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Identifying Skipper Doll Vintage Clothes 1971


Skipper Doll Vintage Clothes 1971 - Skipper had twelve new outfits in 1971 and six Pak items.

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Items shown below are for reference

3465 Sweet Orange



Orange velour drop waist dress with white lace trim & white Taiwan flat shoes.

3466 Tennis Time (1971-1972)


White cotton sleeveless dress trimmed with hot pink, plastic tennis racket, white tennis ball, white nylon socks & white tennis shoes or white Taiwan flat shoes.

3467 Teeter Timers



Yellow sleeveless blouse with pink floral patch pockets, pink floral pull on pants & yellow with pink rails teeter board.

3468 Little Miss Midi



Turquoise or lime green tricot blouse, yellow floral print midi skirt, turquoise vinyl knee high boots.

3470 Ice Skatin 1971-72

3470 Ice Skatin' (1971-1972)


Orange velour skating dress with white faux fur trim, white faux fur hat, orange tights, white ice skates with gray blades.

3471 Ballerina (1971-1972)


Turquoise satin tutu with pink & blue tulle skirt, pink pantyhose, turquoise satin toe shoe bag, pale pink ballet shoes with ties.

3472 Double Dashers



Navy knit coat with orange squares, orange dress with blue trim and neon orange Taiwan flat shoes.

3473 Lullaby Lime (1971-1972)


The color is off on this one, should be hot pink lace bodice, pink ribbons and lime green overlay with ruffled hem and pink scuffs with lime green ruffled straps.

3475 Goin' Sleddin' 1971-1972

3475 Goin' Sleddin'



Yellow faux fur parka with attached hood front zipper, yellow floral sleeveless blouse, hot pink pull on slacks, hot pink short boots, pink sled with yellow runners.

3476 All Over Felt 1971-1972

3476 All Over Felt



Light blue or dark blue & yellow felt sleeveless dress. matching short blue felt jacket with yellow placket, & blue cap, yellow felt shoulder purse, light blue pantyhose, blue Taiwan flat shoes.

3477dressed.jpg (9958 bytes)3477 Dressed in  Velvet



White ribbed bodice with pink velvet skirt dress, lime green velvet ribbon at waist over white braid trim, matching pink velvet coat with faux fur trim & cap, pink sheer thigh high hose, white Taiwan flat shoes.

3478 Long 'N Short of It (1971-1972)


Red, white & purple sleeveless stripe or print tricot dress, matching scarf with white fringe, red long coat with gold beads, red & white knit cap, red knee high boots.

Pak Action Fashion (1971)


Lavender sunglasses, red flat shoes, yellow transistor radio, white ice skates with gray blades, white plastic ball, red & white jump rope & yellow vinyl boots. 


Pak Check the Slacks (1971)


Bell bottom pants in several different fabrics & black flat shoes.


Pak Skimmer N' Scarf (1971)


Sleeveless high waisted dress with matching head scarf as shown in pink or in a multi color fabric.


Pak The Slumber Party (1971)


Flannel robe with ruffled trim, white cord tie belt, came in several different solid colors, stripes or dots.


Pak Sporty Shorty (1971)


Sleeveless top with ruffle, short mini skirt and orange flat shoes.  Came in either blue dots or a pink stripe fabric.

Pak Some Shoes (1971)


Three pairs of ankle boots; red, green & hot pink, red knee high vinyl boots, four pairs of flat shoes; white, yellow, orange and royal blue.

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Identifying Skipper Doll Vintage Clothes 1971

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