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1934 Ideal Shirley Temple doll face, 27"

1934 Ideal Shirley Temple doll, 27"

Photo courtesy of littlemarz

Shirley Temple Black, actress, ambassador

23 APR 1928-10 FEB 2014

Ideal Novelty and Toy Company began in 1906, by 1938 they changed the name to Ideal Toy Company.  Ideal originally produced plush teddy bears.  The first dolls were 1910 Mr. Hooligan and Snookums dolls, both plush cartoon characters.  By the 1930s Ideal had created some of their best known dolls; Shirley Temple, Judy Garland and Deanna Durbin.


Ideal also supplied dolls to other doll manufacturers; American Character, Arranbee, Eugenia, Mary Hoyer.  Ideal dolls are made of wood, cloth, composition, hard plastic, vinyl and magic skin and are of very good quality.  Ideal was first in their industry to make hard plastic dolls after World War II. 

Dolls were distributed by Baker & Bennett, Butler Brothers, W.C. Horn Brothers, Sears and Strobel & Wilken.  In 1982 Ideal was acquired by CBS Toy Company, which later went out of business.


Antique to Vintage Ideal Dolls Identified

1912 Ideal Naughty Marietta doll (Coquette) and Jack Horner doll, 14", character dolls, composition flange head, molded painted hair, painted facial features, painted blue eyes, closed mouth with upper painted teeth, blue molded hair bow or  a depression all around her head to accommodate a ribbon, composition hands, cloth stuffed body and legs.  Dolls are unmarked.  Note: Character is based on German Gebrüder Heubach's bisque head Coquette doll


Effanbee also made a similar Coquette doll who has brown painted eyes, has all cloth limbs, which is marked: DECO or unmarked.   Uneeda also made a Coquette doll of vinyl in 1963 which is a totally different looking doll with rooted hair.

1912 Naughty Marietta doll, 14"

1914 Ideal Uneeda Kid doll, 14 or 24" tall, & 1916-1917 Ideal Zu-Zu Kid doll, 15 1/2" tall, cloth stuffed body with composition head (similar to the Fiamingo head mold), molded hair, painted or sleep eyes, closed mouth, both were advertising dolls for National Biscuit Co.  He wears beige rompers under his yellow fisherman coat and hat.  Zu-Zu is an advertising doll for ginger snaps, she wore a printed yellow clown costume with brown stars & pompoms and pointed cap. Unmarked or marked: Ideal inside a diamond.

ideal_uneeda16kid1914a.jpg (17387 bytes)

1914 Uneeda Kid doll, 16"

1915 Ideal Girl Doll, 12 1/2" tall, composition flange head with deep molded short blonde hair, with wavy bangs swept to each side of forehead, blue tin sleep eyes, closed smiling mouth, cloth upper arms and legs, lower limbs are composition with brown molded boots, cloth body jointed at shoulders and hips with outside disks.  Doll marked:  IDEAL inside a diamond with U S OF A letters in each of the four outside corners.  Note: This girl has a similar character face as the German Gebrüder Heubach's bisque head Coquette doll and the Naughty Marietta doll (shown above), but she has sleep eyes, and no molded blue ribbon.

1915 Girl Doll, 12 1/2"

1918 Ideal Liberty Boy doll or Dough Boy doll 12" tall, all composition, jointed, painted molded hair, molded painted US army uniform, marked Ideal in a diamond on back.  Not shown is his brown felt hat.  Also; 1918 Ideal Columbian Kids dolls, Ideal Cracker Jack Boy doll, Ideal Compo doll and Ideal Sweater Boy doll.

ideal_liberty12boy1917.jpg (12690 bytes)

1918 Liberty Boy doll, 12"

1921-1931 Ideal Flossie Flirt doll, Flossie Flirt Junior doll, 14-23" tall, 1928 Sears ad states: "Americas best known Ma-Ma doll", rolls her flirty eyes from side to side, winks and blinks her sleep eyes, marcelled parted mohair wig, composition head, smiling open mouth with teeth, soft rubber arms and hands, cloth body and legs stuffed with cotton.  Doll marked IDEAL inside a diamond with U S OF A letters in each of the four outside corners.  After 1926 some Flossie dolls have eyelashes, hands are either rubber or composition, legs are composition. In 1929 Flossie's rubber arms are unpainted.

Photo courtesy of Flozdolz.

1924 Ideal Flossie Flirt doll 20"

1921-1931 Flossie Flirt doll 20"

1926-1929 Ideal Vanity Flossie or Gay Flossie, 20" tall, same doll came with comb, mirror & other vanity accessories, available as a premium for Needlecraft magazine in 1927.

sears_flossie_flirt1928a.jpg (50603 bytes)

1928 Flossie Flirt doll Sears ad

1923 Ideal Snoozie Smiles doll - The Surprise Baby, 16-17" tall, "this is the doll that made Queen Mary smile", she had her picture taken (1924) holding the multi-face, two faced Snoozie Smiles doll.  Composition head and partial composition limbs, stuffed cloth body, crying face has painted eyes and tear, smiling face has sleep eyes, two voices a mama and a crier, wore a linen romper dress with nursery figures and matching hat.  Doll is Unmarked Also in 1923 Ideal Greenwich Village Vincent doll and Greenwich Village Vivian doll.

1923 Ideal Snoozie Smiles doll

1923 Snoozie Smiles doll, 16 1/2"

1924-1929 Ideal Carrie Joy doll, 16 or 20" tall,  composition flange head with short arms, cloth body, upper arms and legs with stitched hips, blue tin sleep eyes that also wink individually, closed/open mouth with painted upper teeth, mohair wig. Doll marked U S of  A in the four corners of a diamond, with Ideal inside.  The Carrie Joy doll was also sold as a mail in coupon premium, after you purchased $10.00 worth of goods, send the coupon with .99  and get the $3.00 doll.

Ideal 1924-1929 Carrie Joy doll 20"

1924-1929 Carrie Joy doll, 20"

1924 Ideal Twinkie Doll, 13 1/2" tall, Twinkies Specialty doll, composition flange head, celluloid hands, cloth stuffed felt body, molded painted hair with single curl on forehead, individually rocking, flirting sleep eyes, apple cheeks, closed smiling watermelon mouth.  Wears a felt vest with seven tinkling bells on points, felt shoes.  Doll marked Genuine Twinkie Doll Copyr 1916 Eyes Pat. Twinkies Specialty inside a circle.  (date is for the special rocking, flirting Ideal eye mechanism patent).  Twinkies Specialty Company doll.

1924 Ideal Twinkie Doll, 13 1/2"

1924 Ideal Twinkie Doll, 13 1/2"

1926 Ideal Suck-a-Thumb Baby doll, 13-15" tall, composition head, cloth body and legs, soft rubber arms, molded hair, open mouth to accept a pacifier, "She cries, sleeps and enjoys her pacifier", wore an white organdy dress.  Doll marked Ideal inside a diamond, U S OF A in outside corners.  1926-1930 Ideal Baby Smiles doll or Ideal Smiles doll, same as above doll, now with flirty eyes, doll sold thru Borgfeldt.  In 1930+ this doll was renamed Tickletoes, see doll shown below.

1926 Sears Ideal Suck-a-Thumb Baby doll ad

1926 Suck-A-Thumb Baby doll ad

sears_cuddles1928ad.jpg (31393 bytes)1928-1940 Ideal Cuddles doll or Ideal Sally-kins doll, 14-27" tall, composition head, arms, legs (some limbs are rubber), cloth kapok stuffed body, molded painted hair, tin flirty sleep eyes, painted eye lashes, open mouth with two upper, two lower teeth, tongue, mama crier, wore an organdy dress, bonnet and rubber panties, (Little Sister has flannel diapers).  Cuddles doll mark I.N. & T. C. or Ideal Doll Made in U.S.A.   Sally-kins doll mark I.N. & T. CO.

1928-1940 Ideal Cuddles doll or Sally-kins doll 26"

1928-1940 Cuddles doll 26"

1928 Ideal Peter Pan doll, 16 1/2 & 18", stuffed felt body with green jerkin, cap & shoes, composition head and hands, molded blond hair, tin sleep eyes, marked: Ideal inside a diamond.  Same doll dressed in orange was the Orange Juice advertising doll.

ideal_peter18pan1929.jpg (15742 bytes)

1928 Peter Pan doll, 18"

1930-1939 Ideal Tickletoes doll, 14, 16, 19 1/2,  21 or 24" tall, composition flange head lightly molded hair, rubber arms and straight legs (in 1927 this head mold was called Baby Smiles if she has bent stuffed cloth legs), stuffed kapok cloth body, tilting turning head, flirty sleep winking eyes, open mouth with painted teeth, cheek dimples.  Doll has three different cry boxes; in each leg and in the tummy.  Originally wore an organdy dress with rubber panties, matching bonnet and shoes with socks and a pacifier. Doll can be marked: Ideal in a diamond with USA on the four outside corners, or 82 Ideal Doll Made in USAIn 1931-1934 (maybe longer) Ideal Curly Tickletoes doll, came with a curly wig of imported fur that can be washed, wore a romper with embroidered collar, belt with celluloid buckle, cotton flannel vest and rubber panties.         See the Spiegel page for ad photo.

1930-1939 Ideal Tickletoes doll 16"

1930-1934 Tickletoes doll 16"


About 1934 Ideal Tickletoes head mold has more pronounced molded curls on the forehead doll mark Ideal USA inside a diamond.

1931-1934 Ideal Ticklette doll or Ideal Little Tickletoes doll, 13" tall, little sister to Tickletoes doll, composition head, soft rubber arms and legs, voice crier in each leg, separate squeaker in body, sleep eyes, wore an organdy dress with bonnet.

sears_ideal13ticklette1931.jpg (30750 bytes)

1931 Ticklette doll ad

ideal_honeysuckle_ad.jpg (13261 bytes)

1932-1938 Ideal Honeysuckle doll, 11 1/2 -16 1/2" tall, hard rubber head, soft rubber body, flirty rolling sleep eyes, drink wet doll, squeaker voice box in legs, can feel the dolls ribs, additional 10 piece layette available separately.

1933-1934 Ideal Snoozie doll, 17-22" tall, composition flange head, molded painted blonde hair, celluloid or tin sleep eyes, pierced nostrils, open yawning mouth with two upper teeth, metal tongue, cloth body and partial upper arms and legs, rubber lower arms and composition lower legs, doll marked © B. Lipfert or By B. Lipfert.

1933-1934 Snoozie doll, 17"

1933-1934 Snoozie doll, 17"


1934+ Ideal Betsy Wetsy doll.  Ideal Betsy Wetsy doll.  1937 Sears ad1937 Sears ad reads;  New! Betsy Wetsy doll, No Finer Rubber Babies At Any Price. She's rubber and Loves a Bath, Her beautiful head, unbreakable Idenite (hard rubber), has pretty molded hair, sleeping eyes, real eyelashes, Lacy dress, bonnet, slip, socks, booties, three diapers, shirt, bottle, nipple, safety pins, clothes pins, powder puff, sponge, washcloth, soap.  12 1/2" bent leg doll, 21 piece layette, in wood frame three door chest, $4.98. 

14 1/2" bent leg doll, 23 piece layette, in hinged cover, "Airplane" O'Nite kit, can of talcum and baby bunting, striped case, $4.98. 

12" straight leg doll, 21 piece layette, in hinged cover, "Airplane" O'Nite kit, striped case, travel labels, lock, $2.98.


1937 Ideal Betsy Wetsy doll,

a Drink and wet, rubber baby doll 12, 12 1/2, 14 1/2".


All idenite rubber doll, molded hair, sleep eyes, real eyelashes, open nurser mouth for bottle. bent baby legs or straight legs.

Effanbee Dy-Dee baby competitor.


ca. 1934-1937 Ideal Ginger doll, 13 - 27" tall, used the same composition jointed body as the later Shirley Temple dolls, Ginger has a dimple in the chin, tin or glass blue or brown sleep eyes and arms sometimes made of rubber.  Doll is unmarked or there maybe a faint marking, like the Shirley dolls, this was perhaps done so Ideal would not need to pay royalties to Shirley Temple. The 13" Ginger doll is marked on head Ideal Made in USA and on her back USA 13.


Photo courtesy of Dollsisme, Ginger doll as shown is all original and was handed down from her loving Aunt Leona. Ginger Lee as she was called, is 21" tall, all composition with flirty glacé sleep eyes open mouth with her trademark dimple in her chin and original ringlet curled wig.  Also, wearing her original dress, hat, panties, socks, shoes, box and hangtag as well.  Beautiful!


1934-1937 Ginger doll, 21" tall

ca. 1934-1937 Ginger doll, 21"

1934-1940 Ideal Shirley Temple doll, 11", 13 1/2", 16", 17", 18", 20", 22", 25" & 27" tall, celebrity doll, all composition jointed body, wigged with 52 ringlet curls in shades of blonde, hazel glass-like sleep eyes, real eyelashes, painted lower lashes, dimples in both cheeks, open smiling mouth with six teeth, came in outfits that were replicas from Shirley's movies, designed by Mollye Goldman (1934-1936), all the dolls came with a Shirley photo and pin  Doll marks on head: Shirley Temple Ideal Nov. & Toy Co.  on back Shirley Temple. Shirley Temple in an arch.  Shirley Temple in an arch Ideal N.& T.Co.  Shirley Temple a diamond with Ideal inside.

sears_shirley_temple_1935ad1.jpg (37581 bytes)

1935 Sears Shirley Temple

doll  ad

1934 Ideal Shirley Temple doll, 16" tall, all composition jointed body, wigged with 52 ringlet curls in shades of blonde, hazel glass-like sleep eyes, real eyelashes, painted lower lashes, dimples in both cheeks, open smiling mouth with six teeth, in original clothing, dressed in "Baby Take a Bow" white with red polka dots.

shirley_temple16ideal1934.jpg (20987 bytes)

1934 Shirley Temple doll, 16"

1934 Ideal Shirley Temple doll, 18" tall, all composition, wigged, hazel sleep eyes, dimples in both cheeks, open smiling mouth, think the clothing is Mommy made, but of a style that Shirley wore.  Marked on head:  Cop Ideal N & T Co (this is the early prototype marking).

shirley17templecopmark_ideal30s.jpg (34941 bytes)

ca. 1934 Shirley Temple doll, 18"

Sears Ideal Shirley Temple baby doll ad 19351935 Ideal Shirley Temple Baby doll, 15 1/2-16, 18, 20- 22, 25 & 27" tall, Sears Exclusive - composition shoulder plate head with composition or rubber arms and composition lower legs, molded hair with/without a wig, cloth kapok stuffed body, hazel glass-like flirty sleep eyes, open mouth with tongue and teeth, those famous dimples on her cheeks, came wearing an organdy dress with matching bonnet.  Marked on head: Shirley Temple.  

1935 Ideal Shirley Temple Baby Doll 15 1/2"

1935 Shirley Temple Baby Doll 15 1/2"

1935-1947 Ideal Little Princess, Pigtails or Pigtail Sally and Cinderella dolls, 13, 14, 16, 18, 20 or 25" tall or Betty Jane, Mary Jane or Miss America, 15, 16, 18, 20 & 22" tall, all composition with sleep eyes, closed or open mouth with four teeth, wigged.  Some of these dolls are unmarked.  Cinderella 13 1/2" tall is marked on back Shirley Temple 13 or unmarked.  Cinderella 18" is marked on head Shirley Temple and on back Shirley Temple 18.  Cinderella 22" tall is marked on head: Ideal inside a diamond USA, on back 22 backwards Ideal USA.

1935-1947 Pigtail Sally doll, 18"

1936 Ideal Suzette an I-De-Lite Doll or Lifetime Doll, 12, 14, 16" tall, Shirley Temple look a like doll without the dimples, all Idenite a hard rubber material (much heavier than composition) jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips, celluloid sleep eyes, open mouth with two upper teeth, has molded hair under the mohair wig.  Doll is unmarked.

1936 Ideal Suzette, I-De-Lite, Lifetime doll, 16"

1936 Ideal Suzette, I-De-Lite, Lifetime doll, 16"

1938+ Ideal Baby Snooks doll, Fanny Brice, 12" tall, celebrity doll, (designed by Cameo's Joseph Kallus) flexy doll with wire mesh torso and a metal cable thru arms & legs. Shown in original clothing (two piece outfit came in various print fabrics). Marked: IDEAL DOLL.  Other Ideal flexy character dolls were: Soldier, Mortimer Snerd (shown below), Sunny Sue, Sunny Sam, Black Flexy and a Clown Flexy.

ideal_fanny12brice.jpg (20365 bytes)

1938 Baby Snooks doll, 12"

1938+ Ideal Mortimer Snerd doll, (Edgar Bergen's dummy) 12" tall, flexy doll with wire mesh torso and a metal cable thru arms & legs.  Shown in original clothing.  Marked:  IDEAL DOLL Made in USA

ideal_mortimer12snerd1938.jpg (21055 bytes)

1938 Mortimer Snerd doll, 12"

1938-1939 Ideal Cinderella doll, 13" tall, all composition flirty sleep eyes, dressed in a formal.  Some are marked others are unmarked, used the Shirley Temple body mold, so some may be marked like the Shirley dolls, some dolls have flirty side to side glancing eyes.  Cinderella is marked on back Shirley Temple 13 or unmarked.

ideal_cinderella1935.jpg (13810 bytes)

1938-1939 Cinderella doll, 13"



ideal_deanna15durbin1938floz.jpg (9614 bytes)1938-1941 Ideal Deanna Durbin doll, 21 & 24-25" tall (only produced in 1938). 1939-1941 she came in sizes 14-15" & 18" tall, celebrity doll, Deanna was a teenage movie star and singer of radio & TV.  All composition jointed body, brown sleep eyes, brown human hair wig, dimples, open smiling mouth with six teeth.  Came in several different outfits.  Marked on head:  Deanna Durbin Ideal Doll, USA. The 15" tall size doll shown on left, has been found with the Mayfair twist waist, walker body and the Deanna head mold.             Photo on left, courtesy of Flozdolz.


1941 Deanna Durbin 21"

1938 Deanna Durbin doll, 21"

1938 Ideal Dorothy, Judy Garland doll Wizard of Oz, 16 or 18" tall, celebrity doll, all composition jointed body, brown sleep eyes, open smiling mouth with four teeth, human hair brown braided wig, dressed in original blue and white gingham dress over a white blouse, socks and shoes.  Marked on head:  Ideal Doll on back: 18 Ideal Doll Made in USA. 

ideal_judy18garland1939.jpg (10593 bytes)

1938 Dorothy doll, 18"

1938 Ideal Snow White doll, based on the character in the Walt Disney movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, they made three dolls; one used the Shirley Temple mold, is 11" tall,  all composition with black mohair wig hair, she has dimples in her cheeks not her chin.

Photo courtesy of Patkan.


The 14-19" tall Ideal Snow White doll is composition with molded hair and a 16" tall all cloth Ideal Snow White doll has a painted mask face.  All the dolls wore a similar long dress in white with red or blue bodice, with her name imprinted on the skirt bottom "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.



1938 Ideal Snow White doll 11"

1938 Snow White doll, 11"

ideal_snow19cloth_patkan.jpg (8767 bytes)1938 Ideal Snow White doll, 19" tall, stuffed cloth body construction, molded painted black hair, painted red ribbon.  


Photo courtesy of Patkan.

ideal_snow19molded_stephanie.jpg (17565 bytes) 1938 Ideal Snow White doll, 19" tall, cloth stuffed body with black molded painted hair, painted blue ribbon.  Blue and white dress. 

Photo courtesy of Stephanie.

ideal_snow_cloth_patkan.jpg (12997 bytes)

1938 Snow White doll, 16" this is the cloth doll with painted mask face, was a set with the seven Dwarfs, 12".  

Photo courtesy of Patkan.



Ideal 1939 Princess Beatrix right clenched fist1939 Ideal Princess Beatrix doll, 16-22" tall, composition flange head, full arms that rotate at the shoulders and bent legs to above the knees, cloth body and upper legs, stitched hips, molded painted curly cue dark brown hair, flirty sleep Magic eyes that move side to side, closed mouth, with clenched fist hands.  Doll marked Ideal Made in USA.  This doll head mold was also used by other doll makers including a Sayco marked doll and an unidentified company whose doll is unmarked


Note; Baby Georgene made by Averill, also has the full composition arms with clenched fist hands.


1939 Ideal Princess Beatrix doll, 18"

1939 Princess Beatrix doll, 18"

1939-1940 Ideal Hawaiian Shirley Temple doll, Marama doll, 13 or 18" tall, black doll, Hawaiian black Shirley Temple doll, used the Shirley Temple head and body mold, all composition, sleep eyes, black yarn hair, open mouth, dressed in a Hawaiian outfit of a green grass hula skirt, floral top and flower like leis.  Doll was nic-named Marama by doll collectors based on the character in the 1937 movie "The Hurricane" (which Shirley was not in, the Marama character was actually played by Dorothy Lamour).  The 13" doll is marked: Ideal 13 or on back: Shirley Temple.

Ideal 1939-1940 Hawaiian Shirley Temple doll

1939 Hawaiian

Marama doll 13"

black Shirley Temple Doll

1939 Ideal Coquette doll, 9 or 11" tall, all composition, jointed, painted molded hair, (larger size had a wig instead of molded hair), painted side glancing eyes came in short or long gown.  Marked on back: backwards 9 Ideal Doll. The 11" tall doll was also used in the Gulliver's Travels series as Princess Glory, based on the movie by Paramount Pictures.

ideal_coquette9_1939.jpg (10619 bytes)

1939 Coquette doll, 9"

ideal13marked_twist_mayfair_fa.jpg (9785 bytes)


1939 Ideal Mayfair doll, 15, 18, 21 & 25" tall, all composition sleep eyes, wigged, jointed body with double twist waist, one arm is bent.  The 15" size body was also used by the Mary Hoyer Doll company.  The 15" size is marked with the number 13 on back. The 15" Deanna Durbin doll and a Russian boy used this same body with a twist waist, too.

ideal13marked_twist_mayfairdo.jpg (14069 bytes)ideal13marked_twist_mayfair_bo.jpg (10328 bytes)

1939 Mayfair doll, 15"

Ideal_king_little1.jpg (9160 bytes)


1939-1940 Ideal Composition and Wood character dolls: (shown at left)  King Little 14", Jimmy Cricket 10 1/2", (shown on right) Gabby 13", Pinocchio 11" and Superman 14" tall.  Wood figures are usually marked Des. & Copyright, by Character name, Made by Ideal Novelty & Toy Co.

ideal_gabby.jpg (10857 bytes)

1939 Gabby doll, 13"

1939-1944 Ideal Bride doll, 15" tall, all composition, jointed, sleep eyes, wigged in several colors, open mouth with four upper teeth, wore a bridal outfit, marked on head: X within a circle. May see a faint Shirley Temple marking on back.

ideal_bride15x1939.jpg (10163 bytes)

1939-1944 Bride doll, 15" 

Additional antique Ideal dolls not shown

1910 Ideal Mr. Hooligan doll, 21" tall, composition papier mache head, painted facial features, closed smiling mouth, cloth plush body & limbs in brown, blue & white fur.  Mr. Hooligan is a comic character from the Happy Hooligan cartoon created by Frederich Burr Opper.  Doll marked: A cross like symbol with Ideal on the horizontal crossbar and Unbreakable written vertically down the post.


1910 Ideal Baby Snookums doll, 14" tall, composition papier mache head, molded painted top knot in front and back, painted facial features, single dot for eye, wide open mouth with one tooth, tan plush body and jointed limbs, tan felt mitten hands and felt boots. Baby Snookums is a comic character from The Newlyweds cartoon created by George McManus.  Doll is unmarked.


1911 Ideal Baby Mine Doll and Doll Muff, 12" doll, muff is 7 x 13", doll is all composition jointed at shoulders & hips with steel springs, body & head are one piece, painted lightly molded hair, painted eyes, no painted lashes, closed painted mouth, doll marked: Ideal Baby Mine.  Doll Muff is a celluloid mask face of a different mold than the same named doll, painted facial features, molded painted blonde bangs, closed mouth, muff body, hood, partial arms & stitched legs are unstuffed mohair, with celluloid or composition mitten hands & feet, muff doll marked: Ideal baby Mine Trademark U.S. Pat. 41179 Doll Muff.  Made by special permission of Margaret Mayo (born: Lillian Elizabeth Slatten 1882-1951), playwright who originated the "Baby Mine" comedy.  Also, 1911 Ideal Dandy Kid doll and Ty Cobb doll.


1912 Ideal Fan Kid doll, 11 1/2, 14" tall, composition flange head and lower arms, cloth body, upper arms and red striped socks with black shoes cloth legs, jointed with inside disks, molded painted hair, painted blue eyes, closed mouth, doll is unmarked, dressed in a baseball uniform.  Also, 1912 Ideal Russian Boy doll and Ideal Captain Jinks doll.


1913 Ideal Arctic Boy, Baby Bettie or Baby Betty, Baby Marion doll, The Country Cousins; Freddie and Flora dolls, Tiny Toddler dolls, 15, 17" tall (possibly other sizes), composition flange head, lower arms and bent lower legs, cloth body upper arms and upper legs jointed with inside disks, molded painted striated hair, painted eyes, open or closed mouth, dolls are all unmarked.


1914 Ideal Admiral Dot doll, composition, portrait sailor boy doll, based on the Barnum and Bailey circus.  Ideal Baby Bunting doll, is as large as a real baby, composition and cloth.  Ideal Baby Lolo doll, Ideal Baby Paula doll and Ideal Little Princess doll, composition and cloth dolls. 


1914-1915 Ideal Bronco Bill doll, 13", Ideal Farmer Kids doll, 15" tall, composition flange head with molded painted hair, painted eyes, puckered mouth without a hole, composition lower arms and legs, cloth body and upper limbs jointed with inside disks, dolls are unmarkedIdeal Dolly Varden doll, oilcloth body, doll based on the 1902 Dolly Varden Theatre play, featuring stage actress and singer Miss Lulu Glaser.  Ideal Baseball Kids dolls, Ideal Dottie Dimples doll, Ideal Prize Baby doll.


1915 Ideal Baby Talc doll, composition and cloth.  Ideal Buster Brown doll and Buster Browns Sister doll, both dolls have human hair wigs.  It is unknown if, how dolls are marked.


1915 Ideal Our Pet doll, 15"tall, composition flared head with molded painted hair, painted eyes, closed mouth, cloth body, upper arms are composition, jointed at hips with inside disk, stuffed cloth bent baby lower legs, composition lower arms.  Doll is unmarked.


1915 Ideal Sanitary Baby doll, 22" tall, composition flared head with molded painted hair, two curled locks of hair on forehead, stationary glass eyes, closed mouth, imitation kid/oil cloth body, upper arms are cloth with composition lower arms, jointed at hips with inside disk, stuffed cloth bent baby lower legs.  See the Peggy doll, who uses the same head mold.  Doll is unmarked. 


1916 Ideal Baby Bi-Face doll, multi-face doll with two faces, composition head doll.  Twist the head for a smiling face or a tearful one.  Unknown if, how doll is marked.  Ideal Mabel doll.  Ideal Old Glory Kids dolls


1918 Ideal Peggy doll, 22" tall, composition flared head with molded painted hair two curled locks of hair on forehead, tin sleep eyes, closed mouth, cloth body, upper arms are cloth, jointed at hips with inside disk, stuffed cloth bent baby lower legs, composition lower arms.  Used the same head as Sanitary Baby, now with tin sleep eyes and cloth body - otherwise dolls are the same. Columbia Kid would also have this type cloth body.  Doll is unmarked.


1918+ Ideal Mama dolls or Child dolls, 13-22" tall, composition head and limbs, cloth body, rocking sleep eyes that worked independently, open or closed mouth, some are wigged, others have molded painted hair.  Usually marked: U. S. A. + Ideal inside a diamond, or Ideal Doll Made in USA.  Some of the dolls names are;  Jenny Wren doll, Pretty Peggy doll and Sleeping Beauty doll.


1920 Ideal The Little Mother Teaching Dolly to Walk doll, has a crying voice box in the head.


1922 Ideal Poppa-Momma dolls, they can sit, walk, cry, talk, wink and blink, one of these dolls was named; Miss Rainshine doll.


1924 Ideal Beau Brummel doll.  1925 Ideal Hush-A-Bye Baby doll, infant doll, a Bye-Lo Baby doll look a like competitor.


1927-1928 Ideal Baby Mae doll, 18" tall, cloth stuffed body, composition head and limbs, curly hair wig, sleep eyes, mama cries, wore an organdy dress with bonnet, socks and patent leather shoes.  The 20" size was Bouncing Baby Mae doll.


1928 Ideal Kandy Kid doll, 15", uses the same head mold as the Buster Brown doll, with side to side moving eyes, the rest the same including doll mark.


1929 Ideal Buster Brown doll, 16-17" composition flange head lower arms and legs, cloth stuffed body upper arms without shoulder joints and legs with stitched hips, molded painted blonde hair, blue tin eyes sleep eyes that rock individually, closed smiling watermelon mouth, Buster brown is a cartoon character created by Richard Felton Outcault in 1902.   Doll marked Ideal inside a diamond U.S. of A. in outside corners.


1932-1939 Ideal Ducky doll, 11 - 13" tall, composition head, rubber body and limbs, tin sleep eyes (except the littlest size they were painted), open mouth, legs had squeakers, came with a suitcase, diapers, bottle and accessories.  Doll mark Ideal inside a diamond, Pat. Pend.


1939 Ideal Storybook cloth dolls, 16" tall, mask face with cloth stuffed body, turning head, yarn hair, mitten hands, dressed in the storybook character costume; Little Miss Muffet, Little Bo Peep, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Mistress Mary Quite Contrary, Queen of Hearts, Daffy Down Dilly, Little Boy Blue, Tom Tom the Piper's Son, character name is imprinted on costume, dolls are unmarked, came with a hangtag.


1939 Wizard of Oz Scarecrow (Strawman) cloth doll, 16" tall, celebrity doll, with pink sateen mask face, triangular eyebrows, button type eyes, yellow yarn hair, limbs and body sewn to a white cloth body dressed in a black jacket, black felt hat  black shoes, red pants, Scarecrow is unmarked had a hangtag that reads;  The Strawman by Ray Bolgers of Wizard of Oz, Made in U.S.A., Ideal Toy & Novelty Co., Judy Garland as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz,

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