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Identifying Barbie Doll Vintage Clothes 1969 - Barbie got 36 new outfits this year, sixteen outfits from last year were repeated, six pak items and four gift sets.  Julia was introduced this year, Truly Scrumptious and the new "beefier" Ken were released, and they talked, too.

Items shown below are for reference

1861 Make Mine Midi (1969)

1861 Make Mine Midi 1969


White blouse, pink cotton skirt, hot pink half slip, pink sheer hose, pink soft bow heels or pink pilgrims shoes.

1862 Country Caper (1969)

1862 Country Caper 1969


Yellow striped sweater, yellow shorts, yellow soft flats shoes.

1863 Pretty Power (1969)

1863 Pretty Power 1969


Long white sleeved bodice with pink, black and white print skirt dress, black closed toe heels, black pilgrim heel shoes or black soft bow heels.

1864 Close-Ups (1969)

1864 Close-Ups 1969


Yellow with hot pink bodice and bottom ruffle sheer nylon half slip, pink sheer pantyhose, pink sheer bra.

1865 Glo-Go 1969

1865 Glo-Go 1969


Sleeveless red lame` halter top dress, sheer white, red and pink print attached overskirt, red closed toe heels.

1866 Movie Groovie 1969

1866 Movie Groovie 1969


Silver and pink blouse, pink satin skirt, pink sheer nylon hose, pink soft bow heels or pink pilgrim.

1867 Dream-Ins (1969)

1867 Dream-Ins 1969


Peach satin and sheer nighty, pink plush robe.

1868 Happy Go Pink! (1969)

1868 Happy Go Pink! 1969


Hot pink organza bodice with pink satin lining, white skirt with hot pink embroidery, silver metallic belt, hot pink closed toe heel pilgrim shoes.

1869 Midi Magic (1969)

1869 Midi Magic 1969


White bodice dress with midi length black taffeta skirt with sheer overlay, black sheer nylons hose, black bow heels, black pilgrims or black closed toe heels.

1870 Midi-Marvelous (1969)

1870 Midi-Marvelous 1969


White satin dress with lace overlay and pink bow ribbon trim, matching hat, white sheer hose, white closed toe heels, white pilgrims or white soft bow heels.

1871 Romantic Ruffles (1969)

1871 Romantic Ruffles 1969


Silver and pink ruffled tier gown, matching fabric clutch purse, pink nylon earrings, pink closed toe heels, pink pilgrims or pink soft bow heels.

1872 Sea-Worthy (1969)

1872 Sea-Worthy 1969


Aqua cotton midi dress with gold satin necktie, matching tam hat with yellow pom pon, aqua knee-hi knit socks with yellow braid trim, aqua tennis shoes and black plastic camera.

1873 Plush Pony (1969)

1873 Plush Pony 1969


Black and white animal print faux plush coat, matching dress with orange top, gold chain belt and orange plastic rain boots.

1874 Fab City (1969)

1874 Fab City 1969


Sleeveless silver, white, hot pink and black gown, silver and hot pink stole, hot pink short nylon gloves, pink closed toe heels or pink pilgrims.

1879 Let's Have a Ball (1969)

1879 Let's Have a Ball 1969


Sleeveless aqua gown, aqua velvet jacket with faux white fur trim, aqua closed toe heels or aqua pilgrims.

1880 Winter Wedding (1969-70)

1880 Winter Wedding 1969-1970


Off white brocade wedding gown, white net veil, bouquet of five pink velvet flowers, white pilgrim heels or white closed toe heels.

1881 Made for Each Other (1969)

1881 Made for Each Other 1969


Orange, yellow and white plaid coat, matching skirt, yellow ribbed knit shell, orange vinyl belt, orange knit hat, orange and yellow double strand beaded necklace, orange plastic riding boots.

1885 Silver Sparkle (1969)

1885 Silver Sparkle 1969

same as 

Salute to Silver 1969-1970


Silver metallic mini dress, clear open toe heels or rare clear T-strap heels.

1476 Dream Wrap (1969-70)

1476 Dream Wrap 1969-1970


Pink cotton robe, matching panties, pink felt slippers.

1477 Hurray for Leather (1969-70)

1477 Hurray for Leather 1969-1970

Orange knit long sleeve sweater, yellow vinyl skirt, yellow pilgrims or yellow soft bow heels.

1478 Shift into Knit (1969-70)

1478 Shift into Knit 1969-1970


Orange and navy knit dress, gold tone belt, orange knit scarf, red soft bow heels or red pilgrim shoes.

1479 Leisure Leopard (1969-70)

1479 Leisure Leopard 1969-1970


Leopard print long nylon fabric harem style dress, yellow open toe heels or yellow pilgrims.

1481 Firelights (1969-70)

1481 Firelights 1969-1970


Aqua and silver brocade jumpsuit, aqua open toe heels.  Their are two variations of fabric. 


The silver with flocked brocade is the HTF one.

1482 Important Investment 1969-1970

1482 Important Investment 1969-1970

Green long sleeve knit dress, gold chain belt with red flower, white faux fur vest with yellow calico print or solid red lining with red flower closure, green pilgrim heels.  There is also a yellow Important In-Vestment version, which is the HTF one.

1483 Little Bow Pink (1969-70)

1483 Little Bow Pink 1969-1970


Pink satin long sleeve dress, pink mesh hose, pink soft bow heels or pink pilgrims.

1484 Yellow-Mellow (1969-70)

1484 Yellow Mellow 1969-1970


Yellow velour long sleeve dress, yellow sheer lace hose, yellow pilgrims shoes.

1486 Winter Wow (1969-70)

1486 Winter Wow 1969-1970


Orange jacket with faux brown fur trim, pleated skirt, brown faux fur muff, matching hat, gold foil belt, thigh high gold lame` boots.

1487 Shirtdressy (1969-70)

1487 Shirt Dressy 1969-1970


Yellow sheer long sleeve dress, yellow satin under slip, yellow sheer hose and yellow pilgrims shoes.

1488 Velvet Venture (1969-70)

1488 Velvet Venture 1969-1970


Gold and pink brocade mini dress, granny apple green velour coat, apple green pilgrim heels.

1489 Cloud 9 (1969-70)

1489 Cloud Nine



Blue satin short nighty, matching gown, blue panties, coral slippers with sheer blue trim.

1491 Red, White N Warm (1969-70)

1491 Red, White n' Warm 1969-1970


Orange and pink dress, white vinyl coat with faux fur trim, white hat, white belt with a silver buckle, white and faux fur boots.

1492 Silver Polish (1969-70)

1492 Silver Polish



Silver lame` jumpsuit, yellow nylon coat, yellow pilgrim heels.

1493 Fab Fur 1969-1970

1493 Fab Fur 1969-1970


Faux fur jacket with pink lining and gold chain and bead closure with matching faux fur mini skirt, hot pink satin shell trimmed with gold, gold lame` thigh high boots, a pink hangar and booklet.

1494 Goldswinger (1969-70)

1494 Goldswinger 1969-1970


Gold lame` and orange chiffon gown, gold and orange brocade coat, gold foil belt, orange closed toe heels.

Pak Finishing Touches 1969


Silver metallic thigh high stockings, long white tricot gloves, silver belt, clutch purse, white corsage, graduated pearl necklace, black eye brush & eye pencil.

Pak Petti Pinks 1969 


Hot pink tricot half slip with pink lace ruffles, pink felt scuffs, paper face mirror, gold talc box, pink puff , pink fuzzy bath room scale, pink comb & brush.

Pak Terrific Twosome 1969  


White sleeveless blouse, gathered short nubby fabric skirt (came in various colors) and open toe heels.

Pak Sun Shiner 1969 


Yellow, red or green sleeveless dress with navy dots, also came in floral versions.

Pak Tour Ins 1969 


Blue and green hatbox, red umbrella, pink goggles, double strand bead necklace,  red vinyl purse, acid green soft bow heels, and black camera.

Pak Flats `n Heels 1969 


Dusty blue, royal blue, hot pink & red bow shoes, red & yellow short boots, white, hot pink & turquoise chunky shoes & blue tennis shoes.

1592 Barbie Twinkle Town Gift set Sears 1969

1190 Barbie in a blue two piece swimsuit exclusive to this set, plus 1866 pink satin Movie Groovie outfit.

1593 Barbie Golden Groove gift set Sears 1969

Included a 1115 Talking Barbie doll plus this fabulous three piece evening suit in pink & gold brocade print with faux fur trim on the sleeve cuffs, gold tone chains accent the front, gold lame` tall fabric boots.

1595 Barbie & Ken Fabulous Formal Gift set Sears 1969

As well as the fashions this included a 1115 Talking Barbie, 1111 Talking Ken each in their original swim suits, Barbie's 1871 Romantic Ruffles is now in yellow, Ken's 1431 Gurvuy Formal the only difference being a yellow faille jacket instead of the red jacket.

1596 Barbie Pink Premiere Gift set 1969-1970 JC Penney Excusive

1115 Talking Barbie with a pink, gold & white ruffled evening dress pink, pink satin with gold lame` trim coat, matching pink purse on  chin, pink hose, gold lame` short gloves and pink chunky closed toe shoes.

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Identifying Barbie Doll Vintage Clothes 1969

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