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Simon & Halbig bisque head, antique Oriental doll mold 1329

Simon & Halbig antique Oriental doll mold 1329  Photo courtesy of littlemarz

Types of antique Oriental dolls or Asian dolls; All Bisque Oriental dolls; Chin Chin or Queue San baby dolls.  Chinese dolls, Chinese Opera dolls, Japanese dolls; Babies, Gofun dolls, Ichimatsu (play doll), Kokeshi wooden dolls, Kyoto or Fashion doll, Meiji Geisha dolls, Warrior dolls, Royal Personages dolls and others.

Doll Makers of Oriental Dolls

Amberg, Arnold Print Works, Averill, Bahr & Proschild doll mold 220, Belton type doll molds 129 or 193, Borgfeldt, Bru doll marked Bru Jne, Butler Brothers, Chinese 1980s+ blue and white Delft porcelain decorator dolls, Cissna, Door of Hope, Eaton, Effanbee Chinese Patsy doll, FECO of Japan, Gamages, German Oriental pouty small doll marked 55-18, Gerzon, Hamley Brothers, Ernst Heubach doll mold 452, Hitz, Jacobs & Kassler, Gebrüder Heubach, Hoo Choy the Little Goddess of Luck Chinese doll, Horsman Baby Butterfly doll, Irwin-Smith,  Jumeau doll mark Tete, Kestner doll mold 243, Liberty & Co., Live Long Toys Co., Armand Marseille Oriental baby doll mark Ellar and doll mold 353, Marshall Fields, Montgomery Ward, Morimura Brothers, Nippon dolls, Nancy Ann Storybook dolls, (continued below)



Oakhurst Studios, Papier Mache dolls, Poppy Doll Co, Quan Quan's; Ming Ming & Ling Ling Oriental dolls, Pintel & Godchaux, Theodor Recknagel doll mark Germany JK A # R, Scantlebury,  Bruno Schmidt doll mold 500, Schoenau & Hoffmeister doll mold 4900 SPSH, Schoenhut, Rotraut Schrott dolls, Schwerdtmann, B. Shackman,  Simon & Halbig doll molds 164, 607, 1098, 1099, 1109, 1129, 1199, 1329, Steiff dolls, German unmarked small bisque head Asian doll and Yamato Importing doll mold 202.


Vintage Oriental Dolls; jack Built Toys Ginny Tiu doll, Mattel Barbie, Francie and Skipper Japan kimono clothing, Remco's Jan doll and many others.



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