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Sybil Jason Dolls ca. 1935-1940s

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Sybil Jason autograph signing with her doll

Actress Sybil Jason at an autograph signing, photo courtesy of Cyndi Deimler

ca. 1937 Sybil Jason child actress star

Celebrity actress Sybil Jason - whose her real name was Sybil Jacobson, was born on 23 Nov 1927 in Cape Town, South Africa and passed away on 23 Aug 2011 in Northridge, California.  Sybil was a popular child movie star actress from 1935 to 1940.  


While we could find websites about the actress Sybil Jason and her career, we did not find any site that identified her dolls, so we made one.


Photo above right; child movie star actress, Sybil Jason, ca. 1937



ca. 1935-1940s Sybil Jason doll face, 14"

ca. 1935-1940s Sybil Jason celebrity dolls have been found in sizes 14 or 19" tall (other sizes may have been available), all composition jointed body with a human or mohair wig, tin sleep eyes, feathered eyebrows, real upper lashes, painted lower lashes, closed mouth, dolls are unmarked, clothing is unlabeled


It is unknown who actually produced the so called Sybil Jason dolls.  A doll shown in Mertz composition doll book, volume 1, page 347 named a Stewardess doll, is also a Sybil Jason doll.


This doll face mold is similar to the dolls designed by Dewees Cochran for Effanbee 1936-1939 called: American Children dolls, also made of all composition, but they have very different hands.  Cochran's doll design have very detailed hands with separate spread apart fingers, while the dolls shown here have less detailed hands with a separate thumb and the rest of the fingers together.  


Cyndi has also found newspaper ads for a Dirnl Doll, that is the same doll, as well. 

ca. 1935-1940s Sybil Jason doll, 14" a child actress star

Sybil Jason doll, 14" tall, photo courtesy of Cyndi Deimler


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09-10 APR 2014 - Theriault's Billie Nelson Tyrrell Celebrity Sybil Jason autographed doll sold

09-10 APR 2014 - Theriault's Billie Nelson Tyrrell Celebrity Sybil Jason autographed doll with trousseau trunk sold


Thanks to everyone who shared their expertise, photos, an knowledge to make this page possible.

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