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Jessie McCucheon Raleigh painted doll eyes

Jessie McCucheon Raleigh sleep doll eyes, lashes

Jessie McCutcheon Raleigh doll painted and sleep eyes


Jessie McCutcheon Raleigh an artist, first success was from a cast metal statuette called the "Good Fairy", not long after she founded a small doll business in Chicago, IL USA called the Raleigh Doll Company who operated from 1916 to 1920, at which time they were acquired by the Pollyanna Doll Company who operated in Chicago from the early 1920s to about the early 1930s. 

Jessie produced light weight composition dolls from a specially developed formula.  The dolls were created to resemble real children, Raleigh used student artists from the Chicago Art Institute to paint the dolls facial features. 

Raleigh dolls were 10 1/2 to 24" tall, three types of body construction have been found;

1. All composition socket head and jointed composition body with steel springs. 

2. Composition shoulder head and lower arm and leg limbs on a jointed cloth body with cloth limbs attached by an embedded metal spring with hardwood plugs. 

3. Composition shoulder head with a cloth jointed body, cloth upper arms and composition lower arms, and cloth lower legs attached with steel spring joints, sleep or painted eyes, one stroke almost straight across brown painted eyebrows, molded painted hair or wigged, dolls often have a curved hand, thus allowing them to hold an accessory. 

Raleigh doll eye lashes are painted almost vertically, instead of curved, they made boy and girl dolls and dolly face dolls. The doll clothing was made by home workers, early dolls came either dressed or undressed.

Because of the short time span of this business, few dolls have been found and all their dolls were unmarked, (the cloth doll mark Comfort is a possibility) making identification a challenge, however due to their distinctive body construction and the dolls unique look, it shouldn't be hard to tell them from the mass produced, unmarked dolls from this time period.  Early Raleigh dolls were exclusively distributed thru Butler Brothers.

Antique Jessie McCutcheon Raleigh doll names identified

1916-1919 Baby Petite doll

1918-1919 Baby Sister doll

1918-1919 Baby Stuart doll

1916-1917 Bedtime Baby doll

1918-1919 Rose Mary doll

Big Mary doll

Birthday dolls

Curly Locks doll

Daisy Anna doll

Dearie doll

Debutante doll

Dorothy doll

Doll O' My Heart

Goldilocks doll

1919 Helen doll

Jane doll

Little Sherry doll

Lucille doll

Mama's Angel Child doll

Mammy Jinny doll

Marjorie doll

Mary had a Lamb doll

Mary Quite Contrary doll

Miss Happy doll

Peeps the Fairy doll

Pink Lady doll

Poppy doll

Priscilla doll

Rabbit Lady doll

Red Riding Hood doll

Stair Step Family dolls (three dolls)

1919-1920 Tiny Tot baby doll, 18"

Uncle Sam rag dolls;

Sam doll and Shoe Button Sue doll


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