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Portugal, Portuguese, Bonecas Makers

- Dolls made in Portugal


B.B. brintói doll mark 1960+ in Lisbon

    - cositas (little things), baby dolls & accessories + more

B.B. brintói doll mark Brintoi


Maria Helena cloth wired Mascotte dolls 1950s-1960s Portugal


Hospital de Bonecas, The Doll Hospital 1830+ Lisbon, Portugal

    - oldest surviving doll hospital, continues to the present


L. Moreira da Rocha - Bébé Jujù dolls, dates unknown


Sintra cloth tourists doll - dates and maker(s) unknown




Spain, Spanish Muñeca Doll Makers

- Dolls made in Spain


ASI Doll Company dolls 1940s to present in Onil, Spain

Arte Model Nostalgia Co reproduction dolls 1970s-present Onil, Spain

Arte Model Nostalgia Company doll mark Arte Model SL

Arte Model Nostalgia Company doll mark Arte Model SL


JaTiva Bebe Saetaris cloth doll mark Fabrica de Munecas

Bebe Saetaris doll mark Fabrica de Munecas, 615 Bert Prado y Pons . Sanc Jativa

615 Bert Prado y Pons, Sanc, JaTiva Bebe Sætaris

Berenguer Doll Co doll mark Berjusa, Diana 1944+ (now by JC Toys)


Canary Island rag dolls 1920+


Casa Pagés cloth felt dolls 1920s+ (Lenci like competitor)


Ybo Espara, porcelain like papier mâche dolls 1888+


Famosa Doll Company 1957 to present, Madrid, Spain

Famosa Doll Company official offsite link

    - 1958 Famosa Güendalina doll, 29" polystyrene and plastic jointed body, human hair wig, very high arching eyebrows, flirty sleep eyes with long real upper eyelashes, painted lower lashes, full cheeks, open mouth with teeth and tongue, pierced ears, jointed at neck, shoulders, wrists, waist, hips, upper thigh and ankles, has a rod going through the leg with an anchor in bottom of foot, doll is unmarked.


Fleischmann & Bloedel doll maker; Germany, France, Spain


José Florido Doll Factory composition walking dolls 1925+


Arno Jäger & Hoehl Bébé Badelona doll mark B/00, B/000, B/4 - Montgat, Spain 1903-1920s+

Bebe Badalona doll mark B/00 Spain


Antonio Juan vinyl head soft body baby dolls 1958-present


Eduardo Juan antique bisque head Bébé Juan dolls ca. 1901+ Onil, province of Alicante, Spain - see also Aich, Menzel dolls of Austria


Galia Barcelona Espana cloth wired dancers, matadors 1950s+


Philip S. Heath (British designer0 doll mark PSH 2001-2004 Valencia, Spain - designed dolls for Gotz of Germany prior to 2001


Hosta Porcelain Factory, porcelain dolls 1800s+  Barcelona


Klumpe cloth wired dolls 1952-1970s


La Cadena wax dolls 1908+


Layna cloth wired dolls of Spain, dates unknown probably 1950s-60s


Lehmann and Company Eden Bébé of Barcelona 1894-1935

   Lehmann & Company doll mark LC anchor symbol Spain

doll mark LC anchor symbol


see off site link for reference, see Doll Makers L page for Leconte's mark


E. Llacer doll mark Juguetes Finos, Atocha, 49 Madrid ca. 1920s

E. Llacer doll mark Atocha, 19 Madrid, Spain


Lloyderson Mary Vazquez sweet cheek cloth dolls 1984+ Spain


Macazaga & Idarramendi dolls 1878


Marin Chiclana Cadiz-Espana Doll Factory 1930s, Madrid


Mariquita Perez dolls 1938-1976 Madrid


Munecas de Alba, celluloid & plastic, Linda Pirula dolls, Rosalinde plus

     other dolls 1940s-1970s


N.A.T.I. - Novedad Arte Tomalidad Ingenio dolls 1930s-1950s


Nistis cloth wired dolls of Spain, probably 1950s-1960s


Nugolet Collection Bebé Quality Dolls Company 2002-2013 Spain,

    - "The Quality Dolls Legend", vinyl, plastic dressed bebé baby dolls

Orso Artesania, ca. 1965 La Ratita Casilda felt doll, a cartoon rat character created in 1964 by Juan García Iranzo of Barcelona, Spain


Plásticas Santa Elena doll mark PSE 1950s+ Alicante, Spain

Plasticas Santa Elena doll mark PSE


Jamie Pujol e Hijo dolls, dates unknown


Roldan cloth wired dolls 1960s+


Santos doll figures = Saints doll figures 1700s+


Seville pottery dolls made of crude composition late 1800s+


T.A.F. (Talleres de Arte Fustde) dolls 1930s Madrid


Vicma Doll Company 1950s+




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