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Identifying Ken Doll Vintage Clothes 1976


Ken had thirteen new outfits in 1976.  After 1973 Mattel no longer gave outfits names, thus we have each outfits; stock number, description of the clothing and 1976 the only year these were sold.


  Ken Clothes  1961-1967 | 1969-1976    Dolls  Ken | Allan | Brad, Curtis


9127 Blue denim pants, red print jacket, white shirt (1976)

9128 Pale blue pants with cord laced fly, floral print jacket with pale blue placket trim, red scarf (1976)

9129 White pants, red with a USA flag tee shirt, white cap with a shade visor (1976)

9130 Yellow and blue nylon hooded jacket and underwear and yellow pants set (1976)

9131 White pants, red bandana print long sleeve shirt and red visor (1976)

9132 Red pants, white striped tee shirt and white hat (1976)

9167 Red plaid two piece suit with attached red plastic belt, blue dickey and socks, white loafer shoes, brown brief case, Mattel Daily newspaper  (1976)

9168 Baseball outfit; blue denim and yellow baseball jacket, blue denim pants, denim cap, blue tennis shoes, brown ball glove, white baseball (1976)

Ken 9596 Yellow Groom outfit 1976

9596 Groom; pale yellow tuxedo jacket with black collar and lapel trim and pocket flaps, yellow dickey with black stitched ruffle and black bowtie, black pants socks and shoes (Sears 1976)

9696 Blue denim pants, white with red floral print short sleeve shirt

(Sears 1976)

9697 Yellow and blue striped tank top, denim pants, blue knit hat (Sears 1976)

9698 Red pants, blue print short sleeve shirt with white collar (Sears 1976)

9699 Red short sleeve shirt with white stitching and two buttons, red and white plaid pants (Sears 1976)

The end  

of our vintage Kens fashions!


Ken Clothes 1961-1967 | 1969-1976    Dolls Ken | Allan | Brad, Curtis

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Identifying Ken Doll Vintage Clothes 1976

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