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Mattel Honey Hill Bunch Dolls 1976-1978

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Honey Hill Bunch Club House, tree house, accessories 1976-1978

The vintage Mattel Honey Hill Bunch dolls are 4" tall, have vinyl heads and cloth bodies, rooted hair, painted facial features and came accessorized.  On at least one hand is a piece of velcro to hold hands with another doll or to hold an accessory.  Dolls and accessories were on the market from 1976 to1978.


See below for the Honey Hill Bunch dolls


Mattel Honey Hill Bunch Dolls Identified


Honey Hill Bunch Chum, a dog and his bone

Other dolls from the Mattel Honey Hill Bunch doll series not shown

Curly Q doll, a blond girl with a yellow cat, Irish Eyes doll, a brunette girl with clovers, Spunky doll, a blond boy with a frog, Sunflower doll, blond girl with a sunflower.  

Miscellaneous; Rickety Rig and the Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Store came with or without the dolls.

Honey Hill - Darlin

Honey Hill - Darlin doll, blond hair with her pink purse

Honye Hill - Hayseed doll

Honey Hill - Hayseed doll,  brown short hair, denim outfit.

Honey Hill - I. Q. doll, black hair Asian doll with book

Honey Hill - Lil Kid

Honey Hill - Lil Kid doll, short blond hair, blue dotted outfit, yellow vest with "Good" a miniature felt dog.

Honey Hill - Slugger

Honey Hill - Slugger doll or Battie, auburn hair, striped pants, red top with her bat.

Honey Hill - Solo

Honey Hill - Solo doll with his guitar.


Honey Hill - Miss Cheevus

Honey Hill - Miss Cheevus doll with her baseball mitt.


Honey Hill - Sweet Lee

Honey Hill - Sweetlee doll with her gingerbread man.


All photos courtesy of Tara Salvatore

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