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Identifying Barbie Doll Vintage Clothes 1971 - # 1000 series are Fashions 'n Sounds, thirty-five new outfits, plus two gift sets were available.

Items shown below are for reference

1055 Country Music (1971-72)

1055 Country Music 1971-1972

Red & white country two piece blouse & skirt with ric-rak trim & white eyelet lace, white crocheted fringed shawl, red sunglasses, white laced up boots, 45 rpm record.

1056 Festival Fashion (1971-72)

1056 Festival Fashion 1971-1972

Sheer white & lined body blouse, full floral skirt with brown suede cloth wide belt, pink jersey vest with three gold tone button, matching head scarf, brown laced up boots, 45 rpm record.

1057 Groovin Gouchos (1971-72)

1057 Groovin Gauchos 1971-1972


Wild multi-color print vest & gauchos, fuchsia tricot blouse, fuchsia suede cloth choker collar, fringed shoulder purse and boots, 45 rpm record.

3401 Fringe Benefits (1971-72)

3401 Fringe Benefits



Raspberry knit sheath dress trimmed with orange suede cloth, orange fringed suede cloth boots and belt.

3402 Two Way Tiger (1971-72)3402 Two Way Tiger


Chartreuse and orange wild animal print sleeveless mini dress top, elastic waist pull on bell bottom pants, chartreuse pilgrim closed toe heels

3403 Baby Doll Pink 1971-1972


Bright pink sheer nylon baby doll gown lined in pink tricot, ribbon trim and straps, fluffy Pink scuff slippers.

3404 Glowin Out (1971-72)

3404 Glowin Out 1971-1972


Pink satin sleeveless bodice dress with gold & pink brocade skirt, pink ribbon trimmed waist, pink pilgrim closed toe heels.

3406 Evening In 1971-1972


Long pink hostess gown slit in front to the waist with a gold buckle, pink floral print pants, gold tone triangle earrings and rose cut-out closed toe heels.

3407 Midi Mood (1971-72)

3407 Midi Mood 1971-1972


Yellow long sleeve blouse, blue floral print skirt with horizontal pleat & yellow pilgrim closed toe heels.

3408 Super Scarf (1971-72)

3408 Super Scarf 1971-1972


Red long sleeved top, long fringed scarf, red, blue & white plaid skirt with gold chain waist accent & red boots.

3409 Red for Rain (1971-72)

3409 Red for Rain 1971-1972


Red trench coat with red belt & gold buckle, red hat & white boots.

3411 Poncho Put-On (1971-72)

3411 Poncho Put-On 1971-1972


Yellow, white & orange plaid sleeveless jumpsuit, gold tone chain belt, yellow vinyl zip front poncho, matching knit hat & yellow low go-go boots.

3412 Fun Flakes (1971-72)

3412 Fun Flakes 1971-1972


White & hot pink Nehru jacket & slacks, hot pink sleeveless shell & pink pilgrim closed toe heel shoes.

3413 Golfing Greats (1971-72)

3413 Golfing Greats 1971-1972

Yellow long sleeved body blouse, plaid wrap golf skirt, matching cap & gold bag, turquoise knit knee socks, turquoise tennis shoes, two gold balls & two clubs.

3414 Satin Slumber (1971-72)

3414 Satin Slumber



Deep blue, satin trimmed robe with satin tie belt, light blue satin two piece pajamas top has sheer nylon & white ribbon trim, blue satin fabric slippers.

3416 Wild N Wintery (1971-72)

3416 Wild N Wintery 1971-1972


Hot pink felt fabric two piece jacket and skirt, faux leopard trim on attached hood & sleeves of jacket, white plastic belt, knit sleeveless shell top, sheer pink hose, long white hip boots in vinyl.

3417 Bridal Brocade (1971-72)

3417 Bridal Brocade 1971-1972


White brocade A-line dress with faux white fur trim on cuffs & hemline, accented with gold braid, veil and headpiece of white tulle and same braid as on the dress, fabric bouquet of white flowers with green net trim & white ribbon, short white tricot gloves, & white pilgrim closed toe heel shoes

3418 Magnificence Midi (1971-72)

3418 Magnificent Midi 1971-1972


Red velveteen maxi coat with black faux fur trimmed hem, black braid on sleeves & three black vinyl fasteners with gold beads, matching hat trimmed with black fur, matching black bodice dress with red skirt black vinyl belt on lowered waistline, black braid on skirt hem, black shiny vinyl knee boots trimmed with fur. 

3419 Silver Serenade 1971-1972

Silver and turquoise woven gown, with alternating silver then turquoise sections on bodice and same on the gown, silver braid trim on bodice top and straps, sheer turquoise pantyhose, long silver lame gloves, turquoise faux feather boa, turquoise cut out heel shoes & silver microphone.  

3421 Bubbles N Boots (1971-72)

3421 Bubbles N Boots 1971-1972

Colorful bubble print cotton fabric dress, purple suede like wide midriff belt with gold accents & purple suede like knee boots.

3422 The Color Kick (1971-72)

3422 The Color Kick 1971-1972


Multi striped turtle neck top & matching leotards, with fuzzy yellow mini skirt with three red accent buttons on the side.

3423 Night Lighter 1971-1972


Red, purple, chartreuse tricot jumpsuit with long sleeves, purple suede like belt with buckle, & red go-go boots.

3424 In Blooms (1971-72)

3424 In Blooms 1971-1972


Paisley nylon caftan with a front panel of bright green, edged in pink crochet, blue wedgies sandals.

3426 Turtle N Tights



Solid bright blue knit pull over top with long sleeves, a vertical stripe pattern on the fabric, matching leotards, red suede like skirt with long thigh to knee fringed hemline, red belt & blue pilgrim closed toe heel shoes.

3427 The Dream Team

3427 The Dream Team 1971-1972


White lace robe with blue satin ribbon, white sheer tricot gown, white felt scuffs with blue ribbon on the lace strap.

3428 The Zig-Zag Bag

3428 The Zig-Zag Bag



Red, navy, white and yellow zig-zag long sleeve knit shirt, red and white zig zag knit bell bottom pull on pants, red knit sleeveless pullover, red pilgrim high heel shoes.

3429 Cold Snap 1971-72

3429 Cold Snap



Red tricot coat with 3 red buttons and faux white fur collar, red laced knee high boots.

3431 Victorian Velvet 1971-72

3431 Victorian Velvet 1971-1972


Purple velvet with white lace trim with white leg of mutton sleeves, purple cut-out high heel shoes.

3432 In Stitches

3432 In Stitches 1971-1972


Woven multi color print long vest & pull on pants, long sleeve tricot blouse, multi-print shoulder bag with red cord, yellow pilgrim high heel shoes or yellow low boots.

3433 All about Plaid 1971-1972

3433 All About Plaid 1971-1972


Orange and lime plaid skirt with lime green fringe and lime green knit top, matching scarf & shoulder bag with orange vinyl trim, orange vinyl belt, lime green pilgrim high heel shoes.

3434 Fun Fur 1971-72

3434 Fun Fur 1971-1972


Faux fur coat in beige trimmed with brown suede cloth collar & belt with silver buckle, crocheted hat with pom-pom, light brown laced knee high boots.

3436 Gaucho gear


Floral body suit & full skirt, orange vinyl gauchos with brown suede fringe, brown fringe vest, boots & purse, orange felt hat with gold braid.

3437 Dancing Lights 1971-1972

3437 Dancing Lights 1971-1972


Bright print organdy tiered gown lined in fuchsia, cerise lame` waist, & stole, black butterfly choker with two yellow beads, cerise closed toe pumps.

3438 Peasant Dressy 1971-72

3438 Peasant Dressy 1971-1972


Multi-color paisley print peasant dress with long sleeves & ruffled hemline, separate purple velvet bodice laced with yellow cord, a full white slip with camisole bodice eyelet trim ruffle, yellow cord straps & tiny bow, brown laced knee high boots.

3439 Wild Things

3439 Wild Things 1971-1972


White faux fur sleeveless midi vest lined in lime green silk with braid trim, lime green ribbed knit jumpsuit, royal blue textured vinyl belt, Royal blue low go-go boots.


Photo N/A


1497 Made for Malibu's or Sun Set Accessories

Gift set JC Penney 1971


Fun beach accessories; paper beach umbrella on a wooden stake, three scarves in yellow, blue and green, yellow skim board, American Girl Barbie face on a miniature red vinyl doll case, orange vinyl purse with a daisy, brown TV, hot pink and blue record player, two records, blue and yellow beach ball, blue sailboat, red, pink and turquoise sunglasses, orange fins, face mask and snorkel, hamburger on a white plate, turquoise comb, brush and mirror, black eyelash brush, blonde braided ponytail hair piece with red tie and brass barrette,

1193 Perfectly Plaid Gift set Sears 1971-1972


Included a #1115 Talking Barbie in her white and gold swimsuit set plus a red and plaid jumpsuit, short plaid coat with faux white fur trim, white faux  hat, white vinyl clutch purse and red flat shoes.

Barbie Doll Clothes 1959-1963 | 1964-1965 | 1966-1968 | 1969-1970 | 1971-1972 | 1973-1974 | 1975-1976 | Japan 1966-1968 | Rare

Vintage Barbie Dolls 1959-19621963-1967 | 1968-1972 | 1973-1976


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Identifying Barbie Doll Vintage Clothes 1971

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