, 11 1/2" tall, grow hair doll like the Ideal Crissy family of dolls, vinyl head with rooted hair, sleep eyes, closed mouth, hard plastic jointed body, made by Nasco Creations.

1967 Miss Claudette doll, 11 1/2"

1967 Miss Claudette doll,

11 1/2"

Some Kaysam plastic doll mold numbers and doll marks:

4012 K6,  4042 K10,  4042 K47,  4268 K3 1963,  4274 K,  4476 1965 Kaysam,  

4769 K39 a drink n' wet baby doll, 4817 K19 a Playpal type doll,  5320, KMade in USA

Additional Vintage Kaysam, Jolly Toy, Nasco dolls not shown

1960s Jolly Toy Happy Playmate dolls, 12 & 18" tall, set of two dolls, both have vinyl heads with short rooted hair, plastic jointed bodies.


1960s Jolly Toys Jean doll, 10 1.2" tall, a Little Miss Revlon look a like competitor, all vinyl doll, rooted hair, sleep eyes, closed mouth,  jointed only at neck, hollow one piece body and limbs with high heel feet, young lady figure, doll marked circle P.


1960s Jolly Toy Walking Winnie at the Candy Counter doll, 23 1/2' tall, vinyl head with rooted short curly hair pulled back with a ribbon into a ponytail, sleep eyes with real upper eyelashes, painted lower corner lashes, closed mouth, jointed walking body, wore a rose sleeveless A-line dress trimmed with black lace, white rayon socks and white plastic shoes.  It is unknown how if doll is marked


1962 Jolly Toy Happy & Nappy doll baby twins, 18" tall, vinyl heads with rooted hair, vinyl limbs, cloth body, Happy doll face is smiling with sleep eyes, real eye lashes, Nappy doll is a drowsy partial open eyes sleeping face, dolls marked Jolly Toys.


1963 Jolly Toy Swiss Miss doll or Swiss Lad boy doll, 14" tall, hard plastic jointed body, vinyl head with blonde rooted hair in pigtails (short hair for boy doll), blue sleep eyes, closed mouth, Miss wore a blue print short sleeve dress with a black felt bodice and ric rak trim, white collar and sleeves, socks, shoes, Lad came in lederhosen short sleeve shit, socks shoes and hat.  Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate advertising dolls marked Jolly Toys Inc. 1962.


1965 Jolly Toy Cutie doll, 15" tall,  Jolly Toy Cutie Pie doll, 13" tall, Jolly Toy Robin doll, 16" tall, vinyl head with rooted hair, jointed hard plastic body dolls, all dolls marked Jolly Toys 1965.


1968 Nasco Jo Ann 36" tall a Playpal sized doll, vinyl head with rooted short hair in various colors, hard plastic five piece jointed body, doll marked S2 and probably S11.


1970s Jolly Toy Pride doll, 6 1/2" tall, packaging information; PRIDE, * SHE TWISTS AND TURNS * COMPLETE WITH FASHION OUTFIT * JOLLY DOLL creation "Playmate for a Princess",  a Deluxe Reading Dawn sized doll clone or look a like, Pride has long straight rooted hair in blond or brunette, painted eyes and eyelashes, closed mouth, plastic body jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips with a twist and turn waist, came wearing various solid color helenca swimsuits with matching low heel knee high boot and another fashion outfit.  Separate fashions were also available, outfits were not given names.  Doll marked Jolly Toy.


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