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Doll Artists - OOAK = One Of A Kind


 Crawford Manor by Cheryl Crawford



Doll and Toy Books, Magazines, Services


Antique Doll Collector  - magazine all about collecting Antique dolls

Collectors Weekly - Antique and collectible information, dolls and so much more - (very nice)

Dolls of Our Childhood by Judith Izen - Vogue, Alexander, Ideal reference books and more.


Doll Clubs in the USA


NADDA - National Antique Doll Dealers Association

NIADA - National Institute of American Doll Artists

ODACA - Original Doll Artists Council of America 

UFDC - The United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc.



Doll Discussion Forum Boards


All About Black Doll Forum board   |   Doll Reference Forum Board

eBay Doll Forum Board


Doll Makers, Distributors, Current Doll Sellers


* Alexander Doll Co 1923+

* Amazon 1994+

* American Girl Doll Co 1986+

* Annalee Mobilitee Co 1950s+

* Ashton-Drake Galleries 1985+

* Bandai of America 1990s+

* Clea Bella  2001+

* Berenguer, Berjusa 1944

* Bratz Dolls 2001+

* Byers Choice Co 1960s+

* Cabbage Patch Kids Co 1978+

* Charisma (Marie Osmond) 2002+

* Commonwealth Toy Co. 1934+

* Corolle Doll Company 1979+

* Danbury Mint 1980s+

* Walt Disney Dolls 1930+

* Dolfi wood dolls 1990s+ Italy

* Ebay Dolls 1995+

* Estrela Company 1937+ Brazil

* Fisher-Price 1930s+

* Franklin Mint 1964+

* Globo Italy 1966+

* Goldberger/Eegee 1916+

* Goodwill Industries 1902+

* Hildegard Günzel 1973+

* Hallmark Dolls 1970+

* Hasbro Doll Co 1923+

* Horsman Dolls 1984+

* Mary Hoyer Doll Co 2002+

* Maggie Iacono Doll Co 1980+

* Imperial Toy Corp. 1969+

* Integrity Toys, Inc. 1995+

* JC Toys 1993+

* Kingstate Dollcrafters Dolls 1996+

* Helen Kish & Company 1991+

* Karito Kids World dolls 2007+

* Kmart / K-Mart 1962+

* Kathe Kruse 1910+

* Katharine's Collection 1991+

    - Katharine & Wayne Kleski artists

* Lakeshore Learning 1954+

* Lalaloopsy dolls

* Lawton Doll Co 1978+

* Lenox Corp 1991+

* Lidová Tvorba 1936+ folk art dolls

* Maplelea Dolls 2003+ Canada

* Manhattan Toy Co. 1976+

* Mattel Dolls 1945+

* Macy's Dolls & Toys 1858 +

* Meijer 1934+

* MGA Entertainment 1979+

* Montgomery Ward 1872+

* JC Penney 1872+

* Petitcollin 1900+

* Pioneer Toy Products 1992+

* Playmates Toys 1966+

   - Hearts 4 Hearts Girls dolls

* Elisabeth Pongratz dolls 1979+

* Precious Moments Dolls 1975+

* QVC 1986+

* Royal Doulton Figurines 1815+

* Schylling Brothers Dolls 1975+

* Sears 1886+

* Sekiguchi Corp 1918+

* Lynne & Michael Roche dolls 1980+

* Rotraut Schrott 1985+

* Simba Toy Company 1982+

* Fayzah Spanos 1986+

  - Precious Heirloom Dolls

* Target Corporation 1902+

* Theriaults Auctions 1970+

* Tomy Corp Dolls 1924+

* Tonner Doll Co 1991+

* Vogue Dolls 1995+

* Wal-Mart 1962+

* Well-Made Toy 1961+

* R. John Wright Dolls 1976+

* Max Zapf Creations 1932+

* Zwergnase Dolls 1994+

Note: All offsite links open a new browser window to the doll makers official website, links verified 15 APR 2019


Doll and Toy Event Show Calendar


Doll Show USA - list of Doll Shows and Doll Events Calendar - email your events to them, to be included.


Doll and Toy Identification Resources


American Girl Doll Collecting - guide to American Girl dolls, retired, current dolls, clothing and more by C. Hauser


Ancient Roman, Greek & Egyptian dolls or bambole made of clay, bone and ivory


Antique to 1970s German dolls, accessories and more by Sylvia, wonderful reference site in German


Antique - antique to vintage toy and sale reference site and toy resources by Brent Harelson


Bawdy Bisques and Naughty Novelties - German Bathing Beauties, figurines, tips on spotting fake dolls.

BigRedToybox toy information - 1950-1990s Encyclopedia of Toys and Dolls, by Don Thompson. 


Catalog ads - 1940s-1980s catalog ads; Penney's, Sears, Spiegel, FAO Schwartz, Montgomery Ward +


Cloth Doll Connection - Artists/Designers, classes, clubs, links, suppliers, by Karen Samuelson.


Dawn & Pippa custom fashions - for 6 1/2" sized dolls by Janet Caudle.


Dollsaddict - doll & toy catalogs, dolls, forum board + more in French (use your browser translate feature)


Doll and Toy Database - Datenbank für altes Spielzeug, database identifying old dolls and toys


Doll Collecting - All about collecting, buying & selling dolls; antique to new, with a value guide by the Spruce.


Doll Memories - 1950s to 2000, Crissy family, Dawn, Barbie collector shares her photos, by Maria.


Doll - all about collecting, identifing Russian dolls and doll art, doll shows, forum board and more.


Dollhouse dolls, Caco - miniature dollhouse dolls by diepuppenstubensammlerin


Dolls from Around the World - International dolls all categorized by country, nicely organized.


Deluxe Kruger Doll House - Deluxe Reading dolls 1950s, grocery store dolls & more by Dolly Kruger.


Fashion Clone Dolls - Barbie, Ken, Skipper, Tammy, Tina Cassini dolls and more by Dorothy Guider.


Jan Foulke - author of Blue Book of Dolls & Values, she may do doll appraisals


French Encyclopedia of Cloth Dolls - all about cloth doll makers in France.


Grand Old Toys - Antique Toys for Girls or Boys, tin toys & more reference website by DannyK.


Mary Hoyer Doll clothes - shows the early Hoyer doll knitted clothing, name of outfits and Hoyer ads by Charmar.


Ideal Dolls 1960s - Guide to identify fashion dolls; Tammy, Misty, Samantha & more by Milo.


Keeping Ken - All the Mattel male dolls and their fashions 1961-present, includes a price guide by Jeff Bek.


Lenci Doll Collector - a wealth of information for Lenci and Lenci-type cloth doll collectors


Master Collector - Lots of collector items of all kinds including dolls.


Nancy Ann Storybook dolls 1936-1940s - identify all the early Storybook dolls, outfits, names + by Keri Lynn.


National Costume Doll Collection - photos, information on souvenir, ethnic dolls in national costume


Peteena the Poodle - information on the poodle doll, frequently asked questions, photos, travel tips and stories


PM & M - German & related Porcelain marks, half dolls, figurines, plates, history + fantastic resource - History of porcelain, German porcelain history, markings & more, another great resource.


Poupée Méchanique - Big eyed dolls, Licca, Chi-Chan, vintage to contemporary. - Wood marionettes, Folkmanis Puppets, and a huge selection of gifts.


Rhonda's Hard Plastic Dolls - Vintage dolls, lots of doll photo's of information.


Sailor Moon Dolls, a complete guide by Yoruno


Sasha Dolls 1964-2001 by Sasha Morgenthaler


Sindy Doll World - Sindy from 1963-1980s another great Sindy site by Lorna.


Toonopedia - comic book cartoon characters information, photos and more by D. Markstein


This Old Doll - 1930-1950s, restoration, shoes, repair, hospital and descriptions.


Charles Edward Turnbull, C.E. Turnbull Dolls & Doll Houses 1895 article by Rebecca Green.



Doll and Toy Museums


Cross In The Woods Doll Museum; religious dolls, Michigan

Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls & Toys, Colorado

Marx Toy Museum, West Virginia

Quinlan's Doll & Teddy Bear Museum & Library, California

Philadelphia Doll Museum facebook page, featuring over 300 black dolls, Pennsylvania

Strong National Museum of Play; dolls, toys and more, New York


Doll Restoration, Doll Customizing

Dr. Toni's - Doll restoration and repair

Krista's vintage Barbie restoration and repair

Twin Pines - Doll cleaning products

Restore Doll - doll hair, OOAK, repair for dolls, tutorials Do It Your Self projects and lots more


Doll Values and Price Guides

eBay - doll completed auction values, prices, worth

Kovels antiques & collectibles - antique dolls & toy values - antique doll values + more

Worthopedia Price Guide - dolls, toys & more


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