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PorcelaindDoll face, 18" tall, unmarked

Modern Porcelain Collector Doll, 18" tall, porcelain flange head, synthetic glued on wig, painted facial features, stationary glass or plastic eyes, long spiky synthetic eyelashes, cloth stuffed body, partial porcelain arms and or legs, this doll is unmarked, clothing closes with Velcro.  Dolls came dressed as; International character dolls, Storybook characters, Ballerina, Jester, Clown, Victorian, Schoolgirl, etc.

Modern porcelain collector dolls sold from about the 1980s to present, were meant to appeal to adult doll collectors, not children. The theory was; buy it, keep it in the box or debox, but keep it unplayed with, after some time passes, you'll be able to sell it for more money than your original purchase and make a profit.  Dolls were easily found in department stores, grocery store toy aisles, card shops, doll and toy stores and on TV from QVC etc. 


The quantities sold of each collector doll could be large, it's the sheer quantity of all available porcelain collector dolls today, that is determining the current value, as they flood the market place, online and elsewhere.


These dolls have now found their way to; family members, goodwill, garage sales, thrift shops, antique shops, estate sales, etc. and all want to put them up for sale as a collectible, make a few bucks and empty a closet.  So how much can I get for that porcelain collectable doll today? is a question asked over and over again by porcelain doll owners.


You can do your own research, go to eBay>porcelain doll>sold values> compare how many dolls were listed but didn't sell.  Look at the sold value if it has one - chances are most have not had a single bid.  Sad to say, but these dolls are now available in such large quantities they have little to no value today. 


So save your time and effort put these dolls in a garage sale, give to someone who might appreciate the doll or a thrift store and take a small tax write off, remove the clothing and sell separately at auction etc., be happy to get something, everything old is not necessarily a sizable treasure.  Sincerely, Doll Reference


All modern collector dolls originally came with a COA = Certificate Of Authenticity with the Dolls Name; usually stating their fine bisque quality, the LE; Limited Edition amount of dolls originally produced and Design Number for the doll. 


Some dolls may have a marking on the back of the neck, a design number or a tag sewn to the dolls cloth body or a tag inside the clothing if original or doll and clothing may be entirely unmarked.  The clothing alone, maybe worth more than the actual doll itself. 


Note:  We find the modern porcelain collector dolls to be charming, lovely to enjoy, well made, many in pristine unplayed with condition, but, they just don't have the intended collectable value above their original retail price, today.


related link Walda Antiqued Porcelain doll 1970-1980s


Some Modern Porcelain Collector Doll Designers, Makers Identified


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