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SFBJ pouty face, doll mold 252

SFBJ bisque head doll mold 252, pouty face

closed mouth, 13" tall, composition jointed body

SFBJ Dolls - In 1899 the following French doll makers formed or joined an alliance named SFBJ; Adolphe Bouchet, Bru Jne et Cie, Falck-Roussel No. 31, Fleischmann & Bloedel (or Blödel), François Gaultier, A. Benoit Gobert, Jumeau, May Fréres No.15, Pintel & Godchaux, Rabery & Delphieu (Genty), Frédéric Remignard, Arthur Wertheimer and probably Henry Ulhenhuth & Cie. 


Later P. H. Schmitz, Danel & Cie (as part of Jumeau) and Jullian joined, around 1925 SFBJ handled the dolls of Béatrice Mallet and Jean Ray.


Each of these doll makers continued to make their same brand of dolls under the umbrella name of SFBJ, who is probably best known for their Bluette dolls.


The SFBJ trademark was registered in 1905


SFBJ Bebes Identified

SFBJ # 301 Mignonette doll

SFBJ, Mignonette 5" tall, doll mold 301, bisque head doll, glass stationary eyes, composition jointed strung body.

SFBJ doll marking

SFBJ Paris doll marking


SFBJ bisque head doll, 28"

SFBJ  bisque head doll 28" tall, Honour marked jointed composition body, feathered brows, glass sleep eyes, open mouth with upper teeth. 


SFBJ Doll Mold Numbers Identified

24 52 60 221 225 226 227 228 229
230 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240
242 245 246 247 248 250 251 252 262
263 266 271 284 287 301 306 Bluette S.F.B.J


SFBJ Jumeau doll mark PARIS FRANCE inside an oval 71 149  doll mold 301 R inside a circle B                 ca. 1949 SFBJ Jumeau doll mark UNIS FRANCE inside an oval 71 149  doll mold 301 R inside a circle B

ca. 1949 SFBJ Jumeau doll mark PARIS or UNIS FRANCE inside an oval 71 149  doll mold 301 R inside a circle B,

if in original clothing, label tag; Fabrication Jumeau Paris.  Doll was made by Jumeau during the SFBJ era.


Bisque head doll 20" tall, "Province of Boulonnaise", sleep eyes, real upper eyelashes, painted lower lashes, open mouth with teeth, wigged, jointed body, dresses in provincial clothing; large silk bonnet decorated on inside facing with feathers, silk flowers and lace, brocade dress with silk flower embellishments with short matching jacket.


Shown in Patricia R. Smith book;  Modern Collector's Dolls 1973, 1st Series, page 104.


SFBJ dolls are also marked S.F.B.J and Bluette

After 1899 SFBJ address is 8 rue Pastourelle Paris

Early 1900s doll mold 252 Buddeur a boy or Buddeuse a girl doll, both dressed in sailor suits

1903 registered trademark Bébé Moderne Le Séduisant

1911 SFBJ registered trademark Bébé Prodige, Bébé Jumeau, Bébé Français

1913 SFBJ registered trademark Bébé Triomphe

1913-1914 doll mark SFBJ Poulbot Paris, doll mold 239 was designed by Francisque Poulbot

1906 SFBJ re-registered Jumeau's trademark bee symbol,

1920 registered trademark Le Séduisant, Bébé Moderne, Bébé Parfait, Bébé Parisiana

1921 registered trademark Le Papillion, UNIS France

UNIS - Union National Inter Syndicale Dolls 1916-1960


UNIS 301 doll marking


UNIS doll mold 301 marking

PARIS, inside an oval, UNIS FRANCE, 301

UNIS Miignonette doll, 301 mold

UNIS Mignonette 5" tall, doll mold 301,

glass eyes, with painted brown boots.


UNIS Doll Mold Numbers Identified





301 Bluette

18 Rue Jacob Paris Vie

306 Jumeau 1938 Paris

Princess Elizabeth doll


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